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Hidden Cures

  • Saturday, May 17, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
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  • Did you know that Herpes, Cancer, HPV, Aids, and a myriad of other diseases already have cures out there
    but are actively suppressed? Yes. I will take you through step by step the where, who and why.

    THE 1800s
    Go back in time to the 1800s and attempt to go the doctor and you were subject to every kind of snake oil medicine as there was no ruling body that regulated anything. This goes for food, medicine, manufacturing, etc. No rules.
    In the early 1800's there was very little manufacturing. Outside of the main cities, most of the United States was rural agricultural with the main export crops being cotton and tobacco.
    In cities in the late 1800's during the Industrial Revolution the men with the money and power operated businesses and pretty much did whatever they liked. They paid poor wages (which by the way caused the formation and the rise of the unions as backlash to this) and used child labor, working kids 16 hours a day, and the places of work were very dangerous and accidents happened to the workers all the time. Immigrants were especially abused: They came over here from Europe expecting to find a better life in United States hearing about 'Gold in the Streets'. Upon arriving to the big cities such as New York or Boston, they would find themselves barely making a living, forced to live in immigrant housing tenements. Landlords would squeeze 20 of them into a room with a shared bathroom down the hall. In the late 1800's, there were no fire escapes, fire suppression systems, half of these buildings had no running water and all of the buildings had no air-conditioning. And in the winter if the heat wasn't on or turned low, there was no legal body to complain to. If you stopped paying your rent, you were thrown out in the street.

    Better get some sleep, kid. Big 16 hour day tomorrow.
    Immigrant apartment NYC 1890's. No Cable or Wi-Fi.
    The Medicine Wild West
    In this big boss era of the late 1800s, Industry and packed cities was new, thus laws that protected the public were not yet in place, and business owners that had the money squeezed every bit of labor and money from everybody else. This also carried over to medicine. Not only could you not trust the food you bought, you couldn't trust the medicine that was manufactured. Imagine going to the store and not being able to find the Nutrition Facts box where it states the ingredients and how much of the ingredients are included. Imagine that this food could be 20 percent rat droppings because the filthy conditions at the factory weren't monitored by any group or regulatory agency, but instead motivated by the absolute cheapest way to create and package the food health be damned. Fraud was rampant. Anything that you bought from a pharmacy could be snake oil, and nothing was regulated. Want some cocaine to perk you up? Fine. Maybe some heroin mixed in with a stimulant gel to keep you going and smooth you out? Sure, the pharmacist will mix that up for you. Oh, and here's an elixir that will cure all that ails you and fix that tuberculosis. It was every man for himself and people were getting sick. Arsenic in people's toothpaste. Industrial waste in the food. Medicine that did nothing, perhaps that would give you instead mercury poisoning. All of this began to change with a 1906 book entitled "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair.
    Sinclair was a socialist journalist who was upset by the glaring absence of social programs for immigrants and the working man and the absolute horrifying conditions of industrialized manufacturing and meat plants, especially in Chicago. In 1905 he took a job and worked undercover at one of these meat plants in Chicago gathering information for a book he was writing that was released a year later entitled 'The Jungle'. He observed abject filth, rodents falling into meat vats, grossly underpaid workers working 16 hours a day in extremely dangerous and unsanitary conditions. After he published this book, there was an uproar nationwide as all of this came to light, and even President Theodore Roosevelt called for legislation to fix this glaring social problem. Not only would it benefit the workers, but it would also be more healthy for the general public. Because of this, public pressure led to the Meat Inspection Act and the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906. This led to the creation of the Bureau of Chemistry later renamed the Food and Drug Administration: the FDA.
    The 1920s and 1930s-good FDA
    For 30 or so years after the FDA was established, there was a period of prosperity, where the development of drugs and the distribution of drugs to the public was monitored by this ruling body. Dangerous elements and compounds were declared illegal and standards and measurements were implemented and maintained by this ruling body. The era of snake oil salesmen was over. When a drug wanted to go to market, the FDA instituted trial tests and review before a drug was released to the public. This was also the era when the pharmaceutical industry arose and profits were up, as this was a very lucrative business. Hospitals sprang up, medical clinics and drugs were on the rise to treat all manner of illnesses. As the decades went on, cures for diseases that ravaged mankind were found and marketed. Polio was defeated ( WW2 President FDR had polio and spent most of his time in a Wheelchair. When you saw him standing giving a speech, he was supported.) and Penicillin was invented, as well as cures for the Mumps, leprosy, Smallpox, tuberculosis. It was a good time. People were getting healthier, and profits for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry were up. Then something happened that changed the game.

    Royal Rife and the Rife Machine
    In the 1930's, a researcher by the name of Royal Raymond Rife found that all viruses, bacteria and other pathogens had something called a Mortal Oscillatory Resonance (MOR) rate and therefore could be destroyed by using energy broadcast via plasma tubes with corresponding square wave energy that matched this MOR in order for the virus, bacteria or pathogen to explode, much like an opera singer hitting a certain note causing a wine glass to shatter. This could be done without damaging any of the surrounding healthy tissue as the person sat there next to the Ray Tube getting treatment.
    Roayal Raymond Rife in the early 1930's with an early
    version of the Universal Microscope

    Rife found that each particular virus, bacteria or pathogen had its own particular MOR and would need its own frequency therefore to destroy it. And seeing that there were no electron microscopes in the 1930's, and current mircoscopes were unable to magnify to see pathogens that small, he created something called a Universal Microscope which was a contraption that used mirrors and prisims and UV light to magnify these pathogens by over 30,000 times so that he was able to see live samples and then while watching, experiment with the MOR frequency until he found the right one that would destroy the pathogen.

    The Universal Microscope and Rife Machine

    Rife found that if he took two  circular wedge shaped prisms and then mounted them on gears face to face, he could slowly turn these gears through an entire circle using an extended handle. He would then use a patented powerful monochromatic lamp and drive it through the prisms and when he found a certain angle, he would achieve extreame magnification that would show live viruses or bacteriums or any other small pathogens and could observe them in a live state without staining them with dye which would kill them. 
    An Original Rife machine with plasma ray tube
    circa late 1920's. Intersted in the true frequencies
    and designs? Click here.
    Rife's Universal Microscope. Only
    three are said to exist; one being
    held at the Smithsonian

    Once knowing that particular organisms MOR, he then set up his equipment consisting of a driver, a tuner and a plasma vacuum tube that was excited to emit radio square waves that can be set up next to a person and broadcast the MOR frequency which would then go right through the person sitting next to the machine and destroy whatever pathogen that was afflicting the patient. Through Rife's extensive research, he found that he was able to cure any disease, including cancer. As you can imagine, this was big news and in the early 1930s he began to draw attention from the medical community and began to conduct medical trials. With the help of Dr. Milbank Johnson and other medical staff from the University of Chicago he treated 16 terminal patients with various diseases including late stage cancer. 14 out of 16 were cured within 3 weeks with daily treatments and the remaining two were cured after two months.
    Rife continued to garner media attention
    and awards well into the 1930's

    In 1931 44 prominant Los Angeles doctors assembled together and honored Rife with a banquet "To End all Diseases". These doctors all looked foward to the end of cancer and all other diseases that plauged mankind through the findings of Rifes discovery of the MOR Rife Machine.
    Banquet thrown to honor rife "The End
    of all Disease" in 1931. 15 years later all
    these doctors were paid off or disappeared.

    The awards continued. Rife addressed the European Medical Association and got a sparkling write up in The Smithsonian.
    Then the doctors, medical establishment, the pharmaceutical association with its billions behind it, and insurance companies all said, 'Wait a minute'. What happens when this guy just goes ahead and cures everything with a visit or two to his doctor? The treatment is far more profitable than the cure. Today when you get cancer, expect to spend upwards of 200,000 dollars treating it: There will be chemotherapy, radiation treatments, x rays, multiple highly paid specialists, cocktails of expensive drugs from the pharmaceutical industry, follow up visits, more x rays, much more drugs and visits to the pharmacy, and yet more chemotherapy, perhaps even surgery. If these Rife machines are allowed to go online and be in use all over the country, all of this profit will go away as a patient could sit in his local physicians office and sit next to the ray tube and cure cancer in three half hour visits for a total cost of $169.
    So with this in mind, the American Medical Association in 1944, then headed by Morris Fishbein, decided to suppress this technology. Was it evil? Yes. Did suppressing this technology cause millions of deaths since the 1940's? Yes. All in the name of the almighty dollar.
    At first Morris attempted to buy all the rights to the technology from Rife. Rife refused. Then all doctors that worked with Rife or associated with him were threatened and/or paid off to stop associating with Rife or any of his treatments. Then some of Rife's engineers were sued, and some of Rife's partners labs were burned to the ground. People broke into Rife's headquarters and stole the main components to his Universal Microscope and Rife machines, and major parts of his scientific paperwork were also taken. Stories were spun that Rife was a quack and no one would in the medical field would speak to him or review any more of his discoveries. This drove Rife to start drinking and his entire life fell apart, and he died in the early 1970's in a rest home. 
    There is something else insiduous that the AMA is responsible for after the creation of the internet in the 90's. They realized that they could no longer contain this information so they perpetrated a total asshole move: They flooded the market with bogus rife machines from various funded manufacturers and front companies that cure nothing, all claiming to be rife machines based on the original Rife Technology. What this accomplishes is that 1 out of 20 machines being sold is a real operating rife machine that will cure diseases so that the majority of the companies online will be selling useless junk. The majority of people will purchase the fake machines for big prices, try them and have no results. Word then gets around the internet and other forms of media that Rife Machines do not work, so the AMA cartel is safe with its cancer treatment profits. Go ahead and type in 'Rife Machine' in Google and you will get pages and pages of returns. It takes a very detailed search to find the original rife frequencies (hint: they are actually in the frequency of millions of cycles) and the correct schematics of the real working Rife machine.
    There have been many other cures for cancer some of which you can view here but one stands out. I recently watched a video on youtube about this guy and the American Medical Association...Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski.

    Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski cure for cancer
    In the 1970s this doctor came up with a gene therapy for cancer that resulted in a 100% cure. The Texas medical board came after him, the AMA came after him and after 5 grand juries attempts prove that this was fraud, but in the end he was finally cleared. If he were convicted, he would have been sentenced to 290 years in prison and owed millions of dollars. The Judge on the grand juries was even exasperated at the AMAs man in the courtroom for repeated filing and bringing the case up again and again in front of the court, but the AMA told their lead that this guy was to be stopped no matter what: keep filing paperwork and pay people off whenever possible. This fight continued over 10 years until the AMA completely  exhausted all possible attempts to shut this guy down. Doctor Burzynski you may say won. Despite all the emotional and legal and financial trauma as well as threats, his drug as of 2009 in in Phase 2 trials through the AMA and is the first time that an individual, not a corporation, holds the patent to such a powerful therapy. You might also want to type in this doctors name on YouTube to watch the hour or so long video about his amazing fight with the American Medical Association and their attempts to stop his cure by using whatever means possible. 

    The Budwig Cancer Protocol
    In 1951 a doctor discovered that cancer and other major diseases could be cured by cottage cheese and flax oil. It turns out that the sulfur found in cottage cheese acts as a cellular transport for the electron rich flax oil which in effects repowers our cells and enambles us to fight major disease such as cardiac events, auto immune diseases, and even cures some stage IV Pancreatic Cancer patients. Ever hear your doctor talking about this? No. If he did, he could lose his licence. You can read all about it online by typing in the search query 'Budwig Cottage Cheese Flax Oil. A little note, however. Users report that while the results are miraculous, if you stop this protocol, the cancer will come back. Cottage Cheese from the store and flax oil adds up to just pennies a day. Check it out.

    Bill Munro and the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method
    An ex scottish football player discovered a cure for cancer that costs mere pennies that you can obtain at any corner drugstore in America: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. 
    Why do we tend to get cancer as we age? All the cells in your body require a certain level of oxygen to function correctly, and while you are in your teens and 20, and 30s your body enjoys a healthy oxygen rich environment as your inner metabolic processes supply enough oxygen via your respiratory and circulation system for the cells in your body. Starting in your 40's however, things begin to break down and the levels of oxygen that is being supplied to your body begins to drop. This causes the oxygen dependent cells in your body to begin to slowly starve, and some of them freak out and switch their energy metabolic machinery from oxygen burning to sugar burning. When some of these cells switch over to sugar burning, some of their internal DNA mutates; it switches off the genes responsible for aptosis, and begins to express telomerase, thus resetting its ageing clock and then begins to aggressively reproduce, ignoring its DNA code for the tissue its supposed to be making, instead becoming a malevolent tumor that begins to send out chemical signals that enable it to stimulate the veins and capillaries around it to renetwork and feed the rapidly growing tumor a much greater blood supply.
    So how does Hydrogen Peroxide cure cancer? Normal water contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen molecule. Nature likes that particular combination and the proof of this is that the majority of this planet is covered in water. It doesn't matter what temperature it is, if its hot, it simply evaporates, still intact as two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If its really hot, it boils and turns to steam, but still intact, H2O. It freezes, same thing, the molecules just greatly slow down and it appears to be solid. If above freezing and below boiling, it exists as our great liquid oceans. Hydrogen Peroxide, H2O2,on the other hand contains an extra oxygen molecule and is unstable. When it comes in contact with a cancer cell or any bacteria or virus, the extra oxygen atom flies off the hydrogen peroxide and it becomes a free radical, blowing apart the pathogen. It does this while leaving healthy tissue alone. If you have a wound on your hand or a hangnail that you pulled, spray some store bought pure 3% hydrogen peroxide on it and you will warch the wound begin to foam. That is the reaction between the germs and viruses and the hydrogen peroxide. As soon as the H2O2 comes into contact, the free unstable oxygen atom dis attaches from the hydrogen peroxide and blows apart the bacteria or virus. What you see foaming and bubbling is the oxygen from this reaction being released. Not only does Hydrogen Peroxide attack the cancer cell itself, cancer cells do not like an oxygen rich environment. When you inhale H2O2, you will feel a blast of energy and oxygen rush through your system like you just had a few cups of coffee and feel a buzz. This is because the level of oxygen just jumped in your blood stream and hit your brain, which is an oxygen hog, using the majority of the oxygen in your system. Bill Munro claims that he went to the vision eyeglass store and bought himself one of those nebulizer spray pumps that you would use to mist cleaning solution on to your glasses. He then emptied out the cleaning solution and thoroughly washed out the small bottle, then filled it with Hydrogen Peroxide 3% from the drug store. He then while deeply inhaling sprayed the nebulized mist right into his mouth 5-6 times three to four times per day. Within 3 months his cancer was gone, and he maintains that he has a very high oxygen level in his body.
    Some of the stabilizers that are contained in the 3% can be a bit rough if taken for the long term (I tried huffing the 3% for two months and it cured by lower back and high blood sugar problems) so you would instead want to use the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 30% which you would have to special order over the internet. It comes in a big bottle and is many times more powerful than the 3%. It contains no stabilizers and each drop is packed with so much oxygen it is unbelievable. Search online for "Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Protocol" and you will find a schedule list of how many drops of this to put in a glass of distilled water (you can buy distilled water at the grocery store, you used to use this in irons so there was no tap water build up of elements in your iron). The protocol has you start with 3 drops of 30% hydrogen Peroxide in a glass of distilled water 3 times a day for the first day or so then starts upping the drops per glass all the way to 20 something drops by week three, then starts bringing you down again. What this does is completely flood your body with oxygen so much so that you get a big rush or buzz when you drink the water. More oxygen is good as it kills all the pathogens in your body. I believe Bill Munroe just passed away at age 89 or 90 and his website has been taken down, but you can find a video of him on youtube explaining and doing the H2O2 3% protocol. As for the more powerful Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide disease protocol, do a search and you will find it on multiple sites. 

    Jim Humble and the Master Mineral Solution
    This guys claims that he has found a cure to 95% of the worlds diseases including cancer and there used to be a message on his website saying that in case he suddenly disappears,  he has a dead man's switch that will automatically release even more information to the internet that the Medical Cartel does not want out. Now when you go to his site he is selling books, including the one that allows you to mix your own MMS and dosage protocol in order for you to cure your own cancer, aids, herpes, etc. Jim's site can be found here.

    Bob Beck and the Beck Protocol
    In the late 1980s there was a study done where they routed someones entire blood supply through a pump with an electric low level zapper that electrified the blood before it returned it to the body back through the IV in the patients arm. The doctors concluded that the diseases or viruses that were in the blood were deacrtivated (nutralized) by the fact that the current rendered them unable to reproduce.
    Bob Beck, a scientist and an engineer developed a system that electrified your blood through an attachement bracelet that fit over a main artery over your wrist. You simply slipped the wrist strap on that was hooked to a machine that supplied current, and this way as the blood is pumped through your body and through the wrist artery, it is electrified, thus cleansing your body of pathogens.
    But Beck observed after trials that the pathogens eventually came back and people became reinfected requiring continual treatments. He then found that certain viruses and bacteria were able to hide in lymph nodes and in other low circulation parts of the body and the blood eventually picked up the pathogen again. So part 2 of his protocol includes something called a beck zapper, or an electromagnetic pulser, which is an  electromagnet that when electricity is supplied through its coils, it sends out a quick high intensity electromagnetic pulse that has a strong field that extends out through the paddle for 2 feet that is strong enough to penetrate bone and low circulation lympth tissue. This paddle is then placed at various parts of the body (look online, some sites offer the original beck poster/image where you should pulse and place the wrist electrode) over these areas where viruses and other pathogens hide. Herpes, for example during dormant periods between breakouts swim and attach themself to a part of your lower spine. During breakouts, they become active again in your bloodstream. Part 3 of his treatment involves an ozone treatment of water that you would drink to further aid in the cleansing of the body. To investigate this fascinating therapy further click here or simply Google 'Bob Beck Protocol' to find pages of returns.

    EarthPulse and the 10 hz Pulsed Therapy

    In the 1960's when astronauts would spend a few weeks in orbit above the earth, they would return weak and sick. NASA (America's space program agency) was confused because this was happening even if the astronauts exercised and ate correctly with nutrient based meals. They then concluded that the astronauts were missing the 10hz pulses that naturally issues from the earths core that all plants and animals are subjected to and that we have evolved to respond to over millions of years of evolution. Over the course of the last several million years, this signal from the earth has slowly gotten weaker. 
    NASA decided to experiment with this 10hz pulse effect. They had a room of several volunteers and subjected them to nonstop exposure of a 10hz pulsed signal for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, the researchers found something astounding. All the subjects looked and felt younger, and upon examination of thier DNA they found that thier genes had reverted from mature to developmental...their gene expression had been changed to that of a teenager: growth, repair, optimal youthful function, etc. 
    Does this guy look 50?
    The creator of the EarthPulse.

    This is all the Inventor of the Earthpulse machine needed to hear. He developed a portable unit that sent out pulses of this 10hz frequency (PEMF) and put it under his dogs doggie bed. At age 15 his dog acted and looked like a puppy and was arthritis free and had no cataracts in his eyes, which most dogs start to develop. The creator himself has been using this machine for 15 years and while 50 years old, he appears to be a 30 year old surfer, with all the damage in his shoulder and rotor cuff self repaired. This machine supposedly has the ability to cure and prevent cancer, diabeties, etc, as your immune system and biological functions return to an optimum level in your body, as well as a significant increase in athletic ability (without using steroids) and bodyfat level reduction. While I do not get paid for anything I talk about in this blog, this guys amazing site with the machine can be viewed here for a good hour of amazing reading.

    Silver and Silver Generators
    Ever hear that people in the 1800's when travelling by covered wagon would put a silver coin in the jar of milk or water they were transporting so that it would stay fresh and not go bad?  They didn't know that the reason for this was that silver kills viruses and bacteria. The medical establishment also knows this but they much rather would sell you antibiotics and keep the money coming, even though antibiotics are currently having the problem of MERSA superbugs overcoming any antibiotic we currently have today. Superbugs cannot overcome the power of silver as silver also renders the virus or bacteria unable to reproduce, then the body simply flushes it out. 
    There are several sites out there that sell prepared silver solutions claiming nano particle size, but the most effective are the silver generators that you set up yourself using a glass of distilled water, the machine that comes with it, and a thin reed of 99.5% silver. Several glasses of this a day: no diseases and immunity to disease. Amazon sells something like these or here is another page that talks about it. Again, there is plenty of literature on this on the internet, simply Google 'Silver Generators'.

    Well thats it. I covered only some of them, but also look up "The Dotto Ring" and "Mexistim" for yet more cures. However: everything that I covered above should pretty much take care of anything that you have, be it AIDS, Herpes, Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, etc. The internet is an amazing tool and it excels in getting around the information gatekeepers as it is practically at its simplest, a peer to peer sharing tool that blows the roof off suppression. Thanks for reading and sure to comeback for more interesting posts.


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