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Who wants to age? Nobody. Here's how to put off aging

  • Tuesday, April 29, 2014
  • ribblesimpkin
  • Ok, this is going to be a rather lengthy post, so sit back with a drink, this will be some fascinating stuff. Stuff that will blow your mind.

    The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
    In the late 1930's a book came out called 'The Eye of Revelation'. The book detailed the journey of a British Army retired officer in his late 60's who upon hearing rumors of a Tibetan Monastery where the monks therein are said to never age went on a journey to find this place. He then supposedly met the author of this book, Peter Kelder and told him of his journeys to find this Monastery that held the secrets to the fountain of youth. The author of the book described his meeting with the retired British Officer and told how he was balding, stooped over and with a cane: basically an old man. After the British gentlemen left the author, he stayed in touch with the author via mail correspondence every few weeks, and  each time Mr. Kelder received mail the ex British officer seemed to be getting closer and closer in identifying the location of his Shangri-La.
    Once such week the author received a letter from the Retired British Officer and he wrote that he finally found the Monastery in the mountains of Tibet after an extensive search including asking many locals if they have heard of a place in the mountains where holy men are said to not age.
    Upon his arrival at the Monastery, he noticed that there was no monk there that appeared to be over the age of 30-35, and he promptly received the moniker "The Ancient One" (good naturedly) from the monks. He then began to apply the physical regeneration system that the monks use on a daily basis. One day about 6 weeks into his stay he accidentally caught his reflection in one of the few full length mirrors in the Monastery library and was shocked by what was looking back at him. Instead of seeing a pale skinned old man, he saw a ruddy faced much more healthier younger man staring at him in shock back from the mirror. When the British Officer showed up at the author's doorstep 7 months later, the author (Peter Kelder, who again was telling this story) didn't know who he was, as he was looking at what appeared to be a 35 year old standing there. The book continues on how the man achieved that kind of physical rejuvenation.
    The basics are that there is 6 exercises (5 and one restricted) called the 5 rites. What these do is speed up the energy vortexes called 'Chakras' that all humans have attached do their bodies via their ethric double that start slowing down after the age of 35, with physical aging being the result. According to this book, when you start doing The Five Rites, with the accompanying breathing exercises, you start to speed up these vortexes to the speed of a 30 year old person. As a result, the flesh in the physical body follows suit, and the body regenerates, or ages backwards to that of a young man or woman.
    The book has been rewritten several times, and the more recent copy is called The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.
    There are some differences in the books, and you can get both books online. There is even the original that you can find floating around out there that supposedly has had some chapters removed.
    So..I'm sure you, the readers of this blog, have been wondering about the results of doing these 5 rites. Well good news, I have been doing them for about 15 years now and I am 46 years old and am proud to report that this works. Every morning I do the 5 rites 21 repetitions each. Here is a picture of me when I was 40:
    Fuck. Blogger just had a total meltdown trying to insert a picture. I'm gonna have to come back here tomorrow and try it again. Trust me, I'm going put a pic up of myself at 40 and then at 45 right in this spot.
    Anyway, I've been doing the 5 Tibetan rites, and even the 6th restrictive one. When I've had a good nights sleep, people mistake me for my early 30's, so yeah, I'm a true proponent of the system. Its getting to the point that people are starting to question my sister or people I know about my appearance. Pretty cool. Will I be able to keep it up? I have no idea. To do the 5 rites takes about 20 minutes each day. I like to do mine
    in the morning.
    Me at age 40 in 2008 after
    doing the five tibetian rites 14 years
    Me at age 45 2013 after doing  the five
    Tibetan rites for 19 years

    So there are a lot of sites out there on how to do the ancient secret of the fountain of youth...all you have to do is Google 'the five Tibetan rites' and you will get pages and pages of returns, with illustrations. Also, go look up 'The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth' on Amazon and when you click on the book, look at the customer reviews. There you will find pages upon pages of customers reviews, some which have been doing these rites for years.
    So this is interesting: I'm surfing around on YouTube after entering the search term 'the five Tibetan rites' and I find this older  lady with a series of videos. She was documenting her journey using the 5 Tibetan rites (doing the rites/exercises outside) and making one video a week to chart her physical changes using this system. I'm like, ok, so I click the first video entitled 'Week One'. It shows this woman who appears to be in her mid to late 60's..older body, slightly stooped, kind of an old lady face, whereupon she announces her intention to do this yoga and how she's going to document it and she then begins and does the rites, showing the proper movements and breathing. Ok, I think, pretty standard stuff. I click on the next video, 'Week 2' and its pretty much the same thing, she does some talking and then does the yoga. I click on 'Week 3', 'Week 4' and 'Week 5' and 'Week 6' and wait a minute: she's looking different. I go back a couple of weeks for reference and then I go to week one, watch the video a bit then jump back to week 6. Whoa. She's getting younger. Almost drastically. No special effects. Her face looks younger. She's standing like a younger woman, not the old lady from video one. Her face now appears 45 instead of 65. Even her VOICE sounds different. This was the first time I have ever seen video evidence where I could contrast and compare...this thing is for real.
    So what's the deal? Is it the chakras being sped up that is rejuvenating the physical flesh? Or is there also something else at play? To answer this, we go onto the next section, where there was an experiment that was done in the late 1970's.

    The Langer Experiment

    In 1979 psychologist Ellen Langer carried out an experiment to see if changing thought patterns could slow aging.  She recruited a group of elderly men in their 70's and 80's and told them that they were going to undergo a 'week of reminiscence' as part of an experiment. She had two groups: a control group and then the experimental group. She sequestered the group at a retreat outside Boston where she told them that it would be as if it were 20 years before, 1959.  The furniture was from 1959, the interior design was from 1959, the tv and the radio were from 1959 as if it were live, the newspapers etc. were also from 1959. The men were told to pretend that it was indeed 1959 and to converse and act like it was 1959. They talked about their lives and their families with one another as if it were that year. The watched films, listened to music and talked about 1959 affairs as if it were happening currently.
    She also removed any rails or items that would help old people move around. She wanted them to believe that they were in their old healthy bodies, not old and infirm.
    The men were totally in the middle of an previous era when they were younger.
    As the week went by, the men were experiencing more and more energy, and at the end of the week they even played touch football.
    The interesting part is that she took full physiological tests before and after and found that blood pressure had dropped, eyesight got better, dexterity improved, speed of movement improved, arthritis improved, cognitive abilities, as well as memory had improved. All this with just one week. What would happen after a month? Two months? Five?
    As a conclusion? As the men thought of themselves as younger, their bodies began to follow suit. As And the process started in only after several days of total immersion.

    This is very interesting. Can you imagine the power of the 5 Tibetan rites combined with concentrating 3 times a day imagining that you are 25, visualizing your face and body as it was back then? Give it a shot for a month, and get back to me.
    Until next time,


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    In Vegas dont spend time at the tables then rub your eyes or touch your mouth

  • Sunday, April 27, 2014
  • ribblesimpkin
  • So one time, I fly out to Vegas in order to meet a buddy of mine and I'm out there and he bails on me. It was
    even worse because I found this out after I landed as I was getting into a cab.
    "Dude..I'm totally sorry. Me and ____ got into a major fight over me coming out there and I guess you were in the air and wouldn't pick up your phone." Great. I had just flown out from Chicago and my buddy was from Denver. So I said 'fuck it' and decided to stay out there for a couple of days and gamble.
    I spend a lot of time at the craps tables. I walked all over the strip for 2-3 days looking for hot tables, in and out of casinos, visiting a multiple of casino tables with my HANDS ALL OVER THE RAILS. I would be at the Excalibur leaning against the rail watching shooter after shooter. I was at the Stardust shuffling around my chips then leaning up against the rail. I was at Barbary Coast at several of their tables with the general public leaning against the rail with both hands leaning up, watching the dice. I was at the Venetian, accepting drinks from scantily clad waitresses, having a few sips here and there and then after putting my drink down, putting my hands on the rail as I stood there. I was at the Imperial Palace with my hands on the rail. I walked around Caesar's and perused some of their tables, and yes, had my hands on the rail as I stood at their craps tables. I was at the Western Ho, I was at the Rivera, I was at The Horseshoe, I guess you could say I was everywhere.
    On the third day it was time to check out and head out to the airport and fly to Denver and visit my friend. As I got up that morning in the hotel room in Vegas, I noticed that I wasn't feeling so good. I took a shower and grabbed some breakfast then headed back up to my room and I noticed that I was feeling worse. As I was packing my suitcase I had to take a break and sit on the edge of the bed to get my shit together because I was really not feeling well at all. As I was watching the TV in the hotel room with my bag mostly packed I thought to myself, "I've got a plane to catch, I've really gotta keep it together. What the hell is wrong with me?"
    I made it to McLaren after a nauseating cab ride and when I got to the airport I wasn't really doing too well at  all. I stumbled through the security check and at this time as I was walking down the hall looking for my gate I was starting to think that maybe I was coming down with a case of Ebola. I finally found my gate and checked in, but it wasn't boarding yet, so I collapsed in a chair with my back to the rest of the crowd behind me facing the walkway in front of me and I started to panic as I was sitting there as I was getting sicker and sicker. I almost started moaning and I was sure as I sat there I was turning some weird shade of green. How the hell am supposed to get on this plane, I thought. And it kept getting worse. I really needed to be in bed with a barf pan, not in public about to catch a flight to Denver. I was in some serious pain sitting there, completely nauseated. And then it hit me. I was going to spew and my body did not care if that looked appropriate in public or not. I looked around in a panic and to my very luck right in front of me across the hallway a bit to the right was a men's room. Bingo. I flew out of my seat with my bag and very rapidly moved towards the men's room. Right before I got to the door it was almost go time. I moved faster, now running as I piled through the men's room door and now was in a full run. Everyone looked up in a panic from the urinals and from the sinks as I located an empty stall in the corner. Halfway across the bathroom as I was running I started to barf.
    Now if you could do a freeze frame, I looked like the bird from the roadrunner cartoon frozen in mid air with one leg stretched out in front of me and one leg behind me in a full run about 2 feet up from the floor with a solid stream of exorcist barf blowing out of my head. If you could then rotate this still frame around you would see a few guys holding their dicks with their mouths wide open looking at me. As I was in the air, I then kicked open the end stall door with a tsunami of barf ahead of me launching into the stall and hitting the floor, which I promptly slid on as I skied into the stall and then hit the far inner wall, stopping my forward trajectory  whereupon I then dropped my bag at the side of the toilet and leaned over and continued barfing my guts out as I heard everyone leaving the bathroom with some guys not even washing their hands, which by the way is what got me into this situation. After I was done, I was weak as a kitten, wiped up what I could and fixed myself in the mirror and got on the plane. I sat there on the right in the front third of the plane shivering wrapped up under a blanket like Patient 0. I probably killed a few people on that flight. At one time at the beginning of it I turned around and made eye contact with some pretty boy who was smirking at me. He looked like Flash Thompson from the first Spiderman Movie with Tobey McQuire. I turned back around and huddled up shivering in my blanket. Fuck him, hopefully I'll get him sick too.
    I got to Denver and my friend was kinda pissed that I was just laying around his apartment puking and shitting and I even tried to be a sport about it and hung out with him at some malls, albeit I was severely not myself and dragging ass. We went back to his apartment and watched some tv and I let loose some viral room clearing farts. Suddenly about 5 hours into it suddenly he ran to the bathroom and started puking his guts out and then spun around and sat on the toilet and let loose. He then came back into the room moaning and layed down on the floor totally ill. And as you would have it, suddenly I was feeling way better. So then he layed there for about 3 hours moaning and puking intermittently and then I dragged him out and  went out to eat and he sat there feeling like shit.
    We both surmised what happened...I picked up something violent off the craps rails in Vegas. If I were older it probably would have killed me, and to tell you the truth I probably killed a few old people on that flight from Vegas to Denver.
    So the moral of this story is that Vegas is a melting pot of the great unwashed masses. Gambling is an addiction and seeing that it is an addiction people will stand there at the craps tables even when sick and gamble. Putting their virulent germs all over the rail and then someone like me comes along and puts their hand on the rail and later on rubs his eye and there you go.
    So the absolute moral of this story is to bring hand sanitizer with you and treat the craps tables rail as you would a urinal. You never know what you are going to catch. Sanitize regularly: keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you in your pocket and occasionally rub it into your hands in a thorough washing motion as you walk around after you leave a table. And never rub your eye or mouth or nose while standing at the tables. Unless you got a barf bag and nothing do for 24 hours.
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    I just found out some amazing shit

  • Saturday, April 26, 2014
  • ribblesimpkin
  • Ok. First of all, I have not been to this blog for years, as a matter of fact, I had totally forgotten about it as I
    was concentrating on one of my other sites, a trading site, and some other stuff. I was playing around with a sign in and I accidentally found my old one, and bam. This site.
    Hey, I love gambling and talking about gambling and going to Vegas. So Im back. And Holy Shit, I have found some amazing things in the last few years.
    One in the forefront being from a Mathematician named Ion Saliu. One day as I was stumbling around on the internet I came across this guys site based on gambling theory mathematics. Check it out his site: http://saliu.com/Roulette.htm
    When you first go to his site, its kind of technical and written by a very brilliant guy and a lot of it is him supposing that you know what hes talking about. I then went down the page and found the heading that says: 5. The Free Winning Roulette System #2  and it goes on to describe how he was butting heads with a casino official and then he goes on to lay out his James Bond Roulette system that is based on mathematical standard deviation.
    As I was looking at his site, one thing came to my head: This guy is for real. How many times have you typed in Google "craps systems" and came upon page after page of bullshit and people attempting to sell you something? I've been there, going from page to page of that, and each page has an extensive pitch, and then there is the order button right there at the bottom. Same thing with YouTube. People make YouTube videos as leaders to their pages where they are attempting to see you craps systems. So that is why it was so refreshing to stumble upon Ion's site for one reason: He doesn't give a fuck. He's not trying to sell you anything. He's doing the mathematics just for the mathematics itself and just so happens to be using gambling as the example. As a matter of fact after looking further at his website I can see that he is one of the arrogant intellectuals and likes to mess with casino officials simply because he sees them as pinheads. His mathematics is his thing, what he does and what he bases his self worth upon, and how he fits in the world. Good for him, and good for me, and as it turns out, good for you the reader.
    So I kept that in mind and worked a few things out in my head. Craps is my game, and besides, it has a lower house edge than playing an American Double 0 wheel that is if you just stick to bets on the pass line or don't pass line. Then I started playing a version of the Ion's system that I tweaked on my own using the principles of statistical deviation.
    Craps, I figured, a very streaky game, right? How many times have you been at the table and suddenly it turns ice cold and everyone is moaning and no one can hit a point to save their life for over 30 minutes? Guys are leaning exasperated against the rail with a sour puss on their face, maybe thumbing through their chips on the rail seeing what they got left, maybe leaning on the rail
    and looking around at other tables. Ok, now for the part where you want to pay attention, because using Ion's statistical deviation system I found something that is almost unbeatable. As I was working this out, my eyes opened wider and wider as I was testing this out on www.thewizaardofodds.com.
    So are you ready? Here it is.
    Ion wanted you to use 50 or 100 gambling blocks. I say that you use 20.
    This requires that you have a starting bankroll of 500 dollars. You will then find a 10 dollar minimum table. Put 10 dollars out on the pass line. Now remember, each time you win or lose your bet on the pass line or don't pass line, you will be counting 1,2,3,4,5...all the way up to 20. You will stay at a flat bet of 10 dollars. If you win on the pass line, take your won 10 dollars and leave your 10 up on the line. Now in your head you say #2, as you are counting each time you win or lose your bet on the line or don't pass line. Now, lets say the shooter is now coming out again and rolls a 3. Craps. You lose your bet on the pass line. In your head you now advance the count to 3, and now you place a 10 dollar bet on the don't pass line.
    Simply put, you are flat betting and always following the dice based on what just won, being the pass line or the don't pass line. So if the pass line wins on the come out, or if it wins because the shooter finally hit point, you would then bet the pass line. If the shooter 7s out, or craps out on the come out roll, your next bet will be on the don't pass line. So what ever won last, that's the side that you take and place your bet down on: the pass or don't pass line.
    Are you with me so far? Don't worry, I'm going to have an example roll by roll in a moment.
    Now: as soon as you have a profit of +$60 dollars, you stop counting to 20, put your $60 to the side away from your 500 dollar bank and this series is done. Two other things can happen if you don't hit +$60 dollars before you count to 20. (count to 20 meaning 20 events of either losing the pass line or the don't pass line. Not each time the dice is rolled, but each time your bet wins or loses on the pass line or don't pass line.):
    1) You make it to 20 and you are down money from your original $500
    2) You make it to 20 and you broke even or you are up money (but not yet +$60) from your original $500
    Now if number 1 above happens, you then add +1 to your base bet, so now you will start over your 20 passline/don't pass line win loss count and you will be using a base bet of $11. If you hit +$60 before you hit your 20 count, you then stop the series, put aside the $60 dollars away from your 500 dollar bankroll and you then start over with your 20 series count back down with the original base bet of 10 dollars.
    If number 2 above happens, you will retain your current base bet and start the series over again, so you will again be at a 1 count out of the 20.
    Now lets go with a roll by roll example.

    I step up to the table. If the table is dead or people look pissed off, I'm gonna assume the trend is cold, so I would put 10 bucks on don't pass. If I step up to a table and there is money all over the felt and people look excited, I would put a bet on the pass line. So in this case, the people look excited so I wait for a comeout roll and then put 10 dollars on the pass line.

    Roll                              Comments
    7                                ok, a pass. I take my 10 dollar win, and leave 10 up on the line. count is now 2
    8                                 count still 2, as no decision yet puck slides to 8 on the board
    8                               pass line win, Im now up +$20. Leave 10 on passline Count is 3
    3                              craps. Lose my line bet. I now switch up, 10 dollar bet on don't pass. count 4
    5                                count still 4 as no decision if don't pass won or loss yet
    9                                 count still 4, no decision yet on don't pass bet
    7                                don't pass wins, I take my 10 dollar win, leave 10 on don't pass. Count is now 5.
    7                                I lose my don't pass bet. I put 10 bucks on the passline count is now 6.
    11                              I win my passline bet. Count is now 7. 10 bucks remains on the passline
    5                                 puck slides over to the 5: 5 is the point. Count still 7
    6                                 Count still 7, because no decision yet on passline bet
    4                                 Count still 7, because no decision yet on passline bet
    5                                 winner. I take my 10 dollar win, leave 10 up on passline Count now 8

    And it goes on like that. Whenever I am up +$60 dollars, the 20 count is over, that session is through, you just take the 60 bucks and move it to the side out of the way and you still have your original 500 dollar bank, then if you want, you can launch into a new 20 count session. You always follow the last winning side, as in if a passline won, your next bet is the passline, if the don't pass just one, your next bet is on the don't passline. If you get up to 20 in your count, then look at the chips in your rack. If you are anywhere under 500: It could be 300., 350, 460 or whatever, you then relaunch into another 20 count session with +$1 on your basebet, so if you were at 10 dollars, now your basebet is 11 dollars. If you were at 32 dollars, your new base bet is now 33 dollars, etc. At anytime you are up +60 dollars from the last time you were up +60 dollars, your base bet reverts back to $10. Let me explain that again.
    Lets say you first get to the table and you have 500. You do the system and you win 60 bucks and then you start over, with the 60 dollars to the side out of play. That 60 dollars NEVER goes back into play. Each time you win 60 bucks, it goes over out of play to one far side, never to be used again that day at the table. So everytime what you are working with hits $560, you reset your base bet, take the 60 dollars and put it to the side. This way you get to avoid having to mentally keep track of your bank at the table: "Ok, my new starting bank is now $560, so I will pull money to the side now when my bank hits $620..." This just keeps things simple.

    If your count gets to 20 in your series and your bank is $500-$559 (you haven't hit +$60 dollars yet)you would simply just start over your series with the same base bet your are currently at without adding +$1 to your base bet. fIn your next series that you just started over at the count of 1, as soon as you hit +$60, the series is over, you pull the 60 dollars over out of play, you restart the series at 1, and your base bet reverts back to 10 bucks.
    Again, if your count gets to 20 and you have less than 500 dollars, you restart the series at 1 and your base bet increases by a dollar.

    The nice thing about the statistical deviation system is that your betting doesn't get out of control. You only add a dollar for each series and you are flat betting. If you make it to the count of 20 without being ahead 60 bucks (thus stopping that series and starting over resetting your base bet to 10 bucks) your bets would look like 10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10.
    Its safe. Very rarely increasing my bets anywhere past 30 dollars, and that takes a long time. Plus, the more your basebet is, the likely you will hit a hot streak or a cold streak at the table taking you back up quickly.
    A few things. First of all is a concept I call steering. Now its obvious from this system as you are always betting on the side that won the last roll, that a choppy table going back and forth against you is not good, and I have seen tables like that. But more often than not, tables are cold or hot, or moderately chopping. If you hit a back and forth 7 times in a roll, sit out until that streak is broken with 2 wins to the don't or the do. Then resume and jump back in. If the table immediately does it to you again, go to another table. Oh yeah..back to steering. The best time to use this system is when the table is dead cold. And the best time to do that is to go in the afternoon until 5 pm whether you are at a gambling boat or anywhere in vegas. For some reason the tables are not heated up during those times and you will just see a lot of empty tables and losers throwing away their paychecks. Or steer yourself on over to tables that are packed with a lot of money laying on the felt.
    So anyway, I developed this system after looking at Ion's site I talked about at the beginning of this post and started practicing on www.thewizardofodds.com for hours and hours. Then about 300 hours more. And I have found that I cant lose with this. Go ahead. I challenge you. Play this on that simulator and see what Im talking about. The maximum draw down I have experienced is like down 280 bucks, but then through statistical deviation, it just climbs right back up and out again for a 60 dollar profit. As the base bet safely increases, you eventually hit a streak to the do or the don't (which is quite common in craps, as in craps things can get quite streaky).
    So then I start to think: what the hell? The math says it doesn't matter what you do on the pass or don't pass, you have a negative expectation without odds of (whatever it is...-1.82%??) I have to look it up. So with that negative expectation, it should be a slow drain. But it isn't. Its instead a moderate climb. Like long term. You remain safe as your min bet slowly climbs a dollar at a time, and its rare that the table will keep chopping you back and forth against you long term. Again: play this on the simulator. If you play this at the wizard of odd, pick version 2, the new craps table version, as he says above his older version. So anyway, I will post more on the Sailu system tomorrow, I gotta hit the sack. Happy Gambling.
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    Great post! Get this man a beer!