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For the #ladies: Why Won't He #MarryMe?

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  • Attention: This is an ebook I wrote in 2010 and never released. Since starting this site, I am now releasing this valuable information as a blog post, although rather lennghy, the information herein is fort knox valuable and has the potential to save you years of your time. If you have a single friend, make sure to send her this blog post link.

    Congratulations. You have just taken the first step to getting what you want. You’ve been bothered by questions in your relationship, and here are the answers that guys aren’t telling you. 

    For the first time in print, a guy blows the whistle on every man in America. Everything that he has been hiding from you or secretive about or manipulating you with is right here: 

    At last you will be able to see what is REALLY happening and WHY and WHAT to do about it.  

    This is the most thourough guide on the internet, so much so this should be required reading in school. It would save women a lot of time and grief.


    But first a WARNING: You have just purchased Pandora’s box. Once you read this report, there is no going back. You will come across some things that are upsetting and or shocking. This report pulls no punches and after you read it you will know what is happening and what he is doing. After you read this things will be different as you will know everything. So buckle up Dorthy, cause oz is goin 'bye, bye'.
    This is you before you read this report



    This Why Won’t He Marry Me Report is broken up into several sections.

    1.      Men and Women, how we are biologically wired for relationships and our biology

    #1 Authority Site-no other site this in depth

    2.      Relationships, the clock, and the Two Year Rule
    3.      Case studies of men and women
    4.      Time limits and how they can work for you
    5.      The infamous “Its just a piece of paper” excuse (marriage certificate)
    6.      Acclimation and Living Together vs. not living together

    Part II
    1.      Different Levels of a Relationship
    2.      How to Tell if your man is on a different Level than you are
    3.      Action vs Words
    4.      What guys look for in a mate
    5.      What YOU need to watch out for in HIM
    6.      Gut Feeling rule and several tests

    Part III
    1.      How to find THE ONE Should be REQUIRED reading for all Woman!
    2.      The Secret
    3.      Your Assignment
    4.      Conclusion
    5.      Q and A

    The Difference between a Mans’ Biology and a Woman’s Biology

    This may sound harsh, but here it is. A man is genetically programmed to spread his seed as much as possible and a woman is genetically programmed to find a mate and keep him to help him raise her children. That is the bottom line. Luckily men have forebrains that allow us for the most part to stay within the societal boundaries and stay with their women and raise the kids. However this only applies when men find that they have found “the one” and willingly give up their freewheeling lifestyle for what they consider to be higher rewards of intimate love and companionship with that one person and children.

    What this means is if you are not “the One”, or the one woman that makes his heart sing, you are going to be one of the MANY that the following in this manual happens to. I’m almost sorry (almost) that you are in the position that you had to buy this manual (I’m making a lot of cash off this very common problem) but on the other hand I am ecstatic for you that after reading this manual you will take the steps necessary to be in a relationship with someone that makes your heart sing as much as you make his sing. I show you at the end how to achieve this. We all know that one girl who met her guy and it was a soul mate connection right off the bat. They both knew without a doubt that this is the person they would spend the rest of their lives with, and 7 months later they were married. Hey….how does one find a love like this? Read Part III of this report. If you do the things listed in Part III, you can be that One Special Girl, something you’ve always dreamed about being while you were growing up.

    That One special girl will occupy his thoughts all during the day. At work he will think of her and be busted with a stupid smile by his co workers. He will want to run down the street shouting at the top of his lungs. He will be so absolutely happy being with you it is like he shot up 20 loads of crack and sunshine. He will stare at you while you sleep. He will be terrified that you will not want to marry him and be with him forever. If you said yes to marriage, it would be the happiest day of his life to be with his angel that came down from heaven to be with him.

    Then there’s you. Mrs. Right now. Not the girl of his dreams. He can take or leave you. You are giving him sex and companionship but if there is a difference in opinion, you can take a walk as far as he’s concerned: there are other women out there that he can get with. It bothers you, no bothers you tremendously that you are in love with this guy and it feels like the relationship is lopsided….you want him more than he wants you. Marriage keeps getting put off. You feel like he doesn’t want to share his finances or life long term with you. It feels like he is just dating you even though you’ve been with him 3-4 years plus. Sure, he tells you he loves you, he holds you in his arms, he looks in your eyes, but there is a part of him that is a rock that you will never touch. When you fight, he is first to walk and you swear he almost enjoys the time off from you…..

    Great apes and chimpanzees share about 99% of our DNA. Male Alpha apes take a harem of females, as in they have several females with which they regularly mate with. While guys would like to have sex with multiple females, (which we tend to do as teens or early adults) in our culture it has become custom to mate with just one female and raise a family. Only when certain human males become very high status to they revert to their true nature, such as certain rock stars, or Hugh Hefner, the owner of Playboy magazine with his harem of blondes. However, when we fall in love with whom we think of as “The One” we no longer want to do this, we are heads over heels in love and we want to spend our time only with you.

         Here is where the problem arises. Most people are in relationships of varying degrees where the man feels that she is not “the one” or some degree thereof. (The Divorce rate is 50% and there is also a percentage of people who remained married for ‘the kids’ or security.) There is a lack of communication due to the man getting sex and some level of companionship and while his physical and some emotional needs are being met for the time being, he is leaving his long term options open while continuing his search for ‘the one’.
    He NEVER tells the woman he is with that she is not the one and that he is leaving his options open for finding the right one… this would kill what he has with you. Instead his actions speak for him.

    This in effect screws the women over as she is wasting time thinking that she is going to marry this man and she wastes her valuable reproductive years and youth. As we are going to see, time for a woman is more valuable than time for a man as a woman has a shorter time period for reproduction than a man does. Ever wonder why Hollywood for the most part ignores woman over 40 and men over 40 still have lucrative film careers as leading men? Its because men are still reproductively viable in their 40s and still are seen as sex symbols (providing of course, they stay in shape).

    Women’s Reproductive System

         Women are born with about 400 eggs, in other words, in a woman’s entire life; she has 400 reproducible cells. She has these eggs her entire life and these eggs are at their optimum health for reproduction purposes at the age of 18-22, which so happens to be the age a woman is the most physically attractive to men. As a woman ages, her eggs age. In a woman’s 30s her reproductive abilities start to decline, and after 35 her eggs (that she’s had since birth) are getting old which could lead to more of a chance of reproductive errors such as Downs syndrome. After the age of 40 as her eggs age further, it becomes harder and harder to get pregnant. And to be even harsher, women complain of being invisible to men after age 40. With the exception of a few ringers, women’s physical appearance is no longer attractive to men (in the traditional sexual sense) after 40-45 due to the fact that men subconsciously realize that they are no longer viable for reproduction purposes. Thus they look elsewhere toward younger viable women. THERE IS A WAY AROUND THIS. There is a way to alter your physical appearance so at the age of 40-45 to look 25-30. This will be covered at the end of this report.

    Men’s Reproductive System

         Men are quite the different story. In one DROP of male reproductive fluid, there are 50,000 sperm (reproducible cells or possible babies). This is the same number of people a sold out ballpark can hold during playoffs. Imagine a packed football stadium on TV with every seat taken during the Superbowl. One drop of male fluid holds this. An entire ejaculation of male fluid contains approximately 200-300 million sperm. This is about how many people are living in the continental United States.
         The reason older men are seen as attractive? Because men are viable (can reproduce) into their 70’s and beyond. Women are born with all the eggs they will ever have and those eggs age and become prone with errors. Men on the other hand constantly create new sperm cells every hour or so from scratch. Not only that, but these newly manufactured sperm cells come from an immortal line of nondifferentiated stem cells, so that the cells making the new sperm cells never age. This is due to the fact these production cells constantly generate Telomerase which keeps the cells young permanently, in effect, these cells constantly reset their genetic clocks so they can constantly crank out new and health sperm cells for the lifetime of the man. Upon the man’s death, if these immortal reproductive stem cells were removed from the mans body and placed in a petri dish with all the nutrients they needed, they would not die for possibly hundreds of years. This is quite the difference from the woman who only has so many years and cells to use quickly.

    The Double Standard

    This genetic difference between men and women show up in society. For men, sex is cheap because they let loose millions of reproductive cells that can be replaced in one hour. These cells are cheap, thus the entire mans payload is cheap, thus sex for men is cheap. For women, sex is very expensive. They only have 400 reproductive cells for their entire life; with only one of these eggs available per month, thus these eggs must be guarded for the right man. No cheap sex, for a woman who is stuck with a baby she has to raise and this takes resources. The man who wins the right to fertilize her valuable egg must be there with her to help her raise the child financially and emotionally. This is why society developed the double standard of the male stud and the female slut. Society looks down at the woman who gives sex away easily and applauded the Don Juans, the men who constantly get by a woman’s defenses and constantly has sex. Take a father for example. He hits the roof when he finds out his daughter is having sex but when his son is having sex, the father is pleased that his son is a man/stud. This double standard very much has its roots in biology. Look at a group of guys, one guy gets laid and all his buddies are high fiving him. When one girl in a group of girls gives it away too easily, her friends all are angry with her.

    There was a sex documentary on HBO where they tried an experiment with both sides with men and women. First they had a good-looking college aged female go up to 10 guys at random on a college campus and ask if they wanted to have sex with her. 9 out of 10 guys said, “sure, where?” Then they had a good-looking college aged guy approach 10 girls at random and ask the same question. 9 girls were all freaked out with different responses like, “No way” or “No thanks” and several were offended. The 10th one said no, but seemed a little interested in the guy and talked to him a bit, but then that went nowhere. This shows that inherently, women know that sex is more valuable for them.
    To men, sex with different women is rewarding. When men are with a new woman, their excitement is at a high. When a man is with the same woman for a while, the sex starts to not get as exciting; men’s orgasmic response starts to diminish. This is because the man subconsciously knows that he already impregnated or had a chance to impregnate the woman. But when a man is with a new woman, he is very excited because this is a new opportunity to spread his genes for more genetic variation. Of course he is not thinking this directly, all he knows is new woman=big excitement. This is why men sometimes are referred to as “dogs”. We constantly have our eye open for new opportunities to have sex, preferably with strange women. Women usually are looking for a single high status male to date and get into a relationship with. This disparity often causes turmoil between the sexes and infidelity. This is also why rock stars and supermodels go together like peanut butter and jelly. All guys want to have sex with a supermodel because she is beautiful and young. All women want a high status male. What is more high status than say, Mick Jagger? He is a very high status male who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and everyone knows who he is and he can get into any party he wants and travels the world surrounded with fame and fortune. Thus the supermodel wants him and he wants the supermodel. Have you been following Mick Jagger's lovelife for the last several years? He divorced his older supermodel wife, and impregnated a gorgeous Brazilian model while playing Rio Fest 3 years ago. You see it all the time; high status sports figures with models, or models with movie stars. Rock stars with models. Models or celebrity women dating professional athletes. Look at the tabloids and celebrity magazines. Both of these sexes are at the top of their groups, and in turn, expect the best in the opposite sex’s group. A supermodel won’t date a guy who works at a gas station. This male wont is high status enough. She figures that due to her looks she can get the best. A guy wants a beautiful woman, and gets the best he can.

    Women also are more excited with new partners and have also been guilty of having affairs. However, their reasons for having affairs tend to be different. If a man is not meeting their emotional needs, this is the main reason they will have affairs. Men seek young hotties for sex. That’s it. While women are concerned with the financial status and social status of a male (because a guy with social status and money will have plenty of resources to raise offspring) a guy really does not care if a women works at Blockbuster video for 5 bucks and hour. Is she hot? Is she young? That is all a man is really concerned about. Sure, some guys are sophisticated and want a female partner that is intellectual or involved in the arts or in a good social position, but note that the hot 19 year old cashier will snap his neck as he walks by. Women and men who have hot bodies will cause their partner to orgasm more intensely especially at the beginning part of a relationship. The reason for this is to ensure that reproduction happens for sure with this prime specimen who obviously has great genes.
         Of course a guy who is confronted with this information is going to deny it, especially if he is in a relationship. He won’t admit that he wants to fuck the hot cashier at Dominick’s, and if he had an affair or two with his secretary he isn’t going to tell you. Why? Because he values his relationship with you. He wants the best of both worlds. He wants an intimate connection with you yet he wants new fresh and exciting sex with other women. If he admits that he’d like to have sex with other women or that he actually went ahead and did this, you’d walk and it would be relationship over. What you need to do is read on and figure out if you are ‘the one’ for each other. Only being the one or close to being the one will override a guy’s instinct to go out and spread his genes far and wide.

    The Typical Guy (written by Brother and friends)

    Guys are visual creatures. We can tell if we want to have sex with you inside of 5 seconds. There is nothing more beautiful to us than a young in shape female with a cute little ass, nice breasts, and muscle tone. A girl like this can start wars. We can think of nothing else when a woman like this walks into a room. It really shakes us up. We feel the urge to get with her to the extent where it almost twists us in the gut. It is a very powerful drive, much more than what you feel when a ripped GQ guy walks in the room. What we do is look at you and check for cues of mathematical beauty (face proportions, hip to waist ratio, body fat levels) and secondary characteristics, such as the condition of your hair, if your skin is blemish free, how you are built, how your ass looks, your arms (body fat level) and your muscle tone. We check for indications of youth which are immediately apparent. Young women have color in their facial skin (pink faces) due to the fact that in your teens and early to mid 20s when you are young, your skin has a very high blood flow feeding the surface skin. As you age, your skin tends to turn chalk white. Look at your grandma. Very low blood flow to the surface skin in the face. When you are young your muscle and bodyfat are distributed in prime levels all over your body. So guys do an initial check for youth and beauty. If the girl passes the guys individual tastes, we are riveted. As a matter of fact guys are so shaken up by a girl that they find very attractive we want to immediately have sex with her.
    A girl can see an attractive guy but most of the time she wont immediately want to have sex with him. She might play eye games with him and notice him across the bar, but she won’t NEED (not like a guy does trust me…unless you’re a nymph) to have sex with him like a guy will want with an attractive girl he sees.
    Your typical guy wants to have sex with as many women as possible. It’s hardwired in our nature. What is the optimum situation for a guy? Have sex with as many women as possible and at the same time have a primary pair relationship. The problem is most guys don’t have that ability to attract that many women, most guys are average. They say that 10% of the guys get 90% of the girls, i.e. one night stands, pick ups, serial daters, etc. The reason for this statistic is that only 10% of the guys out there are pretty boys, tough guys, rich and/or famous or overconfident guys, and this pulls girls to a large degree. So guys with these characteristics are very attractive to women so they are ENABLED to act out their hardwiring and have sex with a large amount of women. It is very exciting and rewarding for a male to have a variety of partners. Who else is able to do this? Rock stars, famous people, actors, like Charlie Sheen or Hugh Hefner, etc, or just cocky guys at the top of their social groups. Some people say that a guy is faithful as his options. Take a mild mannered dude who is married and suddenly make him a rock star. He gets a makeover, looks tough, sells millions of albums, is on national tour, has millions of screaming fans and hot groupies who want to have sex with him constantly. Most men would not be able to resist the temptation, even if in love.
    So your average guy in a perfect world would like to have multiple sex partners but in the end does not want to be a lonely old man sitting in a room somewhere in his 70s. So guys in their teens and 20s go through dating multiple partners and going out with the boys and oogling and if they are brave, meeting girls and trying to have multiple sexual trysts. When a younger guy is attempting to date just one girl, there is always the strong possibility that if offered sex on the side, he is going to take it. After all, he is not married yet, is he? You need to know this. When a guy does not want to get married, even if you two are living together, somewhere in the back of his mind he is leaving open the possibility of him getting with someone else. That’s just how we work, and how we think. If confronted with this, we will always deny it. What do you think, we are nuts and admit this to a woman we are living with? No. Your average guy will settle down depending on his maturity level in his late 20s or early 30s. He knows that he doesn’t want to be the old guy in the bar, he usually by this point has gotten all the sex with other women out of his system by this point and now he knows its time to settle down and start a family.
    HOWEVER. He will settle down only with the person that he feels is the correct one. There are hundreds of thousands of guys all across the country that are with a girl that they know is the wrong person.

    A girl will ask at this point:
    "Why would a guy stay/live with a girl when he is not serious with her?"

    There are several reasons. The first is that he is attracted to you physically. Are you considered hot? Are there guys trying to meet you all the time in bars? Maybe you look good on his arm, make him look like the man when you two go out. Sex is another reason. For a lot of guys, it’s pretty hard to go out to the bars and try to rustle up some sex for the night. When you are with him in a relationship he doesn’t have to worry about it. He’s getting laid. A guy that is not getting laid is an unhappy guy. For a guy, getting himself off is like bread and water compared to the real meal of having sex with a woman. Companionship is another reason. No one wants to be lonely, and secretly a guy is worried that if your relationship ends maybe he won’t be able to replace you and he will be alone. It’s comforting to sleep with someone every night, to have someone there when you come home at the end of the day. Someone who greets you and asks you how your day was.
    BUT- if he knows deep down that you are not the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with and have kids with he will attempt to keep the situation as it is....sort of hedging his bet…you are with him, physically being with him it is 'comfortable' having the living situation as is. Marriage at this point would not be what he wants. Its like this....unless you are driving him nuts for whatever reason where he cant deal with you anymore, he will hold on to you for as long as possible. It’s like looking for a job when you currently have a job. It’s safe. You can leisurely look for a job while you are already working, you still have money coming in, you are safe. They say never quit your job unless you already have another one lined up. Marriage is reserved for THE ONE that he hopefully thinks will come along at some point in the future. When he meets the girl of his dreams, trust me: he will be married to her inside of 7 months.

    About 'Bad Boys'

    Girls that are 18-23 go ga ga for these guys and women in thier late 20s and 30s have gone through it and wised up.
    The reason you are attracted to Bad Boys is because it is very male, the extreme opposite of you. A bad boy is loud, arrogant, doesn’t kiss your ass, wants to do things his way, fights a lot, is usually the lead guy in a group of people you hang with, that is all the guys in the group look up to him and respect him. He calls the shots. Other guys are scared of him. He has a big group of friends or he can be a lone wolf. He takes what he wants in life and doesn’t pussyfoot around. He usually makes a good living because other males see he is aggressive and that usually promotes him up the ladder at his work. Or he doesn’t get along with other guys and just takes what he wants or starts his own business or could be an ex con and a drug dealer and wont play by the rules. Whatever the case, this guy oozes testosterone. And being a straight female, you find this EXTREAMLY attractive. Or what about that meek dude you know that you can tell all your problems to that you use as your emotional tampon? All he does is nod and agree with you placating you. Snooze. Boring. No attraction. That’s because if he had a lot of testosterone, he wouldn’t be acting like that. That’s not manly. You want
    someone who will be strong and protect you and your kids. Someone that can make his way in the world. So when you are in your late teens and early 20s you date a guy that rides a motorcycle, has long hair, is ripped with tattoos and hangs out with bikers and gets into fights a lot. What a man. Then you get your ass handed to you. (Heart broken). What happened?
    Here is what. Bad Boys are attractive to a lot of women. As that being such, they have a lot to choose from. When they are done with you, they move on. Or while they are with you they are having sex with other women and you find out. Or they just fight with you all the time because its their way or the highway. Or they stay out late with their buddies and keep blowing off their dates with you cause they do what they want to do. They are hard to domesticate. Kind of like a wolf. They are wild.
    This does not add up to a solid equal give and take relationship. Imagine trying to date a biker from the hells angels. He’s snorting crank, coming and going when he wants and who cares what you think, having sex with you and a couple of strippers he met last week. He can take you or leave you. While that is an extreme example, the foundation of the problem is the same.
    What it comes down to is this: The very thing that makes you attracted to them is the same thing that blows the whole thing and leaves you with a broken heart. Extreme Testosterone. By the time you are in your mid to late 20s you will most likely have experienced this firsthand and you will know better.
    Do you know what statistics show? (This was published on Yahoo from Reuters news in early May 2008) The most happy marriages are those where the male is not as good looking as the female. What does this accomplish? The male is happy that he found such a good looking woman and is extremely loyal to her, very happy and feels lucky that he is with a beautiful woman. At the same time it also enforces that he will not go out and pick up women and have sex with them on the side because he can’t. He’s an average looking guy. (Unless he has insane mad game) The pretty woman is happy in the marriage because she has a great grateful guy that will be there through thick and thin and will help raise the kids and is attentive to her and communicates with her. These are seeds for a great marriage.
    Now a pretty boy/bad boy who is with a pretty woman can be a problem. Let’s look at Charlie Sheen, he Married a beautiful woman, Denise Richards. Good looking guy, rich, lots of options. A woman find him very attractive, he’s a famous actor, and has buku cash. He’s out having sex with other women. He’s gambling. He’s fighting with her. He’s not respecting her and doing what he wants. He wants to hang out with his friends. He had plenty of options and he went ahead and took them. Result? Nasty divorce. Now he just got remarried to another pretty woman and the same thing happened all over he allegedly threatened his new wife with a 4 inch knife. Do you know who the actress Jeri Ryan is? She played a part on a sci/fi show. Very beautiful woman. She married a rich very good-looking guy and had a nasty divorce. When the details of the divorce were made public it was revealed that he was forcing her to go to sex clubs and made her engage in swinger activities. He regularly cheated on her and wasn’t home too much. In college, I knew this one guy named Bob. Shaved head, GQ guy, tall, muscles, had a group of guys over at his place all the time playing cards, everyone looked up to him. His girl wouldn’t leave him. She took abuse, he cheated on her, but he was such a MAN. And she loved him.
    Pretty stupid.
    You will get the bad boys out of your system and then you will probably date normal guys. Have you seen Christina Aguilera’s new husband? She is beautiful, been on the cover of several men’s magazines such as Maxim and Stuff. He is just an average slightly wimpy looking everyday average Joe. But you know what? She got through the bad boy phase, learned it went nowhere and now she met this guy who will be loyal and faithful to her and help her raise her kids and be there for her. Now she is very happy as they raise their family together. (At least at the time of this writing.)

    So am i saying that in order to be happy you have to be with a balless poindexter? No. What I am saying is on the 1-10 scale of manliness you might want to give up the 9s and the 10s...the extreme alpha males with many options. A guy that is a 6-8 on the manliness scale is still a man who will fight for you and what you believe in, and will fight in a bar if necessary. He can still take care of you and your family.

    A Bad Boy is just like a special box of dark chocolates. Fun to indulge in, but you can’t live on them and you will have to move on.

    Now here is a bit of something for you to help you out:

    ...and now back to the Why Wont He Marry Me Report:

    I am going to show you how not to waste your on as we go to the next section.

    Now on to more education about men and women.

    The Life Stages of a Man and a Woman


    0-14              Childhood
    15-18 Dating and intense socialization
    18-23 Partying and intense socialization continues. Quest for numerous sex partners, basic immaturity, drinking with buddies, rudimentary business career begins
    24-26 More partying with buddies and attempts to date only one person, struggle between friends and girlfriend, career continues to advance
    27-30 Sudden maturity starts to surface, buddy peer group not so important, looks toward having a main life partner and biological clock starts to surface, thinks about future and having a family. At this point will start to seek a serious relationship, Sick of the bar scene. A man at this point will be advancing in work and career, making more money.
    30-35 Wants to marry, start family. Becoming mature, stable, knows self and is comfortable with self. Salary advancing as well as position at work
    35-45 Career peak, financial earning peak, most likely married, kids

    Please note. The above stages of a man are for a normal everyday guy with normal resources. If on the other hand the man in question is a rockstar or a movie star, he could very well be stuck in the 18-23 phase as long as his early 40's. Why? Because due to the money and the fame his options are expanded. If he wants to smoke bowls and be drunk and play an electric guitar with snakes in the room with posters of Jimi Hendrix on the wall with black lights and have his hair in dreadlocks and be 41, who is going to stop him if he is a famous rock star on world tour selling millions of albums? Or a movie star with lots of cash who still wants to play the field because he can due to his fame and his money? However the above list does apply to 'normal' non famous people with normal financial resources (in most cases).

    Life Stages of a woman
    0-14 Childhood
    15-18 Dating and intense socialization
    18-22 Dating and bar scene, always looking for the ‘one’ even when out with friends
    23-25 Active Dating and hopefully marriage. Knows self and is comfortable with self.
    25-30 Kids, raising family

    As you can see, there is a great maturity disparity between men and women. While a woman in her early to mid 20s is mature and looking for a husband or at the very least a serious relationship, the man at the same age is in his fucking years and lampshade on head and empty beer can pyramid years and ordering pizza with his buddies at the apartment after a night after drinking at the bars years.
    This is why men tend to date women 3-5 years younger than themselves because that is about the offset time for maturity levels to be equal with one another. Men also like younger women because they are seen as generally more attractive and fertile. Slightly older men on the other hand are seen as less boylike and therefore more handsome and financially stable as well as emotionally stable and are valued by women. Here is an example of this: a 35-year-old guy is talking to his 33-year-old female friend. He mentions to her that those girls standing over there are really hot. The female friend looks over and says, dude, those girls are all like 21 years old. The guy then says, “Hell, yeah! Totally hot!!” He then sees some dudes about the same age standing over near the girls and says to her, “There you go. Some good looking guys.” She balks and says, “Yuck. They are little boys.” Surprised, the guy then says, “What are you talking about? Those dudes are in their early 20s and totally buff studs. You wouldn’t want to get with that?” She then replies, “No. They are totally immature.”
         Let’s look at the underlying causes of this exchange. The guy is looking at young hot women who are in their reproductive prime. He sees taught pink oily skin, tight firm bodies with muscle and fat all in the right places, thick hair, shiny eyes, which is all signaling to him, ‘Healthy young female with healthy young eggs. Prime reproductive material!’ And being a guy, he would like to have sex with that. A great way to disperse his genes into the gene pool. His female friend looks over at the guys and also sees youth, tight young bodies with six packs, pink skin, full heads of hair, but that doesn’t yank her strings like it yanks her male friend's. While it might be nice to have a young stud, a guy in his 30s or 40s will have just as healthy young sperm as those young 22 year old guys standing over there. Plus, those young guys have no financial resources. That means they have no power, and money is power, power to purchase a house and power to raise children. They are also fraught with immaturity, which goes against her wishes to settle down and start a family.

    Freedom vs. The Clock

    Ever see crank wedding photos in men’s magazines like Maxim? The bride is standing there beaming from ear to ear and the groom is standing there next to her looking like he just made a huge mistake? Men know that there will come a time where they will be the old guy in the bar and yes, that is pathetic. At some point we are going to have to throw in the towel and get married and have kids so that we are not lonely old men sitting in a room somewhere. But at the same time while we are young, we would like to have our fun with our friends and have exciting new and varied relationships. So on one hand you have freedom without the shackles of marriage and responsibility and bills but on the other hand you have the clock, which will if given enough time, will run out for all of us. Women’s clocks are way shorter than men’s clocks, that’s why we are trying to stay single as long as possible and women want to shack up with a man and raise a family. Listen to talk in the office between two women. A woman ‘snags’ a man. She ‘catches’ a man. She gets the ring and ‘lands’ a man. Victoriously the two women chatter. The woman wins. She is showing off her engagement ring to everyone, beaming with pride. Got him. The man when he gets married gives up the single life and settles down. No real high fives between guys when a guy announces he’s going to get married at the office, maybe just a polite, ‘well congratulations, man’. He doesn’t show off his wedding ring. The only real thing a wedding ring is useful for a man is being marked as property. As in ‘hands off’ to other women. Sometimes when married men go out they try to take off their ring when out with their single buddies. The mark on the finger where the ring was is a dead giveaway. There will be an indentation where the ring was, and since no sun was hitting the spot where the ring was, it will be pale skin in the shape of a ring.
    There are a lot more marriages out there than you think were one or both partners just ‘settle’. They’ve been dating a while, they think that they are both not getting younger, I want kids, and let’s do this. Or one is in love and the other is not quite there, but they figure its time, and he or she is ‘nice’. The clock is an interesting thing. It’s like musical chairs, and when the music stops, no one wants to be left standing. There can also be pressure when ones friends are all married, and then when ones younger cousins and relatives are all married, the pressure can be intense. We will touch on this later, but look at your cousins and friends that are all married. Chances are you can see things that are wrong with about half or more of the relationships. One cousin married him because her dad approved of him and he pushed him on her. The guy is just like her dad. So she married him. Another got married because he was 42 and had chest pains in the shower in his condo and he thought, ‘who is going to find me if I drop dead here in the shower?’ So he went ahead and married his girlfriend that he wasn’t really sure about and sure enough 2 years later a nasty divorce.
         You have to use the clock, not let time run out and let the clock use you. The next section will address this. Also later in this report, I will show you how to use the Great Big Man Filter so you don’t settle with the wrong guy.

    The Two Year Rule

    After two years of dating someone where you are seeing him or her 4 times a week or more, you should both want to be married. You should be getting married. If he doesn’t want to marry you at this point and you have been dating each other for over two years and during those two years you have been together 4 times a week or more, and he doesn’t want to get married at this point, then you have a problem. Human emotions are complex, but strong love begins to develop after 6-7 months. If at two years both of you are not head over heels and want to spend the rest of your lives with each other and are not both talking about it, (yes, both of you talking about it) one does not feel the same as the other one feels.

    Actions vs. Words

    I will give an example for this section. Colin, 27 and Michelle, 25 have been dating for 3 and a half years. Michelle wants to get married and is telling all her friends this. She helps mark clean his condo and cooks some meals for him, and is over 4 nights a week, but officially lives in her own place. Colin had a great job as a lawyer and was pulling about 140,000. Colin is good looking and other women take notice of this. Michelle is also good-looking, but being heads over heels with Colin, spurns men’s advances all the time. Michelle brings up marriage often to Colin. Colin listens, thinks for a second, and says, yeah, I’m just not ready yet, why do we need a piece of paper saying were together, anyway? You are over here 4 times a week; you know I love you…” Colin has a lot of friends and plays paintball with his friends several times a month. Tuesdays he plays golf with his buddies and one night a week he goes out with his male friends to the clubs downtown while his girlfriend goes out with her friends. Sometimes when they are all out with all their friends with the car packed full of people he will half joke, “I’m never getting married.”  Michelle sitting next to him, looking hurt punches him in the arm. “It’s just a piece of paper. I love you baby”, and mollifying Michelle, gives her a look and a kiss. Sometimes Colin blows a major holiday like Valentines Day. Michelle is really pissed off and doesn’t talk to him for three days. Colin says to his friends, “whatever” and goes downtown with his lawyer buddies and hits on all sorts of women at the clubs. A few days of being alone however, spurs him to open up talks with Michelle and a week later she is back with him. He takes her out to vacations to the East Coast to the Hamptons and impresses her with his money. She is completely sold and it is driving her nuts that he won’t marry her.

    Now I’m going to blow the whistle and tell you what really is going on behind the scenes. Because this is an instructional Whistleblower book and yes, I was friends with Colin in the late 90s.

    I remember Colin had a few talks with me. He didn’t think Michelle was that smart, and sometimes they ran out of things to talk about. He knows that she was totally in love with him, but he didn’t feel that kind of love back for her. She had a great body and the sex is amazing, he says. He just told her what she wanted to hear so that she wouldn’t leave him. Sometimes he felt for her and sometimes he didn’t. Love was a strong word, he said. The companionship is nice, he went on to say, and her body was hot. She cleaned and cooked a couple of days a week for him. He was fucking some girls on the side. He was at the law office and a paralegal showed interest in him and he starting having sex with her while dating Michelle. He also met a girl at a party and had a thing with her also. “The way I see it, if there is no ring on my finger, I’m a free man, right?” Colin told me. Right, but I also noticed that Colin didn’t tell Michelle about these other women. Some of the women he’d been with emailed him when was at work and sometimes at the house when Michelle wasn’t there. One client he met from France sent him a picture of herself in her underwear. His actions were starting to broadcast his true feelings and things weren’t very romantic. After spending some time with Michelle on a few trips she decided that things were lukewarm and they broke up for a week, in which he took advantage of and went out downtown with friends hitting on multitudes of women. 
    So let’s look at the position Colin was in and let’s look at the position Michelle was in.

    Colin was in a pretty good position. He had a hot girlfriend that he could get with whenever he wanted on the nights she stayed over. She cooked and cleaned for him. Then on the nights she wasn’t over, he got to play single guy and hang out with his friends and drink and smoke. On Fridays, he went out with his single friends and tried to get laid and sometimes succeeded. He had a couple of girls at work that were interested in him and whenever the opportunity for sex came up, he rarely passed it up. When he went downtown with some of his buddies when Michelle wasn’t there, he got a few phone numbers. When his friends questioned him about Michelle when he and his friends were alone, he said that love is a pretty strong word, and hey, pass that joint. What Colin had successfully done is combine the benefits of having a primary pair partner relationship and having his options open for sex and encounters with other women. He had his own space a few days a week and the freedom to do what he wants when he wanted as if he were single. When Michelle complains, he just froze her out for a few days to a week so he even got more space. He held the cards, because she was more in love with him than he was with her and therefore, instead of losing him, put up with his crap in order to be with him. This allowed Colin to dictate the terms of the relationship to his benefit. In essence, why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? Seeing that Colin wasn’t in love with Michelle in the same way she was with him, what would Colin possibly get out of marrying Michelle?

    1.  Suddenly his finances are at risk, because she would have access to his accounts.
    2.  If she caught him cheating, there would be a messy divorce and she could take a good chunk of his money, perhaps some of his property. If kids, child support for 18 years.
    3.  He would lose a good part of the freedom he was enjoying. She would always be over there because she would then move in, as they would be husband and wife; he would lose his own ‘space.’

    Michelle was in a pretty bad position. She was wasting some key years of her life with this guy; he had no intention of marrying her, he was just enjoying her youth. She was cute, so when they went out, he enjoyed the attention that she got from everyone and that made him look like the man. If a guy stepped out of line though, Colin was all over it. She was HIS property.

    What happened with these two? They dated for a few more years and suddenly Colin met someone else that he fell head over heels for. Seven months after meeting this new girl, they married in 2001. Speaking with Colin, he knew instantly that this girl was the one for him and he wanted to start a family with her. Michelle was only a memory, something that tied him up for a few years until the real deal came along. They dated for 4 years and no ring. The new girl got a ring 7 months into the relationship.  As you can see, this setup that Colin had with Michelle is a great setup guys use to ride the fence to get the best of both worlds. Whenever talk of marriage comes up, time is always on a guy’s side, so we will put off the talk, or plain lie. One excuse we use is finances. We’ll say, yeah, I’d like to get married too, but we are just short of money right now. What that really translates to is that ‘I’m not too sure about me or you right now’, or ‘I don’t see us being married, but I enjoy the semi living together and the intimacy and sex.’  Or ‘I just can’t have sex with only one person for the rest of my life.’ Of course saying anyone of these things that we are really thinking is a relationship killer, and suddenly we wouldn’t be getting any sex or companionship. Its like this: They say don’t quit your job until you have another job lined up. You don’t want to be caught out in the cold.

    Actions speak louder than words

    A guy that is completely in love with you will stare at you like he is a kid in a candy shop and he can’t fucking believe that he found the golden ticket. He sees you as his future, a house and kids and a white picket fence. He wants to put down roots. He wants to marry and may even be insecure about it and terrified that you will say no when he pops the question. You are his world and he will want to spend more and more time with you. He is all over the major holidays like Valentines Day etc. When he gives you your gift for these holidays, he is anxious if you love the gift or not. You will be watching TV and you will catch him staring at you. You will wake up and catch him staring at you. He will want to hold you before and or after sex, want your opinions on everything. In short, he will be so fucking happy, he will want to run down the street with his arms in the air and screaming “Yahoo!”
    A little video for you to watch:

     The Flip Side                                                          
    On the flip side of the coin is how it is for a lot of people reading this. (You are reading this because you know you have a problem.) He misses holidays and/or forgets Valentines Day. He gives you a gift and doesn’t really wait or care for your reaction to it (shows that he is just doing his duty, as in: gift. Here. ) You feel that you are the one who is clingy and he can take you or leave you. He wants to go out with his friends a lot with or without you. He doesn’t call often on the days you don’t see each other. You are pissed off because he doesn’t call or message you as often as you would like, and you are usually the one to initiate phone messaging.  The touchy feely stuff is absent and at times you swear he is acting like he is just hanging out with a buddy. You are always questioning the relationship with your friends and asking them questions like, “what does THAT mean?” He tells you how it’s going to be when you confront him about something or even has excuses and you back off because you are afraid of losing him. Your gut feeling is telling you that something is wrong. When he makes up with you he makes love to you and you feel such an overwhelming sense of relief that he does love you. Then two days later things start up again. You are feeling desperate at different parts of the week or month as some days he is more distant than others. But then you guys have a great night where he acts all touchy feely and you are so happy.

    The above paragraph is an example where the guy is doing periodical ‘maintenance’ to keep you. He realizes when things are getting bad to the point where you temporarily walk or threaten to end the relationship so he for a bit gives you what you want. When he throws some lovin/and or alone time at you to quiet you down, he continues living how he wants to live with you temporarily appeased.
    Back to the two-year rule. If you have been seeing/living together for more than 4 days a week for two years, its time to shit or get off the pot. As a woman, you just don’t have the time to waste. By this point, you both will know what you are feeling for each other. If there is no marriage or a date set by two years, this will probably not change much further beyond the point of two years. Your relationship is faulty. And chances are if you bought this manual, you are at a higher level than he is, as you wish to be married, and he does not.

    Let me repeat that.

    If at two years one of you is not ready to marry or does not want to marry, there will probably be little to change that fact by waiting another year or several. You both know who you are at this point and regardless of what reasons exist, be it his relationship with his parents were bad so he isn’t about having kids, or he isn’t sure about you or whatever, this will not change any past the two year mark. This is the two-year rule.

    Waiting for that Bus

    You might say, I’ve been waiting for that bus for two years. That would be insane for me to just walk away after investing in that amount of time. I love him, and all that time! I can’t live without him. He’ll marry me. Trust me. Ill change his mind. He’ll see that I am the one.
    That’s delusional thinking. The human mind would much rather make up something than deal directly with pain. However in the big picture, you are hurting yourself more by wasting your time with someone who is a no go instead of finding the right person, the “one” that is out there that will truly make you happy and give you love and a family that you desire. Sometimes the bus doesn’t come. Ever. My Irish grandfather had a brother, Jim, who was a perennial bachelor. He dated a woman, Maggie, for 15 years. He had his own place and his own space and his own finances. She was desperately in love with him and would not break it off. Suddenly in his 50s he had a massive heart attack in a church and that was that. She wept at his funeral, holding his casket. But was she weeping for her lost love or her lost time and what could have been? Don’t let this happen to you be it 5 years or 15 years. Respect yourself. Take what you truly want and have the guts to break off of something that isn’t happening and go out there and find the right one. Find and take what you truly want in life. Out there there is a guy who will truly love you with all his heart and soul. Later in this report I will show you how to find this guy. And it involves a big number of dating from a large pool of eligible men.


    This is correct. In the most pure form we are all here for ourselves, here to make money, to find love, to start a family. And we are ALL on the clock. There will be a time in your life when you are young and attractive and there will be a time when you are not. Look at Carrie Fischer. You can look up pictures of her when she was a young hottie on image search. Wow. Well, she doesn’t look like that anymore, and one day you will be old too. While you were young and pretty, did you land the man that made you happy and started a family after marrying him? Or did you waste your time with the wrong guys that strung you along for years on end wasting your valuable time and life? It comes down to this: you have to get yours, and if someone you are with is wasting your time YOU HAVE TO MOVE ON AND DATE SEVERAL PEOPLE UNTIL YOU FIND THE ONE. The clock is ticking!

    To elaborate: Until you find the right guy you are in it for yourself. You are looking for someone that makes YOU happy. As you get older, your options begin to narrow. Each day is gold, and each day that passes is a negative balance on the ledger of life. Ever have a friend that was such a pain in the ass life was too short and you just stopped talking to her? This should/will also happen to certain guys you date. It’s all about you especially if the guy you are with does not share your goals. Be selfish. Take care of yourself and your goals and your future. He’s not on board with getting married and starting a family? Time to bail and find someone that is. Your body will only have kids up to about age 40-45. TICK TICK TICK. Any guy you are with can have kids in his 50s or 60s if he chooses to wait that long. You don’t have that option.

    True time vs. Calendar time

    I knew a pretty woman who just got a messy divorce and she was devastated. I asked her what happened, and after talking with her a while although she said they dated for over three years, before they got married she only saw him on weekends, and sometimes a few weekends they wouldn’t see each other either.
    Well that was the problem. The true time she saw him probably didn’t even add up to 9 months, so in short, she really didn’t know him. Not only that, but due to the fact that they saw each other once or twice a week they were on best behavior with each other and didn’t really get to the underlying layers of each other. To really know someone you have to be with him or her for 4 days a week for a year or two. Then you get to know the real person. Most people in public and in semi personal relationships wear a mask, a front or projection that they put out in front of them for other people to see, a mask that they feel will further themselves in a socially appropriate way. Your job is to get to know your man, to get past that mask to see what is really in there and what he is made of so that you can make a decision about him. Is this the right person for me? Do I want to marry this man? Do I want him to father my kids? What kind of a man is he? Do I have fun with him? Is he smart? Is he confident? Does he have ambition and the resources to carry out his ambition? Or will he always work a mediocre job? Will he protect my children and me during hard times? Etc.  In a relationship, dating is a trial run where you both are deciding if you are right for one another. If you are, then you marry. If not, then you split up.

    The ‘Its Just a Piece of Paper’ excuse

    I’m sure most of you that bought this report have gotten this many times: You are together, maybe living together, for several years and he just wont seal the deal. Why get married? He says. We are living together now, etc, “All Marriage is is just a piece of paper”.

    Let’s look at that. The first thing one can say to that is, “Well, if its just a piece of paper, and we are acting as husband and wife anyway, why not go ahead and just do it to make me happy?”.

    When a guy says this you are on a lake with very thin ice. The very worst it means that you are flat out the wrong person. A guy knows that even though he is living with you if he is not married there is some degree of freedom (however small) still left where he can be with other women. He also knows that legally you do not have access to his finances in the bank. He knows that he is still free to end the relationship and marrying you shuts the door on all of this permanently. Perhaps his family does not approve of you to some degree. Perhaps he feels that his life is over if he marries, killing his options for the future. Getting married is pretty serious. It gives both of you the same last name. Both of your families will observe your union. He will no longer be able to get with other women without risking a messy divorce. You will have access to his money. His future will be claimed by you, he will be stuck with kids. It will be you and only you forever, options gone.
    This is all great for a guy if you are ‘The One’, he will think of nothing else. But if you are not ‘The One’ a guy is not going to want to marry you.  And if a guy says flat out ‘I’m not getting married’ to you or a group of people you guys are with, what the &%$* are you still doing with him? Do you think you are going to change his mind after 3-5 years or more? You want the house, kids, white picket fence and he’s telling you that he doesn’t. Flat out. To your face. This means you have to find someone else that WANTS WHAT YOU WANT. It takes two to tango. You cannot go out to a club wanting to tango with someone that doesn’t want to tango. You have to find another partner that wants to tango, or THERE IS NO TANGO. This is the main sticking point with women who are in love. They think they will change their guy. In all actuality, they will not. It takes balls to leave someone that you are completely in love with, even though this person is sucking all your time away until you won’t be able to start a family of your own.

    When He Says Flat Out ‘I’m Not Getting Married’ to you and to his friends

    It’s the same as hearing over the loudspeaker in the building you are working at downtown that there is a bomb about to detonate in the building. You need to get the fuck out.
    When you hear this and do nothing, take the next 3 to 5 years+ out of your pocket and light it on fire.

    He’s not even giving you the decency of lying. He’s just coming right out with it, right there on the table.

    This shows that
    1.      He is in total control of the relationship to the point where he can say this and you still stay with him
    2.      You are so in love with him that you think you can change his mind even when he has been saying this.
    You HEAR it but don't BELIEVE it.
    3.      You are just a friggin idiot staying with someone that is saying this. It’s almost like abuse!

    I knew a couple once where the guy said this. All three of us were at a restaurant one night and we were having a good time drinking a few beers. The convo for some reason then turned to marraige. So I said good naturedly," So when are you guys gonna finally tie the knot?" (It was about 3 years at this point of them dating). The guy then said "Yeah, I'm never getting married." Surprised, my head turned to the girl and she explained, "Well, we are gonna wait a few years first." The guy then repeated himself. I looked again at the girl. She then also repeated herself. Obviously there was a total fantasy land of communication happening here. I quickly changed the subject. This by the way is a very common exchange and I have heard this from several couples.
    When a guy says “I’m not getting married” what this means is


    When a girl who is in love with him hears “I’m not getting married” she hears

    “Well maybe I will change my mind later because Ill realize how much you really mean to me. Ill realize that you really do love me and I really love you and yes, we will eventually get married when I wake up and come around.”

    BULLSHIT. At two years into the relationship (seeing you 4 times a week for two years) the guy already knows all he needs to know about you and knows if you are the one or not. He will not fall any further in love with you than he is at two years into the relationship. You will not change his mind, you will not make him marry you, you will not make him fall more in love with you past this point.

    Denial is a TIME KILLER. You hear what he is saying, “I’m not getting Married” and you are DENYING it. You think that you can convince him to marry you. If you aren’t the one, its not gonna happen. If you have been dating him for over two years and you don’t have a ring on your finger, YOU ARENT THE ONE. You are time filler. Someone to be with until he moves on or finds THE ONE.

    The following was added by a woman I knew that works behind a bar in San Diego:

    "....a guy has already made his mind up within the first two years. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your hair or makeup or shoes or working out or reading self help books or trying to be someone you are not, a guy has already decided if he is going to marry you or not in your relationship. If he hasn’t brought it up, and you have been bringing it up several times, its not happening. If a man has found the right one in you, he should be shouting it from the rooftops. He should be terrified that you might say no when he proposes to you. If you try to deny the real you, you will be selling yourself short wasting months with the wrong one when you should be with the right one. You will continue going to family functions screening questions as to why you guys aren’t married yet, talking to friends as to why you aren’t married yet with your boyfriend shifting uncomfortably in his seat. You will find yourself in denial.


    Being with this guy is like smoking. Its bad for your health, you don’t want to hear it, but trust me the hazards will catch up with you in the long run; missed opportunities, birthing years, happiness, security."

    Yes the above is harsh. But this is a harsh subject. And you bought this manual to figure out why things are so harsh.

    Hey? What the fuck?

    Just kidding. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Now on to the next section.

    Marriage Statistics

    Here’s a depressing statistic. Half of all marriages in the United States end up in Divorce. Yes. The national failure rate on marriages is a bit over 50%. What this means is for every marriage, it ends up being a coin flip.

    It gets worse. Statistics show that marriages of people that marry at the ages of 19-21 fail at a rate of close to 90%.

    Why the difference? Because at the age of 19 or 20 you have not emotionally matured yet, two to three years previously you were sitting at a desk in high school chewing bubble gum. You begin to mature in your middle twenties and are much more capable of handling the rigors and emotions of a relationship in a more adult fashion. In short you lack the mental tools necessary to handle a relationship with another at the age of 19-21, at least in a marriage situation. Plus, please review a guy’s life cycle towards the beginning of this report. Few men are mature enough to handle being stuck at home with the wife and kids on a Friday and Saturday night at the age of 22 when their single buddies are all out downtown playing pool and drinking and having a good time chasing skirt. I myself will walk down any street and when I see a 20 year old guy walking with his pregnant wife and she is pushing another baby in a baby buggy in front of her, I will lock eyes with the guy and 8 out of 10 times I will see him thinking “Kill me”.  This is a guy who accidentally knocked up his girlfriend and he thought or was pressured to make things right by marrying her. Big mistake. Now his party years of his early 20s are gone and he is thrust into the arena of responsibility, paying bills, raising kids, working a job he can’t quit, and supporting his wife and babies. That’s a lot to lay on a kid who was just a kid himself. All that is supposed to come later.
    There are a few young women reading this that are 19-20 and are thinking that their man who is 20 is upright and responsible and has a decent factory job and pays his bills. He moved out when he was 16 and has been taking care of himself since then, paying his rent, paying his car payment and paying his bills. Sure, those guys exist, but they are very rare. You must move slowly and cautiously with these guys. If he really is 20 and acts 30 and doesn’t want to get messed up with his buddies every weekend and is responsible and pays his bills and has ambition and perhaps wants to go back to school and has dreams, then my all means, snag him if he thinks you are the one. Later in the report I will go over again how to tell if you are both at the same level in your relationship, because if you are not, it can lead to cheating, procrastination, resentment and a broken heart.

    So with a 50% divorce rate, you have better know your guy inside and out, and both sit down and discuss what you both know and expect in a relationship and pre set important boundaries. Communication is vital to a healthy marriage, as well as any healthy relationship. This paper will not dwell on this aspect; I just wanted to let you know what you are up against, so that you will make doubly if not tripley sure what you are getting into and if you are with the right guy.


    Both men and women find that sex is the hottest when the relationship is brand new. The women will be very wet and turned on, and the man will have a rock hard member. The man will constantly want to have sex and in most cases, the woman will too. After 6 months, and then again after 2 years, the rate of sex will begin to decline. It just isn’t as sexy and exciting to have sex with the same person over and over again. The reason for this is that your primitive mind knows that you already have spread your genes with this person or have had the chance to. This is something everyone has run into or will run into. The reason I brought this up is don’t confuse excitement with love in a relationship that is brand new. Guys love sex.
         One big mistake that women make is emotional bonding with the guy after having sex with him. Guys generally will not bond due to sex alone like women will. Hell, we can have sex with a pumpkin or a cherry pie (Please refer to the American Pie movies).
    For a man, a relationship after acclimation goes into a deeper pair relationship, based on mutual trust and a deeper kind of love. So if the man feels that he is on level 9 or 10, the relationship goes beyond sex and he feel a deep bonding with the person and is in very deeply in love and will actively try to keep the sex interesting, perhaps moving it to a more spiritual level. It is important that the relationship that you are in is equal, as in one person is a nine or a ten and the other person is a nine or a ten to get around this acclimation thing. Other wise, after about 6 months to 2 years later, your guy is going to start looking around for another partner or something on the side. I had a friend tell me once after dating a girl for a year and a half: "Man, Ill tell ya. I really need to get me some strange." Speaking of different levels in relationships, how do you know if you are both on the same level? Read on.

    Live together first?

    You are over there 4 times a week, you might think if you move in together then you will be more of a couple, acting like you are married, therefore he will marry you, right? No. If you give him access to sex whenever he wants and your company full time, why would he go and marry you if you are already married in action? A lot of couples that are living together stay ‘just living together’ for a while, be it months or years. The best thing you can do is visit over several times a week and move in when married. Why should he buy the cow when he gets the cow and the milk for free? If the man is stalling and living with you, he might be a level 6 or 7 and secretly staying ‘single’ at least in his mind so that perhaps if that hot blond at work starts warming up to him, well, there’s no ring on my finger, is there? Know what level you both are before you move in with one another.

    Different Levels of a Relationship

    1        I need to break up with this asshole/bitch. Why am I with this person? Yuck.
    2        Constant fighting and stress. No love, although at one time there was infatuation. No longer. You seek space from this person when possible.
    3        Occasional fights. Instant knowing that this is not the person you will be marrying or spending the rest of your life with. Sex is good.
    4        Decent company. If the person died tomorrow, you’d be bummed, but hey, there are a lot of other men/women out there. Once thought you felt love at the beginning of the relationship, but don’t now. Having your eyes open for other opportunities, your eyes roam the bar you are in when you get out with your friends. Other new guys/ gals excite you and you always leave the possibility open for meeting someone else. A few numbers on your cellphone.
    5        You feel something for the person you are with, but it is almost a comfortable caring friendship, and you also have a connection when you have sex with them. By no means a blazing love. You are attracted to this person, but as you look at them you wonder why you don’t feel more. You have a few nights a week when you are with this person, but you also like to go out and party with your friends as well. Marriage? I don’t know about that. Is this all there is? Sometimes when you are making love, you feel a deep bond, but other times, not too much, leaving you kind of confused. That other person at work is hot, though…
    6        You are officially dating each other, perhaps living together full or part time. You think the sex is hot, but you are attracted to a lot of people, and if given the chance you will have sex with other people on the sly. You enjoy the other persons company, and look back with fondness of the times you spent with them. But even looking back, you never really LOVED them. Where is the true love of my life? Is this it?
    7        You think that you are feeling love. You are not really looking around at other people now. You want to see where this goes. Will my heart fully ignite? Is this person the one? You need more time to see if your feelings grow. You want to spend more time with this person. This is more of a testing stage to see if things progress.
    8        You are in love and you are happy. Hell, you are very happy. You tell your partner this. Your heart in your chest feels great. You want to spend more and more time together and find out everything about this person. You question this person about themselves and their past. You want to meet their family and their brothers and sisters. You really think that this person could be the one.
    9-10              This person came down from heaven and let you touch God while here down on earth. You sit there at work and you think of the person smiling and you are so happy you want to run down the street with your arms in the air and scream YAHOO!!!. Everything the person does is magical. You cannot believe that you have the PRIVILIGE to be in the presence of this person. The thought that this person does not share the same feelings you have TERRIFIES you. You think that you have found your soul mate and any other person you attempt to be with will only be a shadow and not even a grain of sand worth of this relationship. You have never been so happy. You are wearing a pair of happy glasses, everything you look at and experience is like you are cocaine. Grin 10 miles wide.


    An Example of two 10s from above scale
    I would like to give you an example of two 10s. I don’t see this too often so I am going to relate to you an experience I saw while at college. I was in the TV room attached to a main hallway In Goodwin hall dorms at Drake University in Iowa, so while in the TV room I could see everyone walking up and down the hall by simply lifting my head. One couple caught my attention. They were both walking up holding hands and not talking, as if they were both walking on air. I could feel the current between them. I could also feel by observing them they were both incredulous that they had the privilege to be in one another’s presence, there was a hush in the air, as they were both together. This of course riveted my attention as they slowly walked. Then at the point where the girl had to make a left and the guy had to go the other way, they both slowly turned and the guy put his hand on the girl’s face. They both looked into each other’s eyes beaming from ear to ear for about 3 minutes, not even talking. They were both in on the fact that they were both amazed by each other and amazed that this was even happening to both of them. After I saw that, I was pretty shook up because I don’t see that too often. And chances are if you are reading this, you aren’t at this level, either. Don’t freak though…at the end of this report I will tell you how to find this person.

    Now for the meat of this report. If you are reading this unfortunately you might be in a different leveled relationship. Here are some very important red flags that he is on a lower level than you are:

    ·        You are constantly worried and dissecting the relationship with your friends over the phone and thinking about things he did or didn’t do
    ·        You feel anxious and worried at least half the time
    ·        He forgets major holidays/and or gifts. When confronted about this, he doesn’t seem that worried about it
    ·        He wants to go out a lot with his buddies. Gets pissed when you get pissed about it
    ·        He starts fights. Then he won’t talk to you for a few days. He then uses these few days to hang out with his buddies like its time off from you
    ·        You are the one starting the text messaging most of the time
    ·        You are the one calling him most of the time
    ·        You get pissed off when he doesn’t call. Then when he does start calling more you can tell he’s doing it because he doesn’t want you to get pissed off because he isn’t calling you.
    ·        Gets high all the time. If he’s stoned then he isn’t working on his relationship with you, he’s working on his buzz.
    ·        You are going over to his house all the time and he doesn’t really pick you up for dates. You drive yourself over. When you bring this up, he can take it or leave it. When you stand up for yourself he then backs off and you don’t see him that night. Its either come on over to his place or forget it, he’ll just put on a pizza and watch TV himself.
    ·        You feel the relationship is unbalanced, like you want him more than he wants you
    ·        He lately is backing off the sex. You are always initiating sex all of a sudden. Men know that women get all emotional during sex and when they are trying to emotionally back off a woman, they start to back off the sex to back off the emotions coming from a woman. THIS IS A BIG SIGNAL TO LOOK OUT FOR.
    ·        He wont give you a key to his place after a year of dating
    ·        His shit is his shit
    ·        He doesn’t like it when you leave your stuff at his place. Such as bras, panties, shirts, shoes, makeup, toothbrush, etc. He sees that as you marking your territory. He catches you on your way out and gives you your stuff that you just tried leaving there.
    ·        Some weeks are good with him, some weeks you are fighting and things are choppy
    ·        His money is his money. He won’t share accounts or give you access to his money after a year and a half or want to hear anything about a shared bank account even if you are both working
    ·        You think a lot, “Why is he doing this to me?”
    ·        He talks of stuff he wants to do in the future and not including you in the plans. “I want to explore Europe and the Middle East backpacking and mountain climbing by myself, you know, travelling solo.”
    ·        He needs a day off from you after being with you all day. And on the day off from you he doesn’t call you.
    ·        You are suspicious. What did he do on Friday night? Is he meeting other women?
    ·        He hides his email. You know that he has computer instant messaging on his computer in his room, but he never has it up when you are over
    ·        When you walk into the room he quickly minimizes a screen or chat window on his computer and says, ”Oh it was just a friend from work” or “it nothing, don’t worry about it” and then moves in for a kiss
    ·        You are the one who brings up marriage 99 percent of the time. He doesn’t want to talk about marriage. You see his eyes cloud over when you bring it up; he looks the other way or looks down. Or you will bring it up in the car while he is driving and suddenly he will remain looking straight ahead as he’s driving and his jaw will suddenly firm up. He makes up excuses or even comes right out with “I’m not getting married” and comes out with a reason like “it’s only a piece of paper”. He will also say the finances aren’t right yet, or keep pushing out the date further into the future with other excuses.
    ·        His parents don’t like you. (This is mostly for males in their 20’s and 30’s)Yes, what his parents think is important to him. He wants to bring someone into the family that his parents will accept. Are you black and he and his parents are white? Are you a German blond with blue eyes and his parents are from the Middle East?  Are you Jewish and his parents are catholic or the other way around? You are going to have some problems. Big problems. His mom will be cold towards you, while his dad will be more accepting. But you and the mom will be butting heads. And he will take note of this and eventually down the line he will probably marry someone that his parents (read: Mom) will approve of. And while he is dating you he will downplay the fact that his mom doesn’t like you and tell you not to worry about it, its cool. Now reread this bullet point from the top.
    ·        You are initiating a lot of talks about your relationship with him. And you can see he is uncomfortable during the talk, either annoyed or looking like a deer in headlights, or bored
    ·        You find out that he is keeping old photos and letters from his old girlfriend. Or worse yet, you find on his phone bill that’s he’s still talking with her.
    ·        He starts checking your phone for whom you’ve been calling and who has called you. This is called guilt transference. He’s guilty of the same thing then starts thinking, well, maybe you are doing it as well.
    ·        He is making major decisions about his life without consulting you about it.
    ·        He is not excited hanging around you. There may not be that much touching; he may be treating you like a buddy.
    ·        His parents are divorced or he isn’t speaking with his dad or his mom or both
    ·        He’s just coming over for sex then leaves soon afterward saying he’s gotta go do something or meet someone. Or he might be smoother and when he hangs out with you there is a lot of sex but he never takes you out to meet his friends or his other group of friends.
    ·        He shows up to pick you up late all the time or shows up later in the evening after 10pm
    ·        Your gut feeling is going off and you are having some nightmares about your relationship.
    ·        He encourages you to sign up for classes or get some hobbies. This is to get you out of his hair (especially if living together).
    ·        Goes to work outings by himself
    ·        Always oogling other chicks in front of you and not even trying to hide it
    ·        The magic is gone…he is acting totally different than he was at the beginning of the relationship, like something ‘changed’
    ·        He doesn’t want to hold your hand in public. Says PDA is silly. "We don’t need to be all over each other, attached at the hip."
    ·        Doesn’t want to take you on trips and spend money on you, yet will do so with his brothers or sisters or friends
    ·        He follows his routine and you better adjust to it, but won’t bend for you and your needs.
    ·        When he comes in the house and he used to greet you with a kiss, now when he comes in or you come in the house, he’s just like "Hey"
    ·        He thinks holidays are stupid, why buy gifts just because its a holiday
    ·        You can see in his eyes that he’s annoyed hanging with you. Your friends or siblings can see this in his eyes but you can’t because you have your blinders on.
    ·        You've already had a breakup or two in the past with this guy over various issues
    ·        His friends start acting weird or distant towards you and his family starts acting even more distant or sorry towards you.
    ·        He doesn’t want you to hang out with him and his family. He claims 'Oh, they don’t act like themselves when there is someone around'
    ·        Starts criticizing you more
    ·        Suddenly changes a major life decision on you. Such as before he said he wanted kids. Suddenly he announces that he doesn't want kids, in order to start easing you out the door
    ·        He starts talking about a friend at work who is a girl all the time and lights up (seems excited or happy) when talking about her


    And now to pay special attention to one of the points listed above...his Parents

    If you are dating a guy in his 40s or above, skip this section. If you are involved with a guy who is in his 20s or 30s, you need to read this.

    When a guy is dating a girl and goes over to meet the girls parents, the girls dad will be the one that is all over the situation. When a girl is dating a guy and goes over to meet the guys parents, the guys mom will be all over the situation. It seems that the parent of the person you are dating that is the same gender that you are will be the gatekeeper. The reason for this: The parent who is the same gender you are knows what you are doing, what you are and what you should be in order to make their offspring happy. Let me explain by example. Let’s say I’m older, say in my early 50s and my cute 16 year old daughter brings her new boyfriend over to meet me and my wife. Right off the bat I’m giving this guy the eye and watching VERY CAREFULLY how he acts around my daughter. THAT’S MY DAUGHTER> I LOVE HER. I was there when she was a cute little munchkin running through the sprinkler laughing at 6 years old with me picking her up and giving her piggy back rides. Suddenly she is growing up and she brings you over. You, some dumb guy who may or may not be trying to get laid. What are your intentions with my daughter? I know how guys are, because I’m a guy, and I remember trying to get with other girls when I was a teenager. So I’m going to be on high alert. While I want my daughter to be happy and in love with a respectable man with good intentions who I THINK has a good future in front of him who has morals and a good solid character, I DO NOT WANT my daughter to get pregnant and have the kid run or break her heart.
    So as the father, I'm the one that you will have to get by if you are a guy who wants to date my daughter.

    Now for you. When you go over and meet his parents, you are going to have to get past the mom. His mom is very protective of her boy. She knows everything a younger woman will try to do as she once was a young woman herself. She will know that you are trying to get a husband and trying to land her little boy, her innocent baby that was running screaming through the sprinkler what seems like yesterday with glee in the backyard. Now you are over there trying to take him from her. She is protecting her son who needs protection from feminine wiles and charm. If you and the mom don't get along, your boyfriend is going to take note of this. He will want his mom to approve of his girlfriend and future wife. Most men that get along with their parents will take very much into consideration what the mom thinks of his date, after all his mom usually has been right in the past with her intuition. He might think his mom is catching something about you he hasn't.
    If the parents and especially his mom don't like you he is going to take that very much into consideration. He wants to bring someone eventually into the family that will be accepted and given the green light. If my mom did not like my date, I would have to start asking questions as to what the problem was. Hey, maybe those are problems.
    There are several reasons why the mom might not get along with you, or even the dad for that matter. Race and religion are huge sticking points. If you are Jewish and meeting conservative wasp parents or if you are catholic and meeting Jewish parents, the mom is going to have a big problem with you just as much if you are black and meeting white parents or white and meeting black parents. Religion is a principle and principles can start wars between nations, people believe in them so strongly. People generally are more comfortable with people like themselves, be it race or religion. Also there could be a personality clash between you and the mom. Maybe you are racy and the mom is more conservative, or the other way around. Or the mom can think you are a little bit showy and or bitchy. Or the mom can be bitchy and think you are a dork plain Jane and not good enough for her son. It could be one of many things.
    What this all comes down to is the mom for a man in his 20s or 30s will usually be a huge factor in deciding if you will be brought into the family or not. If his mom doesn’t like you, you are usually toast. Your boyfriend while he is still with you will downplay the fact that his mom doesn’t particularly care for you, but in the long run this is a pretty good indication that you won’t see a ring.
    You will know if the mom likes you or not. Look at her eyes. Genuine smile? Is she trying to maneuver both of you together? Is she inviting you to family functions in front of her son, asking you to additional family get togethers? Does she seem really happy and pleased you are over there visiting? When both parents like you, they will want to bring you into the family and make you comfortable, you are a good catch for their son and they hope that their genes will carry on through you and their son on to their future grandchildren. Suddenly you are valuable to his parents. You will be the person that will make their son happy and continue their family line. But if they think you are the wrong person, you will readily know it. And having the mom and or the dad not liking you is a serious strike.

    Denial-the time killer

    It is much easier to hide your head in the sand than face reality. Here are some things that women think to put off what the real situation actually is (Women with less life experience under the age of say 25, are more apt to think the following):

    ·        He really loves me; he just has a tough time showing it. I mean, we made love yesterday….
    ·        He’ll come around and learn to love me
    ·        I’ve been dating him for three years already. This guy is going to marry me, hell see that I really love him
    ·        Our relationship is all right, I guess. I mean my friend Becky went through the same thing and it worked out all right for her
    ·        This is going to get better. It has to. I love him.

    Let’s look at each of the above. Saying he really loves me and he just has a tough time showing it is an excuse. What you are observing is him acting like he does not love you, acting like he can take or leave you. Know this: actions speak louder than words.

    Let me repeat that.


    It is very easy to say to someone that you love her. Of course I love you baby, you know that. It takes only minimal effort to make your mouth say those words and breathe the air past your larynx. These words have the power to convince a woman to stay and keep giving you sex and companionship and comfort. At a very minimal cost that only takes 4 seconds to issue. It is very difficult for a guy who is not really in love to act as though he is in love. That’s playacting and that takes a LOT of effort and time. Looking into your eyes and pretending to feel something that he does not. Holding your hand and giving you displays of affection. Giving up his free time with his friends. Spending a lot of time with you and acting all lovey dovey. Always coming up with a gift on the right holidays. Acting like you are obscenely happy. All that playacting takes a lot of work and leads to something called Cognitive Dissonance.

    Cognitive Dissonance: This is the feeling of uncomfortable tension, which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time.
    Dissonance increases with:
    ·        The importance of the subject to us.
    ·        How strongly the dissonant thoughts conflict.
    ·        Our inability to rationalize and explain away the conflict.
    Dissonance is often strong when we believe something about ourselves and then do something against that belief. If I believe I am good but do something bad, then the discomfort I feel as a result is cognitive dissonance.

    This is why guys don’t act like they are in love when they aren’t in love. The very actions of pretending to be in love (hand holding, lovey dovey looks, staring into another’s eyes, wanting to spend a lot of time with the person, wanting to share, etc) actually create conflict in a persons mind if that’s what they really don’t feel. Because when you playact something, the mind thinks that you really feel it, or that you are supposed to be feeling it, but your mind knows that you do not. Thus guys who are not in love will not do these things on a regular basis. If things aren’t working out and are not all right at the two-year mark you must move on. And just because a friend of yours is going through the same thing doesn’t mean you have to.

    Some women think ‘He’ll come around and love me and ‘we’ve been dating for three years’….again, if you have been with someone for 2 years and seeing them 4 times a week, nothing new is going to develop. You both know each other and know what’s on the inside of each other. If you cannot love the person after this much time as elapsed, you or he will not. Time to break it off and look for another that can love you. Remember that you are on the clock. You do not want to be an old woman living with a bunch of cats. There will be a time when you expire like old milk in the refrigerator and men will no longer be attracted to you. You must be proactive and look after your own interests. We all get old and we all lose our looks. That is unfortunately how things work, these are your perimeters. You must work within these time-based perimeters and get what you want in a timely fashion. Ask yourself: do you want to be happy and in a committed relationship with a guy who loves you? Do you want a wedding and children? There are 4 billion men on this planet. Go get one of them that will love you, don’t stay with a loser who won’t and is wasting your precious time.

    How to tell if a Person is Lying

    1.      If they touch their nose, or itch their nose. The nose has some erectile tissue that will expand causing itching when a person lies.
    2.      If when you ask a question about something that supposedly happened, they LOOK UPWARDS AND TO THEIR LEFT (as you are standing in front of them looking at them, it appears to be the right, it is actually upward and to that persons own left) when they are supposedly recalling the supposed event. If an event really happened, and a person is recalling a true memory, they will look upward and to their left (looks like to the right to you as you are standing in front of them looking at them) when they access a real memory in their cerebral cortex. By the way, let me clarify this. As you are looking at a person and they look up and to their upper left, to you, the observer, it will appear they are looking up and to the right as you are standing there facing them in front of them and looking at them. You get what I am saying. If on the other hand, they look up and to their right while trying to recall something (as you stand in front of them it looks like up and to their left) they are making something up.
    3.      If they are messaging their neck. Due to the cognitive dissonance of saying a falsehood, subconsciously they are trying to make themselves feel better by messaging or putting one hand back on their neck
    4.      If they are touching or rubbing one or both eyes while they are talking to you
    5.      They stop using contractions. Such as President Clinton saying, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

    Now lets say that you have no qualms about getting very devious in finding out if your guy is lying. If you want to drop 179 dollars to know for sure what is happening go to this website for advanced lie detection software you can use on your laptop that the military uses. You can record a conversation using a normal handheld mini tape recorder hidden in the room or near both of you and later play it back into the software on your laptop and know FOR SURE what the truth is. It even says a few paragraphs down on this website that you can even ask your other if he or she really loves you. Sure it’s devious. But so is a guy who strings you along for three years. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s up?

    Basic First Year of Relationship that is progressing into Love/Marriage with two 9s

    Month One: He acts totally smitten. Picks you up all the time at your house. Wants to hang out with you a lot. Nervous or tries to hide that he is nervous. When he has first kiss, he is ecstatic.

    Month two to 4: Makes love to you first time. Very much enjoys the intimacy. Wants to spend more time with you. Calls you a lot, starts to integrate you into his life, hangs out with you more than his friends.

    Month 5-7: Starts to bring up family, the future, wants to know your plans for the future, do you want to marry, etc Starts to bring his finances in line in order to support this possibility. Asking questions. Meets your family and TRIES TO INTEGRATE HIMSELF WITH YOUR FAMILY SO YOUR BROTHERS AND DAD LIKES HIM AND LIKEWISE WANTS YOU TO BLEND IN WITH HIS FAMILY AS WELL. Only a guy who is serious about you will do this. A guy that doesn’t necessarily see a future with you could care less about your family or you blending in with his. This is a VERY important signal. A guy that is not serious about you will not be seeing your family.

    Month 8-9: Marriage plans and talk of marriage. Here is where your gut comes into play. If you know for a FACT that you guys are saving up for a specific marriage date, fine. Other than that, at this point he should be up for at least talking about a wedding.

    What guys look for in a woman, or a potential mate---------------------------------------------------------------------


    The following is reprinted from Cosmo and I think that this is a very valuable piece to include in this report: After all, what are the traits that girls exibit that make guys want to marry them?


    It happens all the time: A guy spends months, even years, in a long-term relationship with a girl he really digs. But after dropping the I-don't-see-myself ever- getting-married bomb, he suddenly turns around and ties the knot with a new chick. The factors that tip a dude from steady relationship to "till death do us part" seem like the ultimate unsolved mystery ... especially when you're in a solid LTR and aren't sure if your guy is even considering marriage.
    It all comes down to some elusive qualities women have a hard time understanding but men are always on the lookout for, explains Willard Harley Jr., Ph.D., author of I Promise You: Preparing for a Marriage That Will Last a Lifetime. "Part of what makes him want to get married is chemistry and passion, but it's also about certain actions and behaviors that are more concrete than you'd think," says Harley. Below, we clue you in to five crucial traits that separate the girls men date from the ones who make them want to set a date.
    Tie-the-Knot-Trait 1: She's Exciting and Always Evolving
    You know how every season finale of your favorite TV show ends with a million unanswered questions and you can't freaking wait for the next one? Well, a girl can give her guy that same thrilling mix of exhilaration and anticipation by surprising him.
    "She does this by being spontaneous and a little unpredictable, taking on new interests all the time, and revealing different facets of herself," explains Alon Gratch, Ph.D., author of If Love Could Think. By never letting life get static, this woman busts the myth that being married means feeling humdrum. "She makes being with her an adventure, as if there's always a new idea or activity just around the bend," says Gratch.
    "With most of my girlfriends, I feared that we'd run out of things to talk about if we spent too much time together. But when I met my fiancée, Gwen, I kept discovering new layers to her. One day she came home from work with a stack of cookbooks; the next week she told me stories about how she loved designing outfits in high school. She's full of small surprises." —Brett, 29
    "I dated a lot of girls who liked pushing boundaries, but it all seemed a little forced. My wife's sense of adventure, however, comes from within. She's naturally driven to challenge herself by trying new things. That's the kind of girl you want to marry. If you aren't continually fascinated by each other, it won't last." —Rob, 38
    "The thing that makes my fiancée so captivating: She takes risks. I don't mean she bungee jumps off bridges. It's more that when a new opportunity comes along — a different facet to her job or the chance to meet new people at an event or party — she grabs it and proceeds. Her boldness makes her enchanting." —Bob, 27
    Tie-the-Knot-Trait 2: She Really, Really Loves Sex
    No big shocker here — a chick who enjoys twisting the sheets will always have a hopping social life. But when a woman makes the effort to have really connected sex that involves both body and mind, she goes from great girlfriend to marriage material in his view.
    "Men crave sex that's erotic, but they also want sex that makes them feel deeply bonded," says Gratch. In other words, it's not all about wowing a guy with pretzel-like positions; a big part of having amazing booty is paying close attention to his mind-set and moods during the deed so sex reaches a higher, almost spiritual level.
    Another thing that makes them think of the M word: when a woman is actively committed to keeping the passion on high boil. "A guy's biggest fear is that the great sex that made him think you were The One will fall by the wayside," explains Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., author of The 7 Love Agreements: Decisions You Can Make on Your Own to Strengthen Your Marriage. "A woman who puts effort into maintaining that sizzle is a dream come true."
    "To make sure that the awesome sex we had when we first met didn't lose its passion, my wife came up with this idea for regular ‘sex bets.' For example, she'd bet me that I couldn't make her climax several times in a row, or I'd challenge her to initiate action in a semipublic spot. We have never fallen into a rut, and our competition keeps us feeling connected." —Jamie, 30
    "My fiancée did this terrific thing when we first started having sex: After we were finished, she'd tell me how good I made her feel, that she really liked how I felt against her skin. It made me want to tell her what I liked too. Guys aren't supposed to admit it, but opening up about how sex affects us emotionally actually enhances the physical side of things." —Paul, 28
    "My fiancée was up-front from the start about her desire for an extremely satisfying sex life; she never had any hang-ups about taking charge in bed or proposing out-there activities that a lot of women would be afraid to admit they were curious about. I could tell I wasn't getting ensnared in the classic bait-and-switch marriage that so many guys fall into — you know, when the action slows to a halt a year after you become husband and wife." —Russ, 34


    Tie-the-Knot-Trait 3: She Makes It Clear He's Not Her Entire Life
    It's flattering to a guy to realize that his girl thinks the world of him, but it's less appealing when he gets the impression that he is her world. That's why a girlfriend who retains her independence and sense of self, even as the relationship takes a serious turn, has definite wife appeal.
    "A woman who depends on a man for her sense of fulfillment is a scary thing for a guy," says Gratch. "Men don't want to feel smothered or totally responsible for their partner's day-to-day happiness." The guy ideal: a chick who views coupledom as a solid partnership in which both she and her man still have separate identities.
    "Before we were married, Jess would go out with her group of friends a lot, which I later became a part of. But she didn't put all of her focus on me. She made it clear that she was there to hang out with them. I really liked the fact that she wasn't the type of girl who ditches her girlfriends when she meets a guy. It made me confident that she'd always have her own life outside our relationship." —Sam, 33
    "She definitely makes time for me so we can do things as boyfriend and girlfriend, but my fiancée also keeps up her own life. She has a weekly dinner with college friends, an art class every Thursday night, plus the responsibilities of her job as a journalist. I like that she doesn't check with me first to see what I want to do and she doesn't offer to bail out of an event or night out with pals in favor of always being with me." —Charles, 35
    Tie-the-Knot-Trait 4: ...Yet She Still Conveys How Very Important He Is to Her
    Okay, so men dig independent chicks. But there's a fine line between being independent and acting aloof and detached. Guys settle down with a woman who regularly reveals her tender side and shows him that no matter what happens, she's got his back.
    "Men view life as a struggle or war that they're fighting, and they want someone who'll be on their side at all times, through thick and thin," says Gratch. "This doesn't mean that a woman should mother him or assist him with every little detail of his life; it's more about consistently doing small, nurturing things that let him know you really care."
    A couple of examples: Bringing him a treat when he tells you he isn't feeling well or complimenting his brilliance after he finishes a stressful work project. "These gestures are tiny, but they reassure a man that his girl is solidly on his team," says Gratch.
    "When we first started becoming a serious couple, my fiancé accepted a new job that required a lot of travel and attention. Still, even from hotels across the country, she took the time to call and check in on how my day was going and e-mail me little messages. She even stocked my refrigerator with beer and sandwiches before she'd leave on another trip. Her concern and thoughtfulness helped push our relationship to a higher level." —David, 28
    "Every so often, my in-laws and I will get into an argument. But from the very first one, my wife has always respectfully defended me, and this made me want to be with her forever. She loves her parents and values their opinions, of course, and she and I don't always see eye to eye. Yet no matter what the issue is, she still lets her family know that she's sticking by me. This is a big thing for guys. I know it sounds ridiculous, but men tend to see themselves as misunderstood lone wolves."-Alan, 30
    Tie-the-Knot-Trait 5: She Wants Him to Be the Best Man He Can Be
    Men don't secretly want their girlfriends to bark orders at them like a drill sergeant. It's more about helping him reach his potential by actively supporting his goals, even pushing him a teensy bit so he can succeed in whatever he does.
    "Young guys tend to try to get away with as little as possible, and a lot of women let them, thinking that it would be out of line to challenge their man," says Harley. "But a man admires a woman who encourages him to shape up and toe the line ... as long as she has his best interests in mind and isn't trying to mold him."
    This also means calling his bluff and not letting him get away with slacking off. "Even though it might seem like tough love at the time, she helps him achieve and accomplish things, and deep down he appreciates her for that," says Harley.
    "Before we got engaged, the woman who is now my fiancé told me that she thought I was drinking too much, working too hard, and not taking care of myself. Ouch. But when I actually took in what she said, I knew that she was right and she was looking out for me. No other girlfriend had ever been so honest." —Ryan, 29
    "I wasn't on speaking terms with my father for years, and when I told my girlfriend this and that I just didn't care about having a relationship with him anymore, she didn't nod sympathetically. She made me call him and work things out because she knew I'd eventually regret it if I didn't. She had the guts to disagree with me about something most women wouldn't want to get involved in." —Shawn, 31
    Lets review the above article from cosmo. What can all the traits above boil down to? Intellegence, self awareness and self realization. A woman who is herself and not just an extension of her guy is very attractive to men. Hobbies, self expression, a penchant for self growth. A guy wants a woman who will live on and continue to grow even if the guy is no longer in her life. THIS is what is attractive and makes a guy want to marry you. There are other factors as well....

    Looks, Intelligence and a mind that is not neurotic.

    This does not mean that you have to look like a supermodel. Guys are looking for healthy young women to pass their genes onto. Some cues that they look for are healthy thick hair, smooth blemish free skin, a good bodyfat distribution, nice mathematics on the face, healthy bright eyes. If you are sick, overweight, have a poor complexion, or your hair is thinning and or looks dull, you are going to have a hard time meeting guys because right away you are putting up a front that says, “steer clear of me, I am not healthy and therefore am not a good reproductive choice.” If your hair is thinning, go on Rogaine or see your doctor for other options. Perhaps your diet is lacking causing poor hair health. Make it so it is thick and shiny, and get a good hairstyle for your face by an expert beautician. Go to Macy's and get a makeover. Get a heath club membership and work on your body and get it into good condition. See a doctor about any blemishes you may have on your face to clear it up. See a beautician for a good makeup consultation that may improve how you look. Basically, the more you invest in yourself, the more of a flower you turn yourself into and thus, are more attractive to bees. (men). Think about it. When you go out and are looking at men on the street or in a nightclub, to whom are your eyes drawn? You are looking at fit muscular men with nice hair and a good wardrobe that look healthy. You probably aren’t looking at the fat guy. Be attractive. Work on yourself.


    We want to pass our genes to smart women so that we have smart offspring that gives our offspring the edge in this world. Do you go out on dates and say things that are ‘stupid’? After you say something like this, do you notice that the date starts going south? The guy isn’t so responsive anymore and starts shutting down? That’s because he tagged you as an idiot and things are going to head towards the end of the date, fast. He suddenly lost respect for you and if you continue to see him you will notice his respect for you is dwindling. He won’t want to have kids with you. On the evolutionary side of things he wants to reproduce with an intelligent woman to produce intelligent offspring.
    A woman who is intelligent will seem more “there” or present when we are with them out on a date with them. A stupid woman will come across as less “there” or kind of like a pet rock. You are going to have to increase your IQ. There are people that say that IQ is determined in the womb and what you have is what you have. There are also other groups of people that say the brain can be exercised beyond what you usually use and IQ can be raised to a large degree. One such website sells their system here, though I do not endorse it, you can find other websites out there, such as this one. There was a published experiment where they had an alternating high low pulsed tone introduced to subjects that caused their neurons in their brains to start branching and growing new connections and their IQs raised as a result. Do a search on Google or Yahoo for ‘raising your IQ’. When you type this in, do not type the quotation marks.


    Do you have a hard time getting along with people? Do you fly off the handle often at things and fight a lot with boyfriends?  Do you have a short fuse? Is he clueless why you get mad at some things? If so, you may be the problem, not everyone else. You may just be high strung and nuts. This is a very unattractive trait to males, because they won’t even be able to deal with you and you will be alone when you are older. You have to take care of this and see a physiologist. Let me give you an example.
         I have a friend named Dave who dates a girl named Laura. She likes to start fights. Once Dave spent the entire day with her downtown and when he got back he had to start packing for a business trip that he had to go on the following morning. She didn’t like the fact that he was packing instead of going to sleep with her at 10pm. So she threw his pillows and blankets out of their room as to say ‘sleep on the couch’ and a shouting match started. A normal woman would understand that since he spent all day with her that he now had to pack for a business trip he had to leave for in the morning, and understand that he spent a lot of time with her the entire day. Gotta pack for the business trip right? Its tomorrow morning, right? I just spent all weekend with you, correct?  A neurotic woman would not understand this and would want to scream that he did not retire to bed with her immediately. Another time Dave got a home defense system with remote monitoring to prevent break-ins. Then he went on a business trip. While he was gone she started looking at the ADT security system and motion detectors and decided that Dave was spying on her while on the trip. She emailed him to inform him that she was on to him, and she knew that he was spying on her. He didn’t know what she was talking about and a huge fight started. She called an IT friend over to the house to check to see if the ADT monitors could relay information to Dave remotely. Her friend inspected the whole system and told her no, it couldn't. She still didn’t apologize when he returned and they didn’t talk for several days.
    Don’t be nuts.

    And now the other side of the coin: His RED flags YOU should look for

    1.      He doesn’t get along with his parents and/or isn’t speaking to one or both of them. This is big. If he doesn’t get along with his Ps who are his primary relationships that he ever had before anything else, this is going to screw up his relationships with you (a reflection of how he saw his relationship between his mom and his dad) and his kids (on how his dad raised him.).
    Abuse tends to run down generations in a family. I had a friend whose dad used to hit him occasionally and also was very strict with him and ignored him a lot when he wasn’t hitting him. Turns out that his dad used to hit him and his dad’s grandfather used to beat the hell out of HIS dad. It just kept on going, the son would become the dad and raise the kid the only way he knew how. If his dad wasn’t emotionally close to his son and was abusive, the son would grow up and turn around and do the same thing. Also if he is fighting with his parents this tends to show emotional immaturity and a lack of social tools that he will need to raise your family properly.

    2.    He is very cheap with his money and his time. Does your guy pinch pennies? Not like to use too much                      
           dishwashing soap because it wastes money and buys a lot of generic products or doesn’t have much              
                  food in the house because he is thrifty? Does he value his time and have a regimented time to get
                  up in the morning without fail because he wants to work on his projects and you get in the way
                  of this? Doesn’t like to go out much to restaurants because it is a waste of money? Does he value
    his free time to the extent where you feel you are intruding? Does he buy stuff only for himself but is very cheap with everyone else? When you ask if he wants to get together again the next day, does he not immediately answer, like he is thinking? Does the tip he leaves at restaurants embarrass you? If this is the case it is time to run, not walk. You don’t want your kids raised by a man like this. Going to the movies or taking the kids out for ice cream will kill him. They will always have cheap clothes. You will always be fighting about finances and spending money. He will resent you because you are draining money out of his account and you will resent him because he is so tight fisted. A good philosophy of life is to make big money, spend big money and give away big money to charities.
    You need a man who is not so fearful about his cash because he has the balls to make plenty of it.

       3.        He doesn’t have any friends or just one friend and hangs out with his brother or sister a lot.
                  This says he has a hard time making friends. Friends and a social network are important for a man             
                  Because a man can rely on a social network if any problems arise such as finances. Plus, if he is
                  Not social, will his lack of social graces extend to you and the kids? Or how will he deal with
                  other people when you are married in relation to support of you and the kids?

    4. He’s a wimp
    Do you tell him what to do most of the time? Does he take charge? Do other males make him stand down? Does he have a group of friends? Do other guys respect him? I’m not saying that you need to be with a pro wrestler or a ultimate fighter, but you will need to be with someone with balls and that can stand up for himself and you and your kids when the shit hits the fan.

    5.               He’s always Broke
    If he had balls he would have gone out there and dealt with people and climbed the corporate ladder and or gone out there and hustled and started his own business or whatever. Just working for a crap salary doing the same thing day in and out and hating his job just shows he lacks the balls to do something about it and better himself. Look at the young guys that are driving expensive sports cars and in good paying jobs. They care cocky and aggressive. Other guys notice this and give these guys promotions thinking that these go-getters will make their business even more money.

    6.         He is 12-15 Years Older Than You
    If you are 21-23 and he is 36-38, this is a huge difference mentally and emotionally. I will straight out tell you right now he is with you because of your youth and sex. Women his age aren’t looking as good as you do in your early 20’s, you right now are the best looking you are ever going to be. Chances are at this point he has already been in some serious relationships, may have even been married and has had kids. Now he just wants to be carefree like he was when he was younger and be with someone who is young and carefree and have sex with her and her beautiful young body. You on the other hand, being 21-23 are looking for something serious, a guy to marry, and a family to start. He seems so mature. He has already done the family thing and is done with it or no longer is interested in it. And there is also another big problem.
    Your minds do not match. Go rent the movie ‘Loser’ starring that kid from American Pie. It came out around 2002 or so. Look at how the English professor (Greg Kannier) who was sleeping with the college age student girl treated her. He wanted to have sex with her and did not consider her his mental equal. To a 37-year-old guy, a 22 year old is a kid. A kid that is emotionally immature and needy, but with a woman’s body.
    In order to keep you he will tell you he loves you and will tell you he needs you and he will tell you he wants to marry you down the line. But then his actions will contradict what he was telling you. This is because he truly doesn’t feel this way about you; he is with you for the experience of dating a young beautiful girl and the sex that comes with it. You on the other hand might feel that he is very smart and worldly and you look up to him. You think that he really does love you and you think about your relationship all the time. RED FLAG. You need to find someone that is in your age range, approximately 5 years older than you or younger. Someone your age will be someone that respects you because they are on the same level you are and you can both be equals in the relationship together. Relationships with this age gap rarely work out, the guy will just keep stringing the girl along or the guy will just dump the girl altogether. Sometimes however, soulmates bump into each other that have these different age ranges and joyfully they marry each other and its happily ever after. If you meet a guy that is 37 who doesn’t act his age and hasn’t had much experience in relationships and has never been married and is truly smitten by you and you feel that you guys are BOTH EQUALS in mind and emotions, then it is a good match. This however, is rare. Chances are you will be looking up to a 37-year-old in admiration almost like he is your dad or older uncle. If that’s the case, walk. You need to find someone that is your age that won’t string you along.

    7.           A Married Man who is having an affair with you
    He says he is going to leave his wife (and maybe kids) for you and is having sex with you on the side. He’s not going to leave his wife and his kids for you. 9.8 times out of 10 he will have an affair with you until his wife gets close to catching him or does catch him and then he will go back to her. This is a mans biology. He wants to lay down roots, to have a secure family, to be a member of the community and he values his kids. He does NOT want to lose his kids or half his house and money to his wife who catches him and divorces him. And if you threaten to go to his wife and tell her yourself, you had better watch a movie called MatchPoint starring Scarlett Johanson that came out in 2006. Again, this rarely works out. He is using you for fresh exciting sex and he will NOT leave his wife for you even if he says he will. Watch MatchPoint.

    8.           A Guy who is in his late 30’s who never lived with a woman or has never been married
                  When men are still single up to their late 30s and have lived alone for that amount of time, they tend to get set in their ways. Someone                                                                                                                                                       suddenly living with them with their own routines will tend to upset the man who is not used to this. This is not really that big a red flag as the other Red flags, but keep this in mind. Stay with him a few days at his place. Can he handle it?

    Talk, ask questions, especially on the first few dates, get a feel for the guy. The first few dates for you is almost like an interview. What was the wildest thing you have ever done? (This checks to see how much balls he has). What do you like to do with your friends? What was the last party you went to? What do you do for a living? How are your parents? When was the last time you dated? What do you consider a romantic evening? Etc. All these will give you excellent information as to what you are dealing with and if you want to continue investing any more time with this guy.

    The Gut Feeling Rule

    If you have a feeling that something is wrong, there is probably something wrong.

    Your subconscious will filter out things that your conscious mind will be deceiving you about. For example, you might be making excuses for your guy’s behavior in order to relax yourself or reassure yourself. However, that nagging feeling in your gut will persist, knowing something is wrong. This is your subconscious mind nagging you with the unbent facts and information.

    Throw your story about your situation on friends that will tell you the truth straight up

    Ever hear a story from a friend and you think to yourself: ‘its so obvious. Why can’t she see this?’ This is because when you are in the center of the emotional hurricane you can’t make things or even logic out clearly, your emotions are in turmoil and you aren’t thinking straight. When you hear a friend’s problem about a relationship, you can see everything clearly from an outsider observer standpoint. This is why since I can’t be there to hear what is happening, you need to let your friends read this guide and then lay your story on them. Then they will advise you as I would: a levelheaded outsider. Your friend must be able to be truthful with you. For example, If you are younger and the most popular girl in school all your friends will be trying to kiss your ass…you aren’t gonna get the straight story. Instead you need real friends who are your equals who will tell you how it is.
    1.      Let your good friend(s) read this entire guide
    2.      Then tell them your situation/story about the guy you are with
    3.      Listen to their advice

    Don’t announce to your boyfriend that you bought this guide.

    This guide is your tool to help to assess your relationship. If you bought this guide, chances are you are in a relationship that is not meeting your needs and you wanted to find out why. Why give your ‘opponent’ your manual that is helping you to figure out your ‘opponent’? He could pick up this manual and read it and figure out how to mask what he is trying to do or getting away with. Suddenly he wants to meet your parents. Suddenly he is being more affectionate. Suddenly he is letting you leave stuff at his place, and suddenly a lot more things in this manual that was explained is being satisfied. But he still won’t marry you. This is a tool to keep for yourself and your female friends. Remember that I am a male who is blowing the whistle on what we really do so I can make a few bucks, as well as help a LOT of women out. Your guy will try to say, “The guy and girl who wrote this is a pussy/idiot.” And he will talk it down and tell you that this guide is all bullshit and don’t pay any attention to it So I am telling you we do have experience at all this and have had our share of relationships and have observed a lot of my friends relationships. We are now relaying to you all this experience from a guy’s point of view…a point of view that a guy usually won’t let you in on. Keep this manual on the downlow to keep it effective to help you drop the wrong guy and find the right one.

    Next Section: Resentment (The Leash)

    When something is wrong, a woman will want to talk about it. When something is wrong, a guy won’t want to talk about it, instead he will act out about other things.

    Guys get all uncomfortable when they have to talk about feelings or relationships, which involve feelings. There is a stand up comedian by the name of Dave Chappelle who said it best: When a guy tells a story to another guy it is about 1)what, 2)who, 3)where it happened and 4)the conclusion. When a woman tells a story, feelings will be involved. Men are action oriented. We want the who why were what happened. When we start talking about feelings, sometimes we feel not so manly. So when there is something wrong with the relationship or we are not happy with you we will start fights about stupid shit, like why do you keep leaving coke cans around the place or why are the cabinet doors in the kitchen always left open. Or we will start clamming up and not talk as much and act more distant. Or we will start hanging out with our friends more. Nothing hurts more than hanging out with your man where he is acting distant then one or two of his friends come over and he suddenly lights up all smiles and laughter.

    For a guy that isn’t so high a level as you in the relationship scale I outlined earlier, it is a relief to hang out with his buddies. No expectations. No pressure. No bullshit. No penalties.
    When a guy is thinking that he wants out of a relationship, he will be downtown with his buddies shooting pool, having a good time and he wont want to come back to pick you up for the date you guys had lined up for 7:30 p.m. His friends are a relief for him, to hang out and just be himself. You are a drag. Becoming the old ball and chain. When he starts to act like this, it is time for you to reevaluate your relationship.

    In a relationship, ask yourself: Are my needs being met? Am I happy? Is this what I have been waiting for? When you were in 8th grade or early high school and you were imagining your dream guy is this current guy him? You might say, “no, but Im 30 or 40 something and this is the real world honey.” This in effect traps you in your situation, as you believe you can’t do better, due to age, circumstance, etc. If that’s what you believe then that’s what’s going to be. If you believe you can do better, well, there are 4 billion men on this planet many of who would like to date you and would be your dream guy.
    If he is not your dream guy you have to look out for yourself and go get what you need.

    Here is the strange thing…. We are all in this for ourselves UNTIL we meet that special someone that is on the same level we are on. Then you can sacrifice yourself for that person when you know they feel the same for you. UNTIL THAT TIME OR PERSON SHOWS UP, it is all about you. Be selfish. This person doesn’t feel the same about you. What about yourself? What about your biological clock and your parents and the way you feel and your needs? Time to cut things off and look for a better person and real true love.

    One thing that old people say when they are on their deathbed when asked about their lives is this: “I wish I had taken more chances. I wish I had not conformed and just worked a dead end job day in and day out and took more chances. Smelled the daisies. Traveled more. Took more risks.” Take a risk and grab what makes you happy and dump what doesn’t.

    Pull back to observe action Test

    Here is a classic test you can use to test the waters of your relationship. Suddenly pull back a bit. Be more aloof. Stop calling and hanging with him and observe what happens. Hang out with your girlfriends one weekend and only call him once during the whole weekend or not at all. Get more cold towards him all week. A guy that is in love with you will fucking panic. A guy that isn’t so much in love will feel free and enjoy the time off. He’ll enjoy his space and hang with his buddies or play a lot of Xbox. Or if he is older he will play a lot of golf and go out with his friends. And he won’t act needy. He might say, what’s up but leave it at that. This is a great test to employ to see where your guy is at.

    PART III---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    You have read the report up to this point and after a few weeks of consideration, maybe you decided to end the relationship that caused you to purchase this report. You read this report and you were shocked. It suddenly all made sense and things were made clear to you. What a dick. Well, I am not gonna leave you in the lurch. Read on....I will describe how you can find your soul mate. (Some people believe in soul mates, other find the concept ridiculous. I propose that for the purposes of this paper it is nothing but semantics. Perhaps I should say instead “the person who is just right and perfect for you.”)

    On the other hand maybe you have been separated for a few weeks and after reading this report you have decided for whatever reason you want him back. If you do want to keep him, I'll help you out with that, click HERE.

    For the rest of you read on.

    Your relationship is over and you want to find the one. Here’s how to do it.

    First I want you to find a movie called 99 dates. This is not the Adam Sandler movie with Drew Barrymore, but this movie came out in about 2001, more of an independent movie about a guy who was determined to find his wife. (He kinda looked like a 30-something Richard Lewis) It was actually a documentary. He actually filmed himself meeting the women and going out on dates with him. It is a great movie illustrating the point that you have to put out a huge filter and filter out a lot of people to find the right one. Some of the girls he dated were wackos. Some he dated seemed normal at first, and then were not as he got to know them. At the end of the movie he finally found his future wife.
         The point of this is there are a lot of guys out there and there are a lot of guys out there that are not a good match for you. Lets say you have a friend set you up or someone else sets you up and you settle. Well, that’s crap because it doesn’t help you out in the big picture. You have to put yourself out there and go on 99 dates. I want you to meet a LOT of men to narrow things down to shake out the prospector pan for your one nugget of gold amidst all the stones and rocks. Again:

    In order to increase the chances of meeting “The One” you have to have a large sample size of dates with different people. A couple of dates won’t do it.

    Think about it…if you were going to hit lotto what would give you a better chance: buying three tickets or buying a million tickets?
    The answer is buying a million tickets because your sample size is that much greater thus giving you an exponentially bigger chance in coming across your winning numbers with more chances. It’s the same with guys. If I show you to a room that has 4 guys sitting in it and I say to you, “Gook Luck. I hope you find your soulmate”, and I send you in that room with the 4 guys, chances are that none of them is right one for you and from only four guys you will not find the one to spend your life with. Now on the other hand if I escort you to 5 football stadiums full of guys and you were able to meet each one of them, the chances are very good that you will find the right guy for you. It’s all numbers, and increasing the amount of guys that come through your life.

    So far this report has been gloom and doom, even though it has been all true. Now instead of leaving you a mess, I want to help you find the guy that wants to spend the rest of his life with you, kids, marriage, house, in laws, the whole bit. Follow these steps and you will meet him.

    1.      Sign up on several dating websites. Eharmony., etc. At least 3 different sites. This is
    important. You are not a loser for going to the Internet, instead you are smart. You are increasing
    Your sample size of men you are sifting through tremendously with the Internet. Take several pictures of yourself. But hold on…before those pictures be honest with you need to do some things to improve yourself  before you begin to look? First of course, work out and get in shape (this might take 2-3 months but DO IT. Join a gym. When you are out and about do you find yourself checking out fat guys? No. Guys want women that are in shape as much as you like men that are in shape. You might not get down to where you want to be shape wise, but every little bit helps.), do your hair and makeup. Take some pics of yourself in your backyard. Take some pics of yourself while you are out with friends. If you have gotten yourself into shape before you undertake this, have your hair done, makeup, etc, you should have hundreds of responses in your inbox. I have a friend who has a younger sister who is cute. She was dating this guy who was shorter than her and overweight and they fought all the time. She decided to end the relationship when she realized that she wasn’t even attracted to him. She went downtown to join up with an exclusive dating company where you go and make a video of yourself in their office. On her way in the office, she passed by a gq looking young guy who was waiting to make his tape at the same dating service. He was in shape and good-looking so she smiled at him, and went in the office to make her tape. After she left, he asked about her and told the people in the office, “who is she?” and they set him up with her. They married after dating only 6 months, and now she has three kids. Never, Never, Never say no to an opportunity. You never know… open all the doors available and suddenly he will appear. Sitting at home or hanging out with dork people who don’t know anyone will give you a big fat nothing. Closed social groups are bad. Open growing social groups are good. For every decent sized city there are dating clubs. Eight at 8 is one of them; it’s a dinner club for singles. Do a search on the internet for dating clubs that meet with different activities for singles 3-4 times a month. If you join up at 2 of these clubs, plus do some volunteer work, join a gym, go out a few times a week, sign up on and eHarmony, you will have over 100 men circulating in your life. Complaining that the last 4-5 dates didn’t work out and are depressed about it? Please. Be depressed after 100-150 dates. Get out there. Now.

    One point on this...I know a girl who is kinda average and mousy looking put a few ads out on the dating site and didnt get much of a response. I looked at her pictures. Mousy, plain jane, kinda heavy. Nothing that would make anyone want to reply to the ad. Snooze. BEFORE you go ahead and place your ad, you need to do a three month blitz makeover.

    Anything of value takes work. Invest in yourself!

    -Side note: are you a large woman? A big chick? If so you are golfing with a huge handicap. You might have been staying in your relationship because you figured that you are large so you can't do any better. Before you go any further, you have to not worry about a guy, instead you have to address your size. Being large is also bad for your health, as far as your immune system goes and your cardiovascular health. And yes, a lot of guys dont like big chicks as much as you dont like a 400 pound guy. Lean muscle is attractive in both sexes. Looking like Jabba the Hut is not. It says you are not healthy. I dont care how much you rant and rave that you are a big beautiful woman and they should accept me for who I am and yada yada yada...its not attractive and its not healthy. Skip the below section and go to the doctor or a weight loss professional and a doctor and figure out a plan for you to get down safely to a normal safe size. Its not only to just be attractive its for your health as well. You want to be around for yourself and for the ones you love. When you are large your immune system is not working as good as it should, you might have other health issues, such as heart, or blood sugar. Once you achieve a decent size, then you can go on to the 3 month blitz makeover below. And for all you other girls that are only 10-60 pounds overweight just continue to the below section- the 3 month blitz makeover.


    Anything of value takes energy to get. Yes it is hard to come home from work at the end of the day and go to the gym. But what you are going to do is invest in yourself and that is going to take energy and time. F%*KING DO IT. This is for you. In order to attract the bees you have to be an attractive flower. This is how to be an attractive chick. (flower, whatever.) Yes it sucks, and moan moan moan, Im so tired I just want to watch some tv and eat some chips, blah blah. Wrong. You are in a tough position right now. You need to bring everything together so that you can FIX and IMPROVE your situation. Pull it together. Here we go on how to do it.

    Here are the basics guys are looking for: Face, body, and personality.

    A. Join a gym and get a personal trainer. If you cant afford a personal trainer, get some books from Barnes and Noble or Borders how to reshape your body. They have books with a fitness model on the front that has a nice bod. In books of those types you will find their workout schedule and regimen, as well as their diet plan.

    TO HAVE A GREAT BODY: 25% of it is lifting weights and aerobics and 75% of it is diet. A lot of people are surprised by this statement. Most people think that if you go to a gym and work on some freeweights and cardio your body will respond and you’ll look like one of the girls from The Hills. Wrong. You can work out at the gym for an hour a day doing shoulders, back, arms, legs on the weight machines and then get on the treadmill and the elliptical and still be out of shape if your diet isn’t online. You can follow all the guidelines below and design a program that you try to stick with or you can try this: a program that tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it so you can look like the girl in the below picture if you really want to get this done: Click HERE. Looking at the girl below on the right for a guy is kinda like you looking at Channing Tatum with his shirt off. Wow. You want that wow factor.

    Because you got that thing coming up:


    About the diet. Most people think that 'diet' means starving yourself. What this does is strip your body of muscle mass and actually ads more fat. This is because when you drop your calories sharply, you body thinks it is starving. Your body will then in order to survive, drop is base metabolism and that in turn makes it even harder for you to lose
    weight. Ever notice at the first few days of a diet you seem to lose weight pretty fast and then you hit a wall? That’s because after 2-3 days of starving yourself your body then drops your metabolism sharply in order to help you survive in what it thinks is a time of famine. Remember, on an evolutionary scale, our bodies not so long ago were hunter gatherers that at times went through periods of low food supplies. So our bodies evolved and adapted for survival. This is one of the mechanisms that evolved to help us. However In modern times were we have food all around us, our bodies still are still wired from the last several thousand years. So in order to get around this, you have to eat about 5-6 small portions of food each day, about 350 calories each portion so you get about 2,000 calories a day. This of course depends on your size. If you are a smaller chick, you will need a different amount of calories than say if you are a bigger taller chick. One thing that I’ve noticed in the last couple of years at the clubs is that there are a LOT of girls that are 6 feet tall now. I guess everyone is eating their Wheaties. Speak to a personal trainer at a health club to determine how many calories you need a day in order to firm up, build some muscle and lose fat. You might think, gross. I don’t want to build muscle. I’m a girl. I am not telling you to look like a guy, or look like a female bodybuilder. I see skinny girls all the time because they dieted too much and burned off all their muscle and they look like sticks. Lots of guys find that to be gross. Go rent the movie 'I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry.' This is a hilarious movie staring Jessica Biel and Adam Sandler. Look at the scene where Jessica Biel is changing in front of Adam Sandler because she thought he was gay. Look at her beautifully muscled feminine body. That’s what I’m talking about. You may not achieve a body like that, but you will want to gain some muscle where it is supposed to be, like the upper thighs and glutes and some in the shoulders and a bit in the arms, and you will want to lose excess fat. Here is another example. Paris Hilton just appeared on the Craig Ferguson show and showed up with a worked out beautifully muscled body. Look at her arms and shoulders. Wolf Whistle. Craig commented on how hot and buff she was. The skinny stick look is out. Here is a clip from the show. Click Here

    What you must do:
    A.     Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. What this does is rev up your metabolism so that if you are eating every 2 and a half hours your body thinks it is getting enough food so your metabolism will raise. Space out the 2000 calories you will eat in a day and divide it up between the 5 to 6 meals. Eat clean. No sugar. Clean carbohydrates and clean protein sources. If you work in an office you will have to bring in pre-prepared meals that you cooked say on Sunday night for the week stored in Tupperware containers and then nuke them at work in a microwave and eat it at your desk as you work. You can load them in a gym bag or a carry bag and bring them to work with you. 1 or two meals during the day can be a meal replacement shake such as Met-rx or a packet of Myoplex that you mix with water in a shaker. You can get these at GNC or any other health store. These are meal replacement shakes that contain the correct amount of protein, carbs and vitamins and nutrients. You should only have about two of these a day and for your other 4 meals left you should use real food. You will find the diet plans in the workout books I described earlier. If you only eat 2-3 meals a day, your metabolism will run slower and it will be harder to drop the weight. Also drink plenty of water, water helps burn fat. If you are eating 5-6 meals a day with clean carb and protein sources and are lifting weights after two weeks you will start seeing your body reshaping itself and you will be very pleased with the results. Keep going and the results will be fantastic. Take the new you out to a club on a weekend with friends and see the difference in attention you get.

    B. Get a and hair. This can be done at a trendy hair salon. You will have to pay 150-250 for a good stylist and coloring person. That means no Supercuts or Boricks. Invest in yourself. Skin problem? See a dermatologist. As far as makeup goes...ask around where you can get a pro makeup job. Go to Macys or a big chain department store into the makeup section. They usually have traveling makeup artists that do appearances on the weekend that can do your makeup professionally. Watch what she does and do that in the future.

    C. Get some cool clothes. Don’t pose wearing dumpy hand me downs for your online pic. Show off your new bod a bit. Guys like skin.

    D. Now you have a pretty face, great hear and a kickin bod. NOW do your online pic photos. Take a bunch of em and use the best 4 and post those 4 to your account. Now your in box will be full of responses.

    2.      Networking with your friends. A majority of people have met their significant others though their Friends. Don’t have too many friends or the friends you have are weird and don’t know many people themselves? Drag your shy reclusive friends with you and start joining groups. Join youth groups in your church. Or you can start joining groups though your park district. Get a park district guide for your town and go through the guide and see what classes and or groups look interesting to you. Cooking? Sports? Crafts? Join groups that guys join, such as Judo or Karate. There are an endless amount of groups you can join. A GREAT way to meet guys is learn how to play pool. Take a pool class at your park district. When you learn how to somewhat play pool, go to some hip bars in your town or downtown if you live in a big city and join up at their bar pool league. If you are in shape and have a nice hairdo and a nice personality, you will have guys hitting on you while you are playing pool in their leagues. Another fun thing to do is join up at bars for softball or volleyball leagues in the summer or bowling leagues. You are going to have to be very proactive with this. You will have to look in the local papers for ads for bars and forming leagues. Or go to the bars themselves downtown or in your area where the people who go there look about your age and start asking about pool leagues or dartboard leagues. Yes, this might seem like a pain in the ass to get up and get out there and start asking questions and joining all kinds of groups but suddenly your social calendar is going to fill up and you are going to make friends and new social groups and in one of these groups you will find your guy. Social groups by the way are not just for people in their 20s. There are groups in park districts and bars for people in their 30s, 40s and 50s and beyond.

    The Secret

    I want you to go rent/buy the movie called ‘The Secret’ and watch it. When you are done watching it, come back and continue reading.

    I’m serious. Put this report down or close your computer and go rent the movie called ‘The Secret.’ Get it at blockbuster video or Netflicks.

    I’m going to assume you watched it.

    Scientists have found that mind over matter may indeed be a scientific fact. Several years back science was conflicted: was light a particle or a wave? Several prominent scientists took sides and decided to test their theories. After they set up their experiments the scientists that thought light was a particle proved it in their experiments and the scientists that were convinced light was a wave also proved this in their experiments.
    Wait a minute. What happened? Isn’t the property of light the same no matter what?

    What they were convinced they were going to see actually made it happen. Light actually changed its properties based on their THOUGHTS.

    The scientists that were convinced that light was a particle observed that it was a particle and the other scientists that were convinced it was a wave observed that it was a wave.  When scientists finally pieced together what happened, that pretty much shook them up. The properties of light were as they all expected, even though the properties were different for each group. Their thoughts shaped their reality.


    There are some advanced yogis on this planet that can pull anything they want to out of the pockets of their robes. This has been documented. At will, they can pull rolls of money, trinkets, religious items, etc out of their robes. They have been tested by scientists out in the field (not in a lab) and without slight of hand or trickery they can manifest things out of thin air right in their hands.
    This sounds pretty heavy, but we all can manifest reality with the power of thought, but it takes most of us time to bring things from the mental plane to the physical plane. These yogis have simply shorted the manifestation time from a few months to seconds via mental and mystical training.

    The life you have right now is a direct result of your previous thinking. If you constantly think that you are poor and no guys want you, guess what, that will be the result. You will be poor and no guys will want you. If you constantly are angry that you have no friends, then this is what the universe will provide for you. Your wish is my command. This is why the majority of people out there are living from check to check and are unhappy because they concentrate and worry about being broke all the time and worry about paying their bills. And the Universe provides this for them even though it isn’t what they want. But its what they mentally concentrate on. And so it is, like the light experiment.

    Now I want you to go to and make the best purchase in your entire life. Buy the book called ‘The secret’ (they have the movie and the book. You already watched the movie. Now buy the book for rereading and reference) and I want you to buy another book called “The Superbeings”. Want further information? Click THIS
    These two books and website will instruct you how to change your life via changing your thoughts. Envision yourself or pretend you are rich and the Universe, or events and opportunities will suddenly supernaturally rearrange themselves so that you get what you are thinking about. It takes concentrated thought several times a day, no negative thinking that will cancel it out, and it takes about 2-3 months for the results to start happening.  It is pretty scary, but it is pretty true. Yes, this really works; this is not some mumbo jumbo bullshit. Now for your assignment.

    Your assignment

    I want you to make a list of the things you want. Go ahead and reach. What do you really want? Make it a list of about 10-12 things. Here is a sample list.
    1.      I am grateful that I am going to get in shape within 4 months
    2.      I am grateful that I  meet a guy who is my soulmate where we fall desperately in love with one another in this coming year
    3.      I am grateful that I am making an annual salary of 150,000 a year
    4.      I am grateful that I live in ______ part of the country or city
    5.      I am grateful that I am very attractive to men (and women).
    6.      I am grateful that I make and meet lots of close friends
    7.      I am grateful that my relationship with my parents and family improves greatly
    8.      I am grateful that I start my own new business of _______, and that it is wildly successful.
    9.      I am grateful that my dream house that I have always thought of comes true down to the last detail
    10.  I am grateful that people that are causing me friction in my life stop causing friction and my days become smooth and profitable

    This is of course a sample list. You create your own list and you can use the above as some suggestions. You are starting each point with “I am grateful that” so as to convey the point that you already have what you want in your mind, so that after a month or so your subconscious mind becomes convinced that what you want is already yours. This powerful attitude will transmit a positive signal to the universe to supply what you are thinking of, and things will suddenly manifest. (IF you spend 1 minute each thinking and FEELING how it would be having each above item on your list EACH day for minimum 2-3 months things will start happening. YOU MUST NOT SKIP ONE DAY or you will have to start over from day 1. When you are concentrating on each item on your list pretend and feel AS THOUGH you already have that item or situation on that list. Yes, it can be a pain to do the list nonstop each day one minute each for each item on your list for three months straight, but trust me the results speak for themselves as things start to happen.)

    Take this assignment seriously. Either you think this is B.S. and you are skipping this section, or you are enthusiastic but 5 days into it you will start slacking due to everyday events in your life, or you will actually go ahead and do this list once a day for 2-3 months. The first two types of people will receive nothing. This actually takes no real time, maybe 10-15 minutes a day. Bring the handwritten list with you in your pocket. When you are in stop and go traffic, read the list and imagine the feeling of having each of these things. (But keep your eye on the road). When you are in line somewhere read the list. When you are at lunch, read the list. When you get up and when you go to bed, read the list. Suddenly about 2-3 months into it things will start happening. You will get a phone call from a colleague who recommended you for a certain job that pays a lot of money. You will meet a guy at the Laundromat or the bookstore that completely rocks your world and you his. Suddenly your parents straighten out and you are getting along great with them. You receive a check in the mail for something you completely forgot about and this allows you to put a down payment on a house. You find something in the attic that has great value that you sell on eBay, etc. Take a chance on this. It is very important. The effort required to do this 10-15 minutes a day will be a little tough for the first two weeks, but suddenly you will be used to it and then after a few months, you will begin reaping the results.


    This will undo any positive that you are doing with this list. If you are constantly worrying about your bills or lack of money or lack of men you will get what you are worrying about. Instead you will have to almost lapse into a imaginary state while you pretend you have what is on your list and FEEL the way you would feel when you have these things. What do you have to lose? Pretend for 3 months you have what is on the list and RECEIVE what is on the list. Take a chance. If it doesn’t work you lost nothing. If it does work you gain EVERYTHING. Yes, it takes mental discipline. Yes, it will be a wonderful time for you when your wish list starts to come true.

    The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

    This book has Tibetan Yoga exercises that will allow you to look radically younger if followed exactly to the letter. These exercises can be found all over the internet. Just type in “The Five Tibetan Rites” in any search engine and you will get pages of results. Go to and purchase the book called “The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.”

    In this book you will find 6 rites that will reverse the aging process and make you look much younger than your age. These exercises take only about 15 minutes per day. As an aside, you must be very careful never to get a chill at any part of the day while partaking this program or it will undo everything you have done with the yoga. That means waking up in the middle of the night freezing and reaching down and pulling up your covers or shivering when you get out of the shower or not wearing warm enough clothing outside, not being dressed appropriately for cold weather,etc.
    You must do the exercises as are stated, and you must do the breathing (very important) as indicated. I do this yoga and have been doing it for 25 years. Want to see pictures of me and see how the yoga has done for myself? Look at the end of this blog post: Me at 40 and 45 here.

    If you are older, you will look younger while on this program and other medical issues that might be bothering you such as a bad knee or back will begin to go away. And when you look younger and more vital and healthy you will be more attractive to men. It is all part of your fitness program to help you meet more men.

    Q and A

    Q: I am a 55 year old woman. According to what I have read so far, its kind of too late for me, is that correct?
    A: There was a 53 year old woman from Little Rock Arkansas that got a divorce. She took a look in the mirror. Overweight, harried looking, not exactly in the bloom of youth anymore. Although she already had her kids, she wondered if she would ever find a man. So she got a plan and started working. She went to the gym and worked off the excess weight. She got a makeover and got her hair done. She continued to tone up in the gym. Then she thought, what attracts guys? She came up with a solution. A woman that has her own life and interests and hobbies. A woman that is happy with herself. She knew
    that guys like golf. So she started taking golf lessons and became quite good at the game. She then moved away from little rock Ark. to Florida where she knew there were a lot of golfers. She ran a personals ad that said she was a female golfer, 55 years old looking for a professional gentleman that also likes golf. Her inbox was loaded with replies. Men were enchanted that she was a golfer as there are not too many older female enthusiasts in the game. Turns out she married a handsome older doctor and they continue to play golf together. Find what the men like to do, learn how to do it, place yourself in social situations where men are. You may be 55, 65 and 75. Even though men like young woman, a man who is 60 is not going to be able to have much mental connection whatsoever with a 25 year old. What would they talk about? What common ground would they have through any shared life experiences? A man who is your age will be able to relate to you as an equal. If you get yourself in shape, have your hair done, etc, he will also find you attractive. Work on yourself. Get fit, get a makeover, improve yourself and meet a great guy at any age. To a 60 year old man, a hot 25
    year old woman is enticing. But a hot 55 year old woman with a brain and life experience is bewitching.
    Do the Tibetan yoga. Purchase the book “The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth” by Peter Kelder online on Then while you are doing the diet part and the makeover part and the working out part, also do the rites without skipping a day and I would advise also to do the sixth rite described in the book. People after 3 months will be doing double takes and asking you what you are doing.

    Q: I have been dating my guy for three years now, but he is working on his master’s degree and is really busy with school. For the last 2 months he has been out in the field on an archeology expedition. What about the two year rule?
    A: The two year rule is for people that don’t have any extenuating circumstances. If you are living together and nothing special is happening that would prevent you from marrying, then the two year rule applies. For live together you both work during the day and are at home together in the evening. The two year rule applies. The person who asked this question has some circumstances that preclude marriage. He is busy at work traveling working on his masters’ degree, his archeology expedition lasts for a few months out in the field, and I can see where it is appropriate that her man would want to wait until he is done so he can be with her first before he marries her. Or an astronaut that will be away on missions for 6 months, or a solider that will be shipped out for a year and he wants to wait until he gets back to marry after he gets his honorable discharge so he wont be sent out anymore, then he feels he can settle down. But if you are just living your life with him day in day out and there is no talk of marriage from his side, the two year rule applies.

    Q: I love him. I know that he doesn’t love me, but I love him and I can’t leave him. It’s driving me nuts. Why won’t he love me?? What do I do?
    A: Let me answer this one with something that was written by a Greek Philosopher, Plato. Plato said imagine a guy in a cave with his back to the entrance. Now imagine behind him between him and the entrance of the cave is a lit fire. The man just sits and stares at the shadows on the back wall of the cave of the fire moving around and that of the shadows of the people that are walking by the opening of the cave. He is comfortable just watching the shadows and is afraid of actually turning around and facing what is out there, the real people and the real world. Or he might think that all that is nonsense, all which is real is just the shadows.
    You are living in a world of shadows in a sense. The man you are in love with is not actually the man that IS>. You are in love with a thought form, a shadow. In your mind you love this guy that is the perfect man. But in the real world he is not perfect, he is doing things to hurt you by not loving you or abusing you or being in things only halfway. You need to separate your desperate love for this guy in your head and wake up and see what he actually IS. When you see this guy does not really love you the way you love him, you will be able to begin to rationalize that he is not what you thought he really was. And that you are in a suck relationship and you need to go out there and find a REAL man who will love you 100% for the person you are. Drop what hurts you and move toward things that please you. Sounds stupid, but a lot of people do the reverse.

    Q: I don’t know what it is, but every boyfriend I’ve had is a total asshole. Most of them hit me or are verbally abusive. Why does this keep happening?
    A: The reason is because you have a bent antenna. How did you get this bent antenna? Maybe you were abused as a child. Maybe you saw your dad beating up on your mom and you think that’s what a man is. Maybe your dad left you and your mom when you were 6, 7 or 8 and the guys that dated your mom after that were all assholes. Or your father or mother ignored you. Perhaps you were used to living with an alcoholic and now since that’s all you know, you seek another alcoholic to date. Whatever the reason was in your past, now you subconsciously seek guys that are assholes to seek drama.  In other words, you seek very confident abusers, you feel only attracted to them. If you meet a nice ordinary guy via a setup or in a bar, you would find him completely boring. You need the action and the drama. Not only is your radar bent, but you are putting out a signal that abusers or assholes can detect, a codependent signal. For some reason they can sniff off you that you need to be dominated or slapped around and they move right in on you. They start out all confident and manly and nice then fast forward three four months into the relationship and they are lighting you up, slapping you, throwing you and screaming at you as they attempt to control you. And you loving the negative attention and drama invite more of this scene by screaming, hitting back, letting him catch you on purpose with other men, or doing things you know that he doesn’t like. Maybe you think that if you are getting attention, whether it is positive OR negative, that shows he loves you. If you find that you just keep attracting a string of these guys one after the other, it is you. You need to see a psychologist and get to the bottom of things. Once you undergo treatment and your aerial is straightened out, you can begin to enjoy normal healthy relationships with men.
    Q: Are you telling me that guys are like apes, they want a harem of females?
    A: I’m saying that guys share 99 percent of the DNA from the great apes. What they do naturally in the wild is have a harem of females. The ape that is actually able to do this is the alpha male ape, the ape the other males are scared of. Interesting. The alpha males of the human world seem to do this to an extent....Gengis Kahn the mongel warrior did this in the 1300s, the sheiks of Arabia did this as recently as 80 years ago, Mormons wrote their religion so they could get away with doing this (see what happened on the news in March of 2008...a polygamist compound got busted...guys with 10 wives each, some as young as 14). Primitive tribes in Africa still practice this. In western societies where this is frowned upon, men of power still manage to unofficially do this...its called cheating. Look at Bill Clinton and his many affairs since the early 80s, all the way through his Presidency. Or the Governor of New York who got caught earlier in 2008 with his call girls. Just recently in the news, Tiger Woods. Actors, heads of corporations, etc. I knew this guy who was from Colombia. He told me that his dad had a mistress and his grandfather also had/has a mistress. He then told me the women in his family knew about it and looked the other way. There is only one thing that will override this primitive hardwired desire. That is when a guy finds his one and only true love, the thought of doing that with other women will sicken him because the thought of betraying his soul mate will make him physically sick as he would empathetically realize the pain and destruction it would bring to him and his beloved. You have to find and be with the right guy.

    Q Will I know when I have found the right guy?
    A: Yes, hands down. This time it will feel different than all the other times. He will want you as much as you want him, and you will intuitively know this. What this will do is remove fear and apprehension and you will be able to relax and let go and enjoy the relationship as it unfolds itself naturally.

    You Now Know What Guys Know and Do

    Well, there you have it. The honest to God reasons as to why he won’t marry you. It is not nor has it been my intention to upset your world and destroy your relationship, instead, it’s been my intention to shine a light on what already is. It is up to you to take this information, process it and make a decision as to what you are going to do about your situation. Again, this report is for your eyes only. If you bring up that you purchased this report to your guy he will demand that he read it. Then he will systematically begin to take it apart piece by piece in order to discredit it. This will lessen the impact of this report and it will not help you. Everything that this report goes over is what is really happening and why it is happening. Keep it on the down low and use it for reference to help you find the right one to marry or figure out if the person you are with now is the right one for you.

    You might decide to take the information contained in this report and continue to rough it out. Or you might apply a few things in this report to your relationship and see what happens. Or you read this report and are totally stunned because for the first time you see and understand everything. Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best. And if it comes down to you having to take out the trash (dump his ass) I very much hope you use the information in part 3 on how to find the right one, along with the 3 month blitz makeover.

    A lot of people use relationships as crutches because they really don’t like themselves...consider doing this: take a few months off from dating anyone and find your center. Who are you really? What would you define yourself as a person besides so and so's girlfriend? Who am I? What am I really about? What makes me happy? Hang out with your friends, go out to the bars and have a good time, rip up the town with your buddies for a few weekends, go on a trip for a week or so to Vegas with a friend or to the Caribbean islands. While you are on vacation in a different setting looking at the setting sun on a beach somewhere you will find your head clears up and you will really be able to think about yourself and your life and what you want out of your life.

    The best relationships are made of two people who are independently happy and have a satisfying life without the need for someone else to make it whole for them. When two people like this get together who are independently happy and merge together, the results can be truly astounding and life altering.

    If you think this report is something great and you have a friend who is in a bad or similar situation, share this blog post with them by cutting and pasting the below link and send them the link via email or facebook:

    I know there are over 200,000 women in your situation and it is my intention to help those women. If this blog post can help, start with your friend. Good luck, and thanks for your purchase.

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    It’s no secret that a man’s ego has a powerful pull on him.

    In fact this hardwired need to impress and to WIN is so deeply embedded into the male mind...

    That nearly everything a man truly desires is based around this biological “drive” to prove, succeed and to win.

    It’s why so many men become workaholics, gym junkies or become obsessed with their hobbies.

    But what most women don’t know... how deeply this “drive” is connected to his love, desire, and attraction for the woman in his life.

    And I’m about to show you how you can “tap into” a man’s ege to refocus that same drive and gut level obsession...

    ...on pleasing you, romancing you, and proving his love for you like you’re his sole purpose in life.

    Here’s how: ==> The “Game ON!” Signal That Makes Him Obsessed With Winning Your Love ]


    P.S. When you tap into a man’s ego this way, you can cause him to literally become obsessed with proving his love for you. So please don’t use this on a man unless you are ready for something serious.

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