Saturday, June 28, 2014


Those Guys Can Totally Suck It

  • Saturday, June 28, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
  • Guest Post by Jim Anchower
    Hola, Amigos. What gives? I know its been a long time since I rapped at ya, but there has been all kinds of craziness goin' on. First of all I moved into this sweet ass basement apartment off Foster and they let me stay for half price as long as I mow the lawn around the building three times a month. Thats keeps some scratch in my pocket, and some smoke in my bag.
    Let me tell you what, it hasn't been all fun and games. Ol' Jim Anchower has his share of problems. First of all, my trusty 1977 Monte Carlo took a shit in the middle of Jackson and State so I had to leave it there but first I had to search for my pipe and some spare change for the bus under the seats. Then wouldnt you know it, my Playstation2 stopped working that night and instead of jamming on a cool ass zombie shoot em up, I was staring at a screen full of snow.
    So sitting there with a buzz and a busted ass gaming console, I figured I ain't gonna be able to take the dinero with me, so I gotta take care of myself while I can. "Treat Jim Anchower like he's numero uno" is my new motto. Plus, there are all these people tellling me that its my duty as an American to spend money right now. If I say,"I can't by a Playstation 3 while the gas bill is two months late", the whole country suffers.
    So to get to the point Hombres, I applied for a job cutting chickens at a chicken store. Now before you get all up in arms and shit, the chickens are already deceased. I didnt even think I was going to get the job or even apply, but I was on full ass tilt when I walked in off the street seeing the help wanted sign in the window. My beer money was running low, and old Jim likes to keep the party rolling, even if it means I have to work a food service job: Nobody likes the shakes. So long story short, I get the job and its training day. Dudes, the job totally sucked and the guys working there were total anuses. "Watch the knife!", they kept screaming. "Keep your eye on the knife!" Now, I know that knives are sharp, but let me tell you, my eye was on the clock. Sure enough, it was break time and I slipped out back and fired one up. When I came back in, I was ready to chop the shit outta some chickens all Bruce Lee style. Then one of the guys got his hand in my way and I cut him and he screamed. Let me tell you, I learned some cuss words that day. And can you believe it they fired me right there on the spot, but it was my lucky day, they wrote me a check for the two hours of work. 
    The old Anchower luck still runs strong I guess, because I got two hours of pay in the plus collumn, and part of a chicken I pocketed. How sweet is that? Those guys can totally suck it. Well, thats all of the Anchower express for today mi Amigos, I got some cold beers waiting for me at home after I cash this check at the currency exchange on the way home. 
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    Tuesday, June 24, 2014


    How to get rid of athlete's foot #athleteprobs #healthcare #healthy

  • Tuesday, June 24, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
  • I'm going to show you how to get rid of athlete's foot and its going to cost you under 5 bucks, no medical appointment needed with a doctor. Best of all, it will cure up almost any skin condition you have going on with your foot.
    As covered in my other post Hidden Cures, there are two items that cure fungus, bacteria, viruses, and will get rid of callouses and rough skin leaving you with the foot of a 20 year old.
    Its Apple Cider Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide.
    Hydrogen Peroxide has an extra electron that is unstable. When it comes in contact with any viruses, bacteria or fungus, it foams up and completely kills it. Test it out...pour some on a wound, in your sink, or in your tub floor and you will hear it foaming up and hissing with bubbles. Its one of the main ingredients in some mouthwashes (dont swallow it) and also the main ingredient in Bactine, a cleanser you put on a small wound before you bandage it.
    Apple Cider Vinegar is simply a mild acid that bacteria and viruses and fungi cannot exist in. In some third world countries it is used as a cleaner. It also can be used to wash floors when combined with several parts water. For a quick demonstration see the video below:

    If you have a serious foot skin problem, such as cracked and bleeding feet, I would strongly recommend that you see a doctor first before performing any of the actions described in this post or video. That being said, for the rest of you that have mild to average athletes foot and have red and or itching skin especially between the toes, as soon as you put your foot in the water in the sink that has half a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and half a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar you will see your feet start to bubble, and the more infected your foot is, the more bubbling you will see, kind of like a fresh poured beer carbination coming out of the areas with the athletes foot, such as between the toes, or underneath the feet.
    The one thing I did not cover in the video is that you will need to rub your skin of your feet while it is being treated in the water. Rub the area between the toes, rub the entire toe, including the top sides and bottoms, rub the sides and the bottom of your feet. When the foot is clean, while you are rubbing you should hear a low squeaking rubbing sound. If not, if the foot still feels scaley, or slimy, or otherwise rough, keep going for about 3-4 minutes then switch your foot to the other foot in the sink and repeat the process. As you are rubbing you will see scum that kind of looks like soap scum rising and floating on the top of the water. This is dead skin cells, dead fungus and bacteria, etc. You want this off your foot for the healing to begin.
    Well, there you go. In one week I would say your should treat your feet 3-4 times, and by the end of the 2nd week you should have pristine pink 20 year old feet with callouses on the way out. You can also use an emery board to file down any callouses during the week to speed things along while your feet are dry.
    Heres the thing: You may be reinfecting your feet again in your shoes as they contain the fungus that causes athletes foot that you picked up somewhere, probably a public shower at the gym. You might want to toss those shoes or if they are gym shoes, pour a half of bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide in each shoe and then let them sit for an hour. Then wash them out with water and a bunch of paper towels, then let your gym shoes dry out in the sun. Problem solved with that as well.
    If your feet have other issues, such as loss of circulation due to high sugar or diabeties causing numbness, again, you need to see your doctor. However, this protocol described in this post will help as the oxygen infused via the hydrogen peroxide will help some of these issues in your feet.

    You Will Need

    1. One bottle of H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) found near the pharmacy of any Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Cost is hardly anything, about 1 dollar to a dollar and a half. Get the larger bottle.

    2. One bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar. You dont need to get anything fancy, like Braggs brand for this, you can go with the large store generic size that you can find at any Target.
    Now again, refer to the video above. Use hot water (but not so hot you cant put your foot in) and stop the sink up then pour half the bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide and then about a third to half of the bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in. Turn off the water when the sink is about 75% full and put one foot in and leave the foot in for about 5-7 minutes as your rub the foot all over especially between the toes. Now switch feet, do the same, then switch back 2 more times. Thats it! Do this 3-4 times a week for pristine 20 year old pink clean feet. Total cost for both bottles above just under 5 bucks, and the above two bottles are good for two treatments, one treatment say on Monday and the next treatment on say Wednesday. 5 more bucks will get you another two treatments and that's what you need for the week, about 3-4 treatments. Good luck and enjoy your fresh new feet. Try them out! Run around in the grass in the backyard! Put on flip flops for the first time in a long time and be proud! Thanks for reading.
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    Thursday, June 12, 2014


    New Craps Strategy

  • Thursday, June 12, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
  • I have been spending some time at the casino lately and I have been observing a few things, patterns and the
    like, and I have come up with a new system.
    Now some people may say its redundant and the numbers are the numbers. However, it takes into account one simple fact: The only way to beat craps in the long term is to find people that are influencing the dice.
    If a machine threw the dice randomly every time, there would be no edge in craps. The payoffs are set for every bet on the table to have an edge over the player. Some of the payoffs however, have a very slight edge over the player, and if one waits for an advantage player, one could theoretically have an edge over the house.
    There was a book by Frank Scoblete called "Beat the Craps Out Of The Casinos" that introduced an old dice player called "The Captain" who utilized something called a '5 Count': Every new person that has the dice you first let them establish a point number (all the coming out garbage 7s, 11,2,3, doesnt count) and you start counting rolls. So lets say its a new shooter, they grab the dice and throw. They roll a 7. No count. They roll a 2. No count. They roll a 3, then a 12. Still no count. They then roll a 5. The count is now 1. Then any thing they roll besides a 7 counts. They roll a 2. The count is now 2. Next a 6 is thrown. The count is now 3. A 8 is rolled. The count is now 4. 
    Now a special circumstance: In order to get the count to 5 the last number has to be a point number, a 4,5,6,8,9,10. If you justt had your 4th on count, to close it out you need a point number. So if the next thing that they threw was a 3, the count is still 4. The shooter rolls again, its a 12. The count is still hanging at 4. Suddenly the shooter rolls a point number, he rolls a 6. Boom. 5 count completed, now you can put a bet down on the table, preferably something with a low edge against you such as a line bet with double odds.So: the 5 count must begin and end on a point number.
    What does this accomplish? It eliminates horrendous roll after horrendous roll saving you a lot of money. It qualifies shooters for you automatically. Sure, there will be times when a guy 7s out after you do the 5 count and put your money down. But try standing at a table when it suddenly freezes over and guy after guy 7s out on his 2nd and 3rd roll as the dice gets passed around the table. Ugh. Believe me, Ive been there.
    So this is what I figured out: I '5 count' a shooter and then put down a place bet on the number he currently has as his point and at the same time put an equal amount on that hardway number. I only do this if the shooter came out and has a working point of 4,6,8,or 10. If his working point is 5 or 9 I do nothing and sit it out. 
    When the shooter makes his point on 4,6,8 or 10, seeing I placed the number I still make money on the roll even though I lost the equal amount hardway bet because the place bets pay off better than even money, especially the 4 and the 10. But the rolls where the shooter makes the point the hardway I make bank with both the hardway number hitting and the place bet on the number hitting with it.
    Now some of you might be thinking, "OK, but what happens when the shooter 7s out? You lose your place bet and the hardway bet.". To this I say this is why we are using the 5 count. We are qualifying shooters that are consciously or unconsciously displaying some sort of skill with the dice.
    There is one more thing with this. I have found that when a shooter makes a point number over 60% of the time he will not make a second point number. Then if he makes a second point number, there is probably some skill being utilized here over just random throwing (or the gods of randomness are bestowing a gift to the table).
    In order to use the above information, this is what I do. First, I five count a new shooter. If he rolls a 5 or 9 I abandon the count and wait for the shooter to either 7 out or make his point number of 5 or 9. If he 7s out, its to a new shooter and we start over. If he makes his point, remember what I said above: 60% of the time the shooter doesnt make 2 points in a row. So even though he already made a point, we are going to do the 5 Count on him again. If he makes a 4,6,8, or10 and makes it through the 5 count, we then place bet on that number with an equal place bet on the hardway. If he hits his point number again, seeing he made 2 points in a row, we dont have to 5 Count him again, we will just go right up on his point number with the matching hardway bet if he rolls a 4, 6, 8, or 10. 
    So we 5 Count a new shooter, and we 5 Count him again if he makes a point. We dont have to 5 count him anymore if he already make 2 points in a row.
    This will enable you to stand there and not bet during crappy cold runs with the dice. Also you will naturally miss some bad rolls by not betting with a point of 9 or 5 in play.
    This gives you time when you are not betting at the table, enabling numbers to go by that are not hardway numbers, and hopefully when you do get in you start hitting those hardways.
    Try it out online. Go to which is a free online practice simulator to try this out. Its pretty powerful because it wins money fairly quickly. 
    As for betting, I start with 10 dollars on the point number and 10 dollars on the hardway. After each loss of both hardway and point number, I go up by 1 dollar on my bet. So start with 10 on the point and 10 on the hardway, and if they both lose, the next time you bet you bet 11 on the point and 11 on the hardway. Of course, you will have to modify your place bets for the 6 and the 8 as the casino wants to make the bet in mulitples of 6. So when you start out, and the point is 6 or 8, instead of 10 dollars you will have to put 12 dollars on the 6 or 8, while putting 10 dollars on the hardway. For the 4 or 10 you can just go a dollar at a time like as you would bet +1 each time in the hardways.. 
    Again after each double loss of both the point and the hardways, your next bet will be the last bet +1 dollar.
    If the point hits but not the hardway, you still made some money, so the next time you bet, the bet is the same. Of course if both the point and hardways hit, the bet is the same as well. I would recommend a 700 dollar starting bank with this system to handle the swings.

    Well, good luck, and good gambling!
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    Sunday, June 8, 2014


    #Howto Increase Your I.Q.and be more #intellegent at cocktail #parties

  • Sunday, June 8, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
  • Yes, you can increase your intelligence, due to new research. Significant increases are possible, more than
    40 I.Q. points...I was actually surprised when I was reviewing the findings. These methods are straightforward and repeatable by anyone with no specialized training or equipment. Lets get right to it.

    N-Back Training
    In 2009 the Wall Street Journal ran a story about a software program that will raise your IQ 2.75 points every hour that you train with this computer program. Its called N-back training, which is a program that presents you with a screen like this:
    What then happens is that the 8 grids shown above on the screen start lighting up with a box that is colored and a number is spoken.You have to remember previous patterns and spoken sequences. As your "N" back number is repeated with a longer stretch between when you observed the previous sequence to the time that it is asking you for that back information, your brain rewires itself and becomes more plastic and open to increases in fluid intelligence due to this rewiring. Apparently the effect of fluid intellegence increases keep going even when you take a few months off from training. Also your brain will rework itself and optimize, sleeping more efficiently with greater periods of REM sleep. Pretty amazing. Like SERIOUSLY amazing. It used to be believed that the human brains intelligence for each person was determined by the time the child was 4-5 years old as the brain became fully developed with its individual connections finalized.
    Now we find out that depending on how hard you train, you can get close to a 3 IQ point increase PER HOUR of training. Anyone that was serious about this could Einstein himself out after a serious month of work. Simply type in N back training software into Google to get some good training sites online.

    Underwater Training
     Holding your breath underwater expands the Carotid Arteries that supply the brain. When you hold your breath underwater while swimming causes carbon di oxide to build up in the bloodstream which expands
    Carotid Arteries. Doctors are aware of this, every medical doctor has to memorize the Carotid expansion trait while going through medical school. Not only this, but the effects are permanent, and while also supplying more blood, also clears away toxins and enables more cerebral fluid to circulate.
    The above effect is greatly increased by swimming underwater, called the Mammalian Diving Response.
    Basically, when a person is diving underwater, (the bottom of the pool is better, more pressure) more circulation is forced into the brain and other internal organs which exaggerates the effect from number 1 above.

    This is how you do it: Accumulate 20 hours of breath held underwater time at 1-3 minutes per swim underwater within three weeks from start to finish.
    You will achieve: a 10 point or more IQ gain; better attention and awareness.

    The above information if acted upon can make a HUGE difference in your life. You will be able to better positively interact with others, see relationships between different things, items and persons and have the ability to infer more information and structure it in order to get an edge on life that you didn't have before. Being smarter is always better, you will be more self aware of yourself, others, and the environment around you and be able to use almost anything in order to help you navigate through life. Imagine the difference between having say a 120 IQ then after 6 months of work having a 160 IQ. Want to see the difference having a sudden big IQ would have in your life, (even though exaggerated) see the Bradley Cooper movie "Limitless". Its about a standard Joe Schmoe who is struggling to write the Great American Novel and lives in a crappy little apartment and has trouble relating to people and trouble finding ways to make money. Enter a special pill developed by a pharmaceutical company: Instant several hundred IQ point raise. Suddenly his life totally changes....he finds out how to make money from the stock market, how to deal with people, and run with a jet set crowd. While the above methods will instead give you a 30-40 point raise, that is significant and will allow you to achieve new heights in your life.
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