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Who wants to age? Nobody. Here's how to put off aging

  • Tuesday, April 29, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
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  • Ok, this is going to be a rather lengthy post, so sit back with a drink, this will be some fascinating stuff. Stuff that will blow your mind.

    The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth
    In the late 1930's a book came out called 'The Eye of Revelation'. The book detailed the journey of a British Army retired officer in his late 60's who upon hearing rumors of a Tibetan Monastery where the monks therein are said to never age went on a journey to find this place. He then supposedly met the author of this book, Peter Kelder and told him of his journeys to find this Monastery that held the secrets to the fountain of youth. The author of the book described his meeting with the retired British Officer and told how he was balding, stooped over and with a cane: basically an old man. After the British gentlemen left the author, he stayed in touch with the author via mail correspondence every few weeks, and  each time Mr. Kelder received mail the ex British officer seemed to be getting closer and closer in identifying the location of his Shangri-La.
    Once such week the author received a letter from the Retired British Officer and he wrote that he finally found the Monastery in the mountains of Tibet after an extensive search including asking many locals if they have heard of a place in the mountains where holy men are said to not age.
    Upon his arrival at the Monastery, he noticed that there was no monk there that appeared to be over the age of 30-35, and he promptly received the moniker "The Ancient One" (good naturedly) from the monks. He then began to apply the physical regeneration system that the monks use on a daily basis. One day about 6 weeks into his stay he accidentally caught his reflection in one of the few full length mirrors in the Monastery library and was shocked by what was looking back at him. Instead of seeing a pale skinned old man, he saw a ruddy faced much more healthier younger man staring at him in shock back from the mirror. When the British Officer showed up at the author's doorstep 7 months later, the author (Peter Kelder, who again was telling this story) didn't know who he was, as he was looking at what appeared to be a 35 year old standing there. The book continues on how the man achieved that kind of physical rejuvenation.
    The basics are that there is 6 exercises (5 and one restricted) called the 5 rites. What these do is speed up the energy vortexes called 'Chakras' that all humans have attached do their bodies via their ethric double that start slowing down after the age of 35, with physical aging being the result. According to this book, when you start doing The Five Rites, with the accompanying breathing exercises, you start to speed up these vortexes to the speed of a 30 year old person. As a result, the flesh in the physical body follows suit, and the body regenerates, or ages backwards to that of a young man or woman.
    The book has been rewritten several times, and the more recent copy is called The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.
    There are some differences in the books, and you can get both books online. There is even the original that you can find floating around out there that supposedly has had some chapters removed.
    So..I'm sure you, the readers of this blog, have been wondering about the results of doing these 5 rites. Well good news, I have been doing them for about 15 years now and I am 46 years old and am proud to report that this works. Every morning I do the 5 rites 21 repetitions each. Here is a picture of me when I was 40:
    Fuck. Blogger just had a total meltdown trying to insert a picture. I'm gonna have to come back here tomorrow and try it again. Trust me, I'm going put a pic up of myself at 40 and then at 45 right in this spot.
    Anyway, I've been doing the 5 Tibetan rites, and even the 6th restrictive one. When I've had a good nights sleep, people mistake me for my early 30's, so yeah, I'm a true proponent of the system. Its getting to the point that people are starting to question my sister or people I know about my appearance. Pretty cool. Will I be able to keep it up? I have no idea. To do the 5 rites takes about 20 minutes each day. I like to do mine
    in the morning.
    Me at age 40 in 2008 after
    doing the five tibetian rites 14 years
    Me at age 45 2013 after doing  the five
    Tibetan rites for 19 years

    So there are a lot of sites out there on how to do the ancient secret of the fountain of youth...all you have to do is Google 'the five Tibetan rites' and you will get pages and pages of returns, with illustrations. Also, go look up 'The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth' on Amazon and when you click on the book, look at the customer reviews. There you will find pages upon pages of customers reviews, some which have been doing these rites for years.
    So this is interesting: I'm surfing around on YouTube after entering the search term 'the five Tibetan rites' and I find this older  lady with a series of videos. She was documenting her journey using the 5 Tibetan rites (doing the rites/exercises outside) and making one video a week to chart her physical changes using this system. I'm like, ok, so I click the first video entitled 'Week One'. It shows this woman who appears to be in her mid to late 60's..older body, slightly stooped, kind of an old lady face, whereupon she announces her intention to do this yoga and how she's going to document it and she then begins and does the rites, showing the proper movements and breathing. Ok, I think, pretty standard stuff. I click on the next video, 'Week 2' and its pretty much the same thing, she does some talking and then does the yoga. I click on 'Week 3', 'Week 4' and 'Week 5' and 'Week 6' and wait a minute: she's looking different. I go back a couple of weeks for reference and then I go to week one, watch the video a bit then jump back to week 6. Whoa. She's getting younger. Almost drastically. No special effects. Her face looks younger. She's standing like a younger woman, not the old lady from video one. Her face now appears 45 instead of 65. Even her VOICE sounds different. This was the first time I have ever seen video evidence where I could contrast and compare...this thing is for real.
    So what's the deal? Is it the chakras being sped up that is rejuvenating the physical flesh? Or is there also something else at play? To answer this, we go onto the next section, where there was an experiment that was done in the late 1970's.

    The Langer Experiment

    In 1979 psychologist Ellen Langer carried out an experiment to see if changing thought patterns could slow aging.  She recruited a group of elderly men in their 70's and 80's and told them that they were going to undergo a 'week of reminiscence' as part of an experiment. She had two groups: a control group and then the experimental group. She sequestered the group at a retreat outside Boston where she told them that it would be as if it were 20 years before, 1959.  The furniture was from 1959, the interior design was from 1959, the tv and the radio were from 1959 as if it were live, the newspapers etc. were also from 1959. The men were told to pretend that it was indeed 1959 and to converse and act like it was 1959. They talked about their lives and their families with one another as if it were that year. The watched films, listened to music and talked about 1959 affairs as if it were happening currently.
    She also removed any rails or items that would help old people move around. She wanted them to believe that they were in their old healthy bodies, not old and infirm.
    The men were totally in the middle of an previous era when they were younger.
    As the week went by, the men were experiencing more and more energy, and at the end of the week they even played touch football.
    The interesting part is that she took full physiological tests before and after and found that blood pressure had dropped, eyesight got better, dexterity improved, speed of movement improved, arthritis improved, cognitive abilities, as well as memory had improved. All this with just one week. What would happen after a month? Two months? Five?
    As a conclusion? As the men thought of themselves as younger, their bodies began to follow suit. As And the process started in only after several days of total immersion.

    This is very interesting. Can you imagine the power of the 5 Tibetan rites combined with concentrating 3 times a day imagining that you are 25, visualizing your face and body as it was back then? Give it a shot for a month, and get back to me.
    Until next time,


    2 Responses to “Who wants to age? Nobody. Here's how to put off aging”

    Jenny Mansheim said...
    February 27, 2017 at 3:27 AM

    I can not find the link to the old women who documented her journey using the 5 Tibetan rites? It is not included on your site? Could you provide the link.

    Also you claim on this blog that this works, you state, "I have been doing them for about 15 years now and I am 46 years old and am proud to report that this works. If these worked then why do you also state on a different blog your story of driving a truck and from 35 years old to 45 years old you were in bad shape with spinal stenosis and legs that felt like cement? You stated doing these for 15 years? That would put you at age 30. If they worked why didn't it help your health at the time or improve it?

    Mark Laechel said...
    May 11, 2017 at 11:22 AM


    Here is the link of the older woman who started doing the rites and documented the changes. https://www.youtube.com/user/theesseneway/videos Go to the bottom of this page with all the videos and click the 'load more' button to the the extra few. Scroll to the bottom as far as you can go and there are the beginning videos. Try to go in order, 'Five Tibetians Day One' being the first.
    When I was doing the trucking I actually had stopped doing the yoga because it was next to impossible doing it in truck stop bathrooms or in the cab of my truck, so my body resumed the aging march forward. When you stop doing the yoga you in the course of several months will begin to swing towards your natural chronological age. Plus driving a truck, poor eating habits, living on diet coke all contributed to getting me ill. Doing the 5 rites were actually part of my recovery in the three years I have stopped living on the road. As a matter of fact soon I will scan a picture of me while trucking and a picture of me now to back up the extreme change.

    Great post! Get this man a beer!