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I'm sick of boy bands

  • Wednesday, April 17, 2019
  • ribblesimpkin
  • Boy bands were basically invented with New Kids on the Block. A promoter decided to get a bunch of good looking guys together in thier mid to late teens that could sing and dance. He then decided to give the girls a little bit of everthing:

    1. A bad boy
    2. The sensitive guy
    3. The charmer
    4. The front performer
    5. The comedian
    6. The pretty boy

    And a few other variants. Guess what? This mix worked wonders and as long as the songs were written and performed well, a group like this promoted correctly would be like the Spice Girls and go on tour globally and sell and make millions.
    It worked so well, promoters kept doing it over and over again. 98 Degrees. NSinc. etc. etc.

    Well the current incarnation is BTC. They are a Boy Band out of South Korea, and as part of thier get to know us world tour, they were the musical act on Saturday Night Live.

    Now American and British promoters when they are getting a boy band together with auditions have to make sure that girls want to bang these guys. That means they have to be straight or come across straight, or they will develop no audience (or a minor audience of gay guys but thats not enough). So they have to be careful when recruiting because as a whole, straight guys dont go into singing and dancing. So they have to really be on thier toes to keep the machine working.

    South Korea doesnt have those strict standards. As a matter of fact, there is kind of a gender blurring pretty boy neutral thing going on over there and I think that is why this is happening:

    So that is my take on boy bands. No thank you.


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    Saturday, April 13, 2019


    How I cured my COPD/Long term Chronic Bronchitis #COPD #lung

  • Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • ribblesimpkin
  • How it all started for me, or I was fine up to age 49.

    In April 2017 I was eating a plate of scrambled eggs. The scrambled eggs were pretty fine/crumbled up, that is to say they were not in big chunks. As I was eating and watching TV I was chewing a mouthful of scrambled eggs and I inadvertently breathed in through my mouth as I was chewing. A very small bit of scrambled egg flew into my lung.

    I immediately started gasping and choking and coughing trying to get that bit out. I finally went up to the toilet and was coughing, coughing and COUGHING for 20 min until I think I felt that the piece of egg finally came up. Not very comfortable.

    What happened next was I got a horrible chest cold/cough/brochitus. I had inflammed lungs, I was choking up plhem and I went to my doctor: he said it was acute bronchitus, here take this round of antibiotics and it should be gone in two to three weeks.

    It didnt go away. As a matter of fact it was getting worse. By June I started going to the ER because it felt I was breathing through a straw. I thought I was having a heart attack. I couldnt get enough air. It was torture sitting there in the ER not being able to get a full lung full of air. It felt like there wasnt enough oxygen in the room. Sometimes the oxygen meter they had me hooked up to would drop to 85 and the alarms would go off, but then it would swing back up to 95.

    I had multiple ER visits because this kept happening. I couldnt breathe and I felt like I was dying. Laying up all night having panic attacks because I couldnt breathe. Multiple xrays of my heart and lungs. MRIs. They couldnt find anything. Some ER docs said I had COPD and there was nothing else they could do, go see a specialist.

    About 11 months of this went by and I was pretty much in the dumps. My life was very constricted, I coulnt do anything and being awake was terrible. You really cant enjoy life breathing with constricted pipes and never able to get a full breath and feeling like there is pressure on your chest and you are continually coughing up liquid all day and all night and feeling like your lungs are crackling when you are trying to sleep.

    Finally, I turned the corner. This is what I did. I had a little oxygen home sensor that you could clip on your finger. I realized that when i was having trouble breathing/getting air, the sensor would read 89 or something like that. Then when I would really try to clear my lungs deeply and sit there and really work at it and cough stuff up so I could feel I could breathe better, I would then immediately put the sensor back on and it would read 95 to 97. So it was that that I realized my lungs were filled with mucous and that was creating a barrier to the oxygen getting into the lungs themselves. The mucous was stopping the oxygen transfer, like paint on a wood deck blocking the elements. Thats no good...I gotta breathe. So then I came across eucalyptus oil.

    I had read on the internet that this stuff instantly upon breathed in with steam makes all your pipes in your lungs snap WIDE open as soon as it hits it when you breathe in. Sounded good to me. So I went to a health food store and bought some eucalyptus oil. I got home and I got a small pan and put 6 drops of the oil in the pan then 1/8 of a cup of water in the pan and swished it around thouroghly to mix it in the water. I then got a pan lid, put it on the pan, and turned the heat on low. Seeing that the lid was a transparent lid, I could see when the stuff started to boil with the steam in the pan (as well as could hear it start to boil.) I put a dish towel over my head (to trap the upward steam all around my head as I leaned over the pan) and got ready. Turned the heat off, leaned over the pan, and removed the lid. The steam roiled up and I breathed in deeply.
    BOOM. WOWWW! My lungs JUMPED WIDE OPEN. The muscles that constrict your brochuli during asthma or bronchitus suddenly let loose and let the pipes open fully. I immediatly coughed up like a half cup to a 3 quarter cup of liquid. I then breathed in. AAAAHHHHH! I quickly did this a few more times and a bit more came up. My lungs suddenly being open were free to release the gunk that was trapped in there. eucalyptus oil also has the benefit of killing bacteria and virus. But dont use too much of it as the oil can get stuck in your lungs with long term use and take a while to get out. But to start the ball rolling, hell yeah. Blast that stuff out of you.

    That was the turning point. From that point on, I got better and better. I needed to remove that layer of junk that was harboring bacteria fungus and virus in there, and once that happened, healing was beginning. I no longer felt that I was breathing underwater, and when I did have an attack, I was able to use my inhaler, which I was using less and less. But then I started to reasearch my condition.

    It turns out that treating COPD is a big boon for the medical and pharmacuetical industry. They say there is no cure, and your lung function will get worse and worse as they pump more and more drugs into you until finally you will be on oxygen and that will be the miserable end to you. But really, what is COPD and bronchitus? Its really untreated bacteria, virus or fungus deep in your lungs. If left unchecked or simply given steroids to temporarily help you breathe, the bateria, virus or fungus will continue to inflitrate your lungs and you will have less and less lung left of which to breathe.

    Here are some ways to treat COPD/bronchitus. Some of the below I have used and some I have not. I have notated which ones I have used.

    Himalayan Salt Pipe: Miners working in salt mines have noticed that NO ONE comes down with lung problems or bronchitis or COPD. Ever. The inhaled salt particles heals inflammation, destroys bacteria, viruses and fungus.

    Here is a link for you to research:

    I have used a himilaian salt pipe that I got from Amazon. When I am dealing with a lot of Phlemn trying to go to sleep, it really drys stuff up, coughs it up and lets me sleep. My lungs feel at peace using this, and I know it is helping me heal them.

    Vaporizer in your room with Hydrogen peroxide mix: I have used this and breathed the steam all night. It helped me feel better the next day. Generally, I fill the vaporizer up half way then put about two cups of hydrogen peroxide in there. You can get hydrogen peroxide at any drug store in the US for cheap.

    Smoke Weed: This is a big one. There has been research where it COMPLETELY CURES COPD. Here are a few links.

    This woman had a complete cure. LISTEN TO THIS

    Lots of videos. Scroll ALL the way down. Watch ALL the videos. Do some research!

    Nebulizer: This basically atomizes steam or whatever you put in the pipe. A man who was stage 4 whatever and dying where the doctors told him that there was nothing they could do for him started using this and  he recovered.

    I used this myself. But when you are at the beginning stages, just use a small puff or two. I have noticed that it is harder to breathe when you lungs are still covered in phlem then you use this. It will actually make it harder to breathe. Instead, this is good to use when you are already on the road to recoverey and you are trying to knock out the last of the lingering cough. Unless of course, you have some nasty mold disease and the doctors dont know what to do with you. In that case, use it.

    Collodial silver drops: Take 6-7 drops a day twice a day in your orange juice. Im talking the 33% food grade hydrogen peroxide that you order online. Do not take the 3% that you can get at food stores. They have chemicals that you shouldn't ingest. This helps your immune system attack whats in your lungs. I have used this and it has helped.

    Grape-seed Extract and Oregano Oil. I use both of these and they kill all bacterial, fungus and viruses. I take three drops of each in a glass of V8 vegetable juice twice a day.

    Static Electricty: This sounds stupid, but give this a try. There is a guy who is claims that static electricity like that you can generate using a brisk towel rub can destroy viruses in your body.. Take a dry towel and while wearing your clothes start moving it back and forth over your back, your legs like you are drying off holding both ends of the towel and quickly moving it back and forth so that you start hearing the crackle of static electricity. Rub your head in the towel, your back, your front, your entire body. Do this for a week straight, and see how you feel. I have done this, and Ill be darned, it works. Here is the guys site explaining it. Am I gonna shell out for this guys machine? Prob not. But the towel thing really works. Give it a try.

    How this guy cured his Moms Emphysema: There was a famous website about how this guy cured his Moms Emphsema. He did it with food and suppliments. Basically he starved the bacteria and viruses that was eating up his moms lungs with an ultra restrictive diet. She got better, gained all the wieght back and was able to breathe fine and was happy. Then she started to eat whatever she wanted again, (sugars, fats, pizza) and the disease immediately came back and she died. That tells me its due to bacteria, fungus or viruses. She fought them back to where they were almost in the dormant state but they were still there. As soon as she started to eat how she wanted to eat, they came roaring back.

    His book:

    And his basic outline how to do it:

    During my trials and tribulations on my way to a cure I cam across a few more things:

    1. TheWater Cure. This site maintains that one of the main reasons we have athma and problems breathing is due to the fact that we are dehydrated. The lungs narrowing up are a defense mechanism the body employs to stop losing as much water through the out breath.

    Dig it:

    2. During the last year I have become overwieght and been eating a lot of crap fast food and drinking cokes This has caused me to become prediabetic as my acid levels have started climbing up in my bloodstream with high sugar. The result?

    Having high sugar PARALYZES your immune system. Your lungs arent going to heal. You have got to modify your diet. Chicken. Broccoli. Grains. No more sugar. No fast food. No burgers. Eat wholesome foods. This will lower your blood sugar, your acidic levels will drop and your immune system will begin operating again. Drink water to flush out your lungs and whatever is in there so white blood cells can start operating in there again clearing away the infection.

    3. Candida can also mess up your lungs. This is the Fungus aspect. I think that my wieght gain and all the softdrinks I have been drinking has caused a candida problem. The one thing that you should do is a cleanse to get rid of the crap blocked in your intestines and clear out all that candida. Eat clean. Get a 7 or 14 day cleanser and an oxygen cleaner to clear out your intestines while you eat tones of oatmeal clearing yourself out. If you are having a hard time clearing candida, then here is a website that you can go to that will help you:

    There is a TON of information on this site and this will require a few hours of study. Be sure if you commit that you need to do the cleanse first.

    Well guys, there has been a ton of information here, I hope this has helped you. I will answer any comments left below.

    Good Luck,


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    Sunday, March 3, 2019


    Luke Perry Stroke

  • Sunday, March 3, 2019
  • ribblesimpkin
  • Or another title of this post should be, "Whats on the outside is a pretty good indicator of whats on the inside."

    I heard two days ago that Luke Perry had a sudden stroke seemingly out of no where. I say seemingly out of no where because to tell you the truth, I have not been keeping tabs on the man. I see him every couple of years in a photo when he pops up every now and then for something online. Lets look at him from his 90201 days:
    Now lets take a look at this guy from 2017 when he was either 49 or 50 years old depending on how early or late in the year the picture was taken:
    Yeah. Are you noticing what Im noticing? That is a VERY ROUGH looking 49 or 50 year old. Id say that I was looking at a guy easily 10 years older than that. Maybe an old sailor who has been out in the sun and wind everyday since the last century. If we sent back this picture of him today to the 1992 version of him, he would probably shit.

    So whats the deal? Maybe a lot of time in the sun? Perhaps a carton of cigarettes every 2 days for the last 20 years? What I'm getting at is two years ago he did not look very healthy. Far from the prime of health. Ive seen healthy looking 50 year olds. Sure there is some weathering and sure you are not a kid any more, but you are not supposed to look like you've been constantly smoking and drinking  Jack Daniel's for 2 and a half decades, unless of course, that's exactly what you've been doing. \\

    So is what is on the outside of the wrapper indicative as to what is going on inside the wrapper? This is a strong case for yes. I see extensive wear and tear and one can assume that wear and tear is even inside and out. Ergo stroke.

    Your are on spaceship earth in one body. Treat your body well, get checkups, dont do anything to excess or yes the damage will acrue quickly especially after 40.

    Update: Luke Perry has passed away from a massive stroke he had 5 days previous. While I am sad that a fellow genXer has passed who was on a show from my youth, I do not believe that Luke was taking good care of himself. Just looking at him, he looks like a hard smoker. You have to take care of yourself. If you dont......well.


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    Why you need Stand Up Friends

  • ribblesimpkin
  • This will be a video post, done by someone who has a successful online Vlog. I agree with this 100%. When I find out so called "friends" have been talking behind my back or have been putting me down, well thats not a true friend, is it? I can count about 3 other people that are not family members that will stick up for me when I am not in the room. Those that I know that have talked behind my back, I no longer deal with. They were not true friends. You need to demand (and earn) respect. True friends will give you this.
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    Thursday, January 3, 2019


    College Housing

  • Thursday, January 3, 2019
  • ribblesimpkin
  • Champaign White Street as we knew it a year before arrival- 1988

    Here it is a bit closer for inspection. Interesting. The boneyard apparently went right under the house you rented and it also went across the street and then went right under Otho and the Cathouse. That must have been fun during a flood. Actually now I think about it later the same day I posted this, I dont think the river ran under the two houses. Look below where the words are E White St. Now look just immediately to the right of it there is a darkly shadowed car right before the intersection of white and second. Do you remember how the cobblestones in the street buckled upwards like a little mini bridge? Remember walking over that hump? I remember looking down at the hump walking over it and seeing chunks of more modern paved street with original Roosevelt era "New Deal" street paved bricks showing underneath it in sections. I think the boneyard went through under there. The blue overlay on the map is where the boneyard would eventually be moved to in 2010 along with the ravine for a reference point.

    Below is a video without the can see the difference between 30 years as I move the slider. Crazy

    Here is a bit more of 1988 without the overlay of the future ravine with annotations.


    Campaign White Street looking more spiffy in 1973 before Lisa's Apartment building was built. Note that there was a house right immediately to the left of us in that empty lot between us and Lisa's building. Sidewalks look cleaner, roofs look better.And now that I think about it you can see the actual boneyard creek itself is more visible. Again see below where it says E White St. Now look just to the right of it with that whiteish car/pickup truck about to cross 2nd street. Look directly above and below that vehicle. I think those dark spots are water. Mentally reaching back, I recall walking south down 2nd street towards campus with you Bracken, Rich and Foss and seeing bits and pieces of the boneyard to our right going along the property of the house that was right east (to the right) of your rental house. If you look at this shot then the shot above from 88 it almost looks as though the boneyard is more covered up or eroded away with more of a faint trail looking back and forth between this snap and the one 15 yrs later from our time above. You can see where the river was following the yellow overlay bracket both sides, north and south of White street. Apparently erosion filled in a lot of the riverbed on up to 1988.

    Here is 1993, a bit more blurry pic from farther away, the college house is still there. Note the back of the house you guys rented was flush with the house next door to the right.

    Here is 1998 with the house you rented apparently no longer there and replaced by some new rental property. Note the back end of the new building is no longer flush with the house to the right. A more clearer picture on the way of this new building standing where your college house was. I wonder what happened. No one wanted to rent the house? It became a hazard due to an engineering inspection? It would be costly to demolish and rebuild a new building, especially for such a lower rent zone of students. But yeah, at some point between the above 1993 satellite picture and the below 1998 satellite flyover it was replaced.

    And here is the decay setting in. This picture is closer zoomed and more detailed. This is 2002. Note almost all the houses opposite where your house was is now gone including the cathouse. I kind of remember that me and you visited about this time and walked down white street and we saw all the houses on the cathouse side were now empty lots and we took note that there was some crappy small living quarters/apt building now standing where your college house was. We noted that time flies and we kept walking. Do you recall that? Then we got back in a car or something and drove around C/U? What were we doing down there? I think C/U was already planning a ravine at this point and was already buying the houses and or laying down eminant domain telling people to leave.

    And here we are in 2008 a year before construction and the closure of White Street. Everybody in Lisas old apt building, everyone in the housing that replaced your college house and that holdout house to the right of yours have already gotten the eminent domain get the fuck out notice and a check for the house and the property for fair market value for the owners. Unless they just sent over Lou and Vinnie.

    This is 2011 with the majority of the project completed. Boom. Ravine.

    There you have it. I searched all Ariel photos and sat photos to come up with all this. I should have been an investigative reporter, I think this is pretty cool. But thats how it all went down.

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    Tuesday, July 3, 2018


    How to use Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Tuesday, July 3, 2018
  • ribblesimpkin
  • So you are home and broke and dont know what to do or what you can do for some extra money. You look on Youtube and see scam after scam on how to make money. Some seem legit, but will they really work? Will it work buying some stuff on Alibaba and selling it on ebay? Will Amazon Fufillment work? Man, that looks like a long and complicated process to sign up on those sights.
    There are guys on YouTube that show you how to make money on apps. Hmmm. Watching previews for 10 cents a shot? Or spinning the wheel on Qricket? The only thing that those apps and sights do is make their owner rich. Maybe you can play Lucktastic? Chances are you will just provide the eyeballs Lucktastic needs to charge for their advertisers...and you wont win anything.
    It really comes down to your time and money. Want to get busy at something that is authentic and that will pull some money down if you work at it?
    The answer is Amazon Mechanical Turk.
    Ive been on it for two years and anytime I want to if I put the time in, I can earn 50 dollars a day, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday 35 dollars a day.
    Not something that is going to make you rich or provide for you long term but lets take a look at it.

    50x5 (Monday thru Friday)=250 dollars. If you work Sat and Sun also that is 320 a week.
    And for the month that would be 320x4= 1280.

    Good side cash, right? Here is the bad news however. You wont be able to do that indefinitely because in order to make 50 bucks in a day you need to have your ass in a chair in front of the computer from 7am to about 9 or 10pm working almost nonstop....and on the weekend that will be about 9 or 10 hours  a day also. Why is this? Each survey on average pays about a dollar an hour. Some less, some more if you get lucky (and if you use hitscraper with export and a few other programs running I will go into).

    After a few days of hitting it hard, your mind will begin to wander, your ass will hurt and you will be itching to do something else. However if you have the dicapline you can do it. Say you are renting a room and are looking for a job, this in the interim will do it. It will pay for your room and your food. Or you can use it as you are staying at your parents house to save up some money for an online business idea. However you want to play it. But know this, its a grind. You want to do this and save up some money and then use the money to start another business that will require less hours of your time and something that generates more cash. But you need the starter investment, and this is a good way to do it.

    Life is about having a decent balance of work and play. The goal is to work 3,5,6 or 8 hours a day maximum owning your own business while having a healthy relationship with your family and leasure time. Doing this like a robot for 14 hours a day needs to be temporary in order for you to get the cash you need to start things up. This site will help you if you have a good exit game and something you are saving for. This is not a full time job. That being said, lets look at how this works.

    When you first sign up at Mturk, you are an unknown. They dont know about your work habits, how hard you work, and how thorough your work is. You are assigned a user score, called an Approval Rating. Below is a screenshot of my dashboard

    You can see that my Approval rating is at 98.38%. You want to keep that above 98%. Requestors who need work done by people come to Amazon and as they sign up they can request that they want only people with approval ratings above 90%, or above 95%, or 98%. If you have a lower rating than this, you wont even see the job in your que and you will simply not get that much work as someone with a higher approval rating. And looking at the rest of my dashboard day by day you can see that I have not been on the site too much lately as I have other things going on. But if I put the effort into it, that could be 59 dollars a day.

    What determines your user rating? Generally if you have been paying attention and delivering quality work. Some people try to fly through the surveys by hitting random answers on the multiple choice in order to increase thier earnings per hour but this backfires: companies know this and insert attention check questions. One question might be, "If you are reading this, select D as your answer". And if you mark any other answer than D you fail the entire survey because you have not been paying attention, which means you are providing crap data to the customer who is doing the survey and your entire survey will be rejected and you will take a hit on your Approval Rating as you will get a rejection. Each rejection will lower your approval rating, which makes it harder and harder for you to get paying surveys/jobs.

    Some tips and tricks:

    • Keep your scanning software looking for surveys between 1 and 2 dollars as they are the most common.
    • The time of day you will get the most work is 7am to 12pm, then from 1pm to 4pm. After that, everyone starts coming home from work/school and work becomes scarce. But then people start going to bed. I have found some 10 dollar surveys from 11pm to 3am. No one grabs them because people are asleep. But then again its 3am and you should be asleep too.
    • At first you are considered a newbie and you will have a hard time getting anywork until you have 100 completed jobs under your belt. The fastest way to crank off 100 jobs? Go to the jobs that pay a penny or two where all you have to do is copy one or two lines of a scanned store receipt. Do a good job, you can easily have your acceptance rate up to 100% with having 100 jobs completed within 2 to 3 hours.
    • Not only are customers who come to mturk who need work completed by mturks workforce (i.e. you and me) looking at your acceptance rate, they are also looking at how many jobs you have completed.

    I actually have written another Article on how to profit with Mturk and you can see that article HERE.

    Before I go I need to update what you will be using sofware wise and how to use them. The best way I can show you my set up is a video that I will show you below. A few things...I no longer use Check4Change. One day it just stopped working. I couldnt figure out why. I looked some stuff up and it had something to do with an older version of Mozilla I was using, so then I upgraded my browser and Check4Change still wouldnt work, etc, so I just dropped them.

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    Tuesday, November 7, 2017


    Guns 'N Roses Live Chicago Review 11-06-17

  • Tuesday, November 7, 2017
  • ribblesimpkin
  • It was the greatest of shows, it was the worst of shows. And boy did my ass really hurt starting at about 10:30 pm.

    Cheers: Some great improvisation, there was a few times during some extended jams I felt like I was at a dead show

    A very Big Jeer: Learn how to close the show. There was about 4 or 5 points where I was sure the show was over and was waiting for the confetti cannon, and then the song would end followed up right away by a tribute song, or a slow song. Confusing as hell.

    And what happened to the opening band? Is this why the show kept going and going? They covered for ZZ Top not showing up? They started playing at 8:15 and just kept going like the energizer bunny. At first we thought they will close it up at the two hour mark. Then definitely by 11, but then live and let die kept dragging on. Then you didn't know what was happening. Maybe they would keep us there until 2am and start doing even more covers.

    And get a set list. There was a stretch of about 8 songs where they totally lost people, all non hits. People getting up, leaving, hitting the bathrooms, getting a beer. In order to keep us invested, dont create the 40 min piss break. You have to throw more hits in there than that. Keep them more evenly interspersed.

    Not sure if it was because of the long tour or being on the wrong side of 50, but I noticed that Axl's voice not quite having the power it once had. But that was hardly noticeable. Slash still looks 30, and BOY CAN HE RIP UP THE GUITAR. Some of those solos and jams were absolutely amazing.

    Overall they were much more individualistic this second time around on the tail end of the tour. They showed more personality, this time axl even talked to the crowd a bit. Nothing like 1989: "You ready to get your shit rocked Motherfuckers??!!!?"  But more subdued and 2017: "Hey how 'r you all doin tonight?"

    They were movin and dancing. Slash was twirling while jamming on a song or two.

    My only complaints: Improve the setlist, and figure out how to close the show a bit earlier. Instead of a 3 and a half hour dead show, cut a bit out and keep it the hits and parry it down to about 2.5 hours.

    Overall I was rocked, and my ass hurt. And it was bedtime. Slash ruled the show, and it was good.
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    Friday, May 12, 2017


    How to Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mturk)

  • Friday, May 12, 2017
  • ribblesimpkin
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk is the only survey site out there that is truly a paid survey site.

    What do I mean by that? Because it has no financial outside advertiser motive like Swagbucks or InboxDollars who do not cater to you, but instead cater to their advertisers. I wrote a review on Swagbucks and InboxDollars, you can read that review HERE. In that review I told you everything that is wrong with the above two apps and needless to say, don't waste your time. But Mturk? There's the ticket.

     If you are looking for a good solid way to make 20 to 30 dollars a day look no further than Mturk. There are several things you need to know about Mturk in order to be a good worker.

    1. When you first sign up, you are an unknown. People or companies or Universities who post jobs on Mechanical Turk for workers can set parameters of which workers can see their jobs and work on them. For example, they can say only workers above a 97% job rating, and only workers with 100 or 500 completed jobs. If you fall below an employers stated threshold, you wont even see the job in your feed. But other people who meet the threshold will be able to see the job in thier feed and work on it.
    2. Keeping the number 1 above in line, when you first start mechanical turk I recommend that you do 100 jobs that pay a penny or two in order to get your completed and approved jobs up past 100 and your approval rating hopefully at 99 or 100%. Each one of the penny jobs should take about a minute or so. 
    3. Now that you are above 100 completed and approved jobs, your next hurdle is to complete 500 jobs. I would suggest sticking with jobs that are a penny to 10 cents in order to bang them out quick. There are several thresholds in Mturk of workers. Workers above 500 hits, workers above 1000 hits, and workers above 5000 hits and workers above 10000 hits. Each of these catagories of workers will have better and higher paying jobs available to them. As soon as you pass 500 hits you will regularly be seeing good 1 to 2 dollar paying hits.
    4. The best times to work on Mturk is the early morning to the early afternoon, then as people start getting off work the available hits start getting thin as everyone is jumping on. The second best time to work Mturk is in the later evening. People that have to work the next day wrap things up and go to bed. Suddenly after 10 to 11pm there will be a lot of work available. Saturdays and Sundays during the day will be a bit thin. Its all about timing.
    5. Remember, your user rating is your lifeline. If you fall below 98 percent, especially 97 percent, you will start missing out on good paying jobs as you will be screened out and not even see them in your feed. If you get a job rejected, see what the reviewer wrote. If he wrote nothing in the comments section, you can contact him and find out why. Apply this knowledge to your personal knowledge pool as you move forward so that you can continually do good work and keep your rating high. Remember, the more jobs you do the harder it is to move your user rating. The less jobs you have done, the easier your job rating will move around due to the law of averages.
    6. Look around on Mturk and figure out how to use it. Look at all the tabs. The Mturk user interface has a screening function, as in you can search for new jobs only and you can decide what the min amount of money you would like to earn and only see those jobs. You can also screen by jobs with the most hits, as in most hits from a requester, guaranteeing that there is a lot of work for you to do. I will post some videos later on and show you step by step what I am talking about. For now, stumble through it and learn.
    7. Your jobs that you have already selected will fall underneath the HITS tab, with the subsection of "Hits assigned to you". When you select a hit, that hit is now on you and a timer starts to count down. If the timer counts down on that individual hit, the hit has expired for you and it goes back into the pool for anyone to grab. Remember, be aware of the time alloted for each hit. If you are accepting a bunch of hits, keep periodically checking the hits assigned to you section to see what kind of time you have left for all the hits. You may, for example, see that some more pricey hits you have sitting there are about to expire sooner and you will want to work on them first. 
    8. Your main dashboard showing your stats is under the 'Your Account' tab.
    9. Amazon currently as of 5/12/17 trying to roll out a new 'improved' site for workers to use. I am going to ignore it until I have no choice and they make that the main site. I am not a fan of fixing what was not broke. Like Windows 8, or the new Coke fiasco from 1986. I would suggest you wait until any bugs they have are worked out. Stay on the original site.


    1. Early in the day to noon are good hits as everyone else is at work. Starting at about 3pm people start coming home and begin working on it taking hits. Another good time is after 10 pm to 2am. Ive taken some high paying hits 10-75 dollars each in the early morning time. But remember, I have over 2,000 completed+accepted hits with a 98.4% worker rating, so I will be able to see some higher paid hits on my screen.
    2. I myself dont select hits with the biggest bactches, I leave it on the setting newest hits first. This will reorganize you list so the new hits will always show up at the top for ease of use. Then set your minimum amount you want to make.
    3. As far as the minimum amount you would like to make per hit (thus you will only see amounts of the minimum you type and higher) I usually set it on one dollar. If nothing comes up, I will drop it to 50 cents.
    4. Generally, the 50 cent hits should be shorter in duration than a 1 dollar hit. A one dollar hit should be easier and shorter in duration than a 3 dollar hit. Sometimes a requester has the balls to put on a survey or a job that will take 45 minutes to an hour or even more and pay out only 50 cents or a dollar. As you are doing the hit, most of them have an indicator that says how much of the hit is left. From there you can generally tell how much time you have left. Also, the amount of time a hit will last before it expires it a good indicator how long the requester thinks the hit will take then puts it out timewise a little bit further giving everyone plenty of time to get their hit done. If you find yourself in the middle of a hit that is lasting forever or you can see that you have way too much to do for the measly 50 cents or a dollar they are offering, get out of the hit, go back to your dashboard and go to hits assigned to you, then in the tray of hits you have waiting on quie for you that you already clicked that are counting down, select return hit. That frees up the hit and it goes back to the pool for everyone to see. You are not on here to do work for free or way to much work for far too little money. Here is the times that it should take for hits: 1 dollar hits should take about 20 to 30 minutes but if you move fast you can bang them out in 10 minutes. 50 cent hits should take about 5-7 minutes. Anything longer than these times then you are being taken advantage of and you should bail on the hit and return it and start your next hit.
    5. Pay attention while you are doing the hit. There will be attention checks throughout. The reason they put those in there is so people just don't fly through the questionnaires clicking buttons at random to maximize time and income. If you miss ONE attention check thats it. The job will be rejected and you will get bonged and not only will you not get paid, your worker rating will take a hit. You will learn about the attention checks and learn how to scan the page first to see where they all are. Remember, quality work.
    6. There is competition for the work, especially over the 2 dollar range. As a matter of fact, there are software programs constantly running scraping the high dollar hits. This is why you will see a hit show up for 12 dollars then quickly dissapear.
    7. One way to get hits is select show me newest hits first with a min of 1 dollar, then sit there and continually hit the refresh button. When a new one shows up, jump on it. Be quick with the mouse.
    8. When you accept a bunch of hits, be sure to check them under 'hits assigned to you'. Your hits that you have accepted will be sitting there all with timers that are counting down. You have to do them before the timers go to zero or they will be automatically returned to the pool. This is a safety expire feature that the programmers put in so people do not take hits and sit on them forever. Be aware of the time you have left on your accepted hits and work accordingly.
    9. Sometimes when you are searching for 1 dollar hits, the results are thin. Drop down to .50 cent hits. There are usually a lot of those between 50 cents and a dollar. And they take less time so you can usually bang them out quick and possibly make even more money. Dont be uppity toward .50 cent hits. One day I tried just doing those. I made even more money than usual because I was able to crank through them so fast.
    10. Get in the groove. Put on music you like when you were in high school. It helpt the time go by and can even get you going in the zone. If you have Spotify, ITunes etc. Great. You can even go to youtube and search for music that you like to listen to.
    11. Know this: Mturk perfers you to be living in the USA and be working full time. Keep that in mind when filling out your profile. If you do not live in the US or India you wont be getting cash, but instead you will be getting giftcards. Learn what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an how to use it correctly. Thats all I will be saying about that.

    Super Big Tips

    1. Use a program called HITSCRAPER with Export. This can be found on the website called The Greasy Fork This programs layers right over Mturk and it is like a better user interface which allows you to grab more and better hits quicker because you only have to hit one button instead of the normal two. I will post a video on here showing how to download this from the greasy fork, intall and run and use.
    2. Use Mozilla, not Chrome because of number 3 below.
    3. Use a program called Check4Change. This will allow your earnings to skyrocket at least by 60%. AS a matter of fact this is one of the most important programs you can use along with Hitscraper. Let me tell you how it works. You install this program through your Mozilla brower. When you are working and there is a 'ding' on hitscraper alerting you that there is a new hit, you quickly move your mouse over to hit accept. Damn. Someone was quicker than you on the draw and now they have it. Not a problem...there is still a chance you can STILL get the hit. Simply turn on check4change for that page and enter check every three seconds. Let that page alone and the page will check to see if the hit is returned/once again available/ every three seconds. When and if the hit goes back to the public pool again your check4change program will automatically accept it and notify you that you now have accepted the hit. How does this work? Humans are generally lazy greedy creatures. If the hit looks like a lot of work, or if they accepted too many hits, or they just dont feel like doing the hit, they will release and return it after they look at it. Then your check for change program that is checking mturk every three seconds for this hit will see it is available and automatically grab it for you (to the soundbite of David Bowie's 'Changes'. You will be cleaning up all the discards, some of which are pretty good paying. So after a few dings and jobs that are already taken, you can check for change all of them and have a few check4change tabs working while you are working on other hits on another tab. This will have hits suddenly hitting you and increasing your income.

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