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How to Stop #PanicAttacks at Home and #Work

  • Wednesday, July 23, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
  • Panic Attack? To some people that sounds odd...simply get ahold of yourself. But to people that actually
    OK, breathe...just breathe
    have them, they can range anywhere from a nuisance to downright debilitating. Panic attacks can get so bad that your entire life can crawl to a stop as you can no longer function. It sucks. I know, because I had them so bad that it landed me in the emergency room several times thinking that I was dying. First, my story, and next how to eliminate them from your'd be suprised at what causes them and even more suprised at how to get rid of them. And relived, I might add. VERY relieved.

    My Story

    In my late 20's I was living on my own and renting a room and driving 40 minutes back and forth a day to my corporate job in a high millage car..I guess you can say I didn't have much money to spread around, and yes, that was pretty stressful. I was constantly juggling around rent and a car that need frequent repairs and trying to get my career going. At the same time I was trying to save money while weightlifting so I needed adequate calories per day with a lot of protein: I was trying to lose bodywieght while gaining muscle.
    So I decided that the best low cost option to do that was cheap protien and carbs: Each day I would bring a gallon of skim milk to work and drink it all day long while I was having frequent meals of oatmeal, chicken and fish that I would nuke in the company cafeteria. To do this, I would have to bring two bags to work: One with my food premade in tupperwear containers ready to heat, and the second some work stuff and my gym clothes for the gym after work. 
    While living on the edge, I was holding it together. Sometimes my car would break and my landlord would let me slide on the rent for a week or two then I would catch up. Things started to build up. My life wasn't going anywhere and I felt I was a mouse on a wheel going and going: at some point something was going to break, my car, whatever, and then what was going to happen to me?
    Suddenly one day I was at work at my computer and out of no where there was a sharp knife like stabbing pain in my chest. I gasped and grabbed my chest and waited: Nothing. What the hell? What was that? I waited for a minute then resumed my work. Boom. Another bolt of pain, a sharp stab, right on the left side of my chest around where my heart is. Now I was sitting there shaken up, my heart racing. Was I having a heart attack? Was I going to die? It went away that day, and the next day it was back. So that night after doing research on the web I decided that I had better clear my arteries out. I bought a lot of garlic and red wine and pomegranate juice and started taking those every day as well.
    The panic attacks continued. Once while at lunch, there was a pressure on my chest and a few stabbing pains. Freaked out that I was dying, I drove right to the ER at a nearby hospital. They admitted me into the emergency room, one doctor came in and saw I was 28 and asked me, "What are YOU doing here?" and they hooked me up to a heart monitor. They took a blood sample to test it for any metabolites that show up in the blood stream during a heart attack and at the same time gave me a pill that will dilate my arteries. Then they gave me a full EEG heart test and satisfied that there was nothing wrong with me, they released me. 
    This happened several times over the next few years....hey, I wasn't taking any chances. Death I figured, only needs one time to take me out. Better safe than sorry. After the 8-9th time in the ER with heart attack symptoms and being told Im fine, go home, I thought that I would have to get to the bottom of this. What the hell was gonig on?
    I found a primary doctor near my work and he was great. He told me that together, we would get to the bottom of this. He was going to start near the top of the checklist and work his way all the way down to the end of the checklist. Great, I said, my confidence renewed. I was really sick of the faux heart attacks.
    The first thing he did was order a heart x ray. He wanted to know if there was any abnormality of the heart or its chambers or if the heart was enlarged. Once that checked out and I was cleared on that, he kept going down the list...took blood samples, blood pressure readings, more chemical analysis, including blood and urine, and did other physical tests. He finally narrowed it down: I was having panic attacks. He prescribed Paxil then Zoloft for me. The panic attacks stopped within two weeks.
    I stayed on Zoloft for about 2 years and then weaned myself off of it. I was fine for the next 5-6 years.
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    Why You Must #Risk to #Succeed in life

  • Thursday, July 17, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
  • You have to risk it to get the biscuit.
    Ever hear of that one? Its true. The United States was built by risk takers.
    Only risk takers get the big rewards. If you go along and do what everyone else and play it safe with your resources safe you aren't ever going to get anywhere.
    There has been a lot of TV shows that addressed this fact: Family Guy, Star Trek: The Next Generation, etc. and the jist was the same. The lead character decided that they took too many crazy risks and were whisked back in time to stop the risk taking behavior and then returned to the present. But when they were returned to the present they were faced with a horrible little uninspired life: A small apartment, a cheap car, low on the totem pole and largely unrecognized at work doing menial or unimportant work.

    You get out of life exactly what you put into it

    Are you in your 40s and broke? Well then you made some bad decisions. Did you graduate college? Did you work hard to get up the ladder or did you slack and do the bare minimum?

    The United States is set up for people who break thier ass to get rich. I mean BREAK THEIR ASS. Not just work a few hours a day at it, but have them totally consume them. For example, the guy who started Napster would be up and programming around the clock and basically would live on cokes and microwave food. He would program for 16 hours straight and lose track of the time, and looking up from his computer he noticed it was 6 in the morning. He sat down to code at 4pm the previous day.

    Heres a reason why you might not be kicking ass at life:
    You are not doing something you are passionate about. Are you just working a job to get a check, so you can make rent and eat food? Working at a place you hate like a hot warehouse? If so, by default, you are going to do the bare minimum. 
    Instead I recommend that you decide what really floats your boat and start arranging your life so that you begin to follow that path: Wether it be that its something that you can do in the evening that you can eventually do full time during the day as your main job or just plain follow your dream and quit your day job ( life is day you will no longer be here). Youve got to move toward something that lights you up on the inside your you are living the life of the living dead.

    How to tell you are on the wrong path

    @ You dread Mondays. You dread Sunday night because you know tomorrow its back to the shit
    @ You are not experiencing any thrills or highs. People tend to deaden on the inside when they are doing a monotonous job
    @ Sometimes you look at someone thats living life to the fullest and you are jealous. 
    @ The money you are making is not what you feel you are worth and you are not living the lifestyle you feel you should be living
    @ Sometimes you think "Wouldn't it be great if..." and you feel excitement pretending how kickass your life would be if...

    So how do you get on the right path?

    How to Get on the Right Path?

    Let me give you a direct example using myself. Ive been running this blog for about two months now, and the organic growth has been slow. Its tough to make money with a blog, especially for the first two or three years bar doing any crazy promotional stunt, or following people on youtube on how to quickly build an audience. This is because there is low barrier to entry to starting a blog, and there is over 31 million blogs in the United States alone. Working to get heard amidst all that blogging din is really tough, growth is slow. This is because Im doing what everyone else is doing in order to increase blog traffic.
    Again, if you take the same channels that the majority of everyone else is taking, you aren't going to stand out, and you aren't going to make any money. So then it hit me: What if I make duplicate blogs with all my posts in 8 major languages? Russian, French, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese and German? I'm sure my American flavor would be pulling these people in these different countries because I would stand out from the crowd over there: the problem is, it would take a hell of a lot of work translating every blog post with bing translator. First, I have to translate a paragraph into another language. Then I have to translate it back to English to see if it translated correctly, and if it didnt, Ill have to rewrite the paragraph in differently worded English then try again. I then have to translate all of my blog posts and then add some about being American, etc. Ill have to modify the template so that it is found on the russian search engines as a Russian Blog. That is just the Russian version. Ill have to do it all over again for mutliple languages. That is gonna take a shitload of work. 
    But it will allow me to stand out from the crowd because no one else is going to want to do that kind of work. So the risk is, what if I do all that work and nothing happens.
    And a lot of people would say, Nah, too risky. And so nothing special will happen in thier life and they will stay where they are.

    Risk is the first Step to Success

    You can sit around and make plans, fill sheets of paper with ideas and formulas but unless you get on up and start and risk it, nothing is going to happen. Big risk differentiates you from most people. For example, Jay Leno, Jim Carrey and Steve Harvey for a while all lived in thier car. They were broke struggling comedians who would do anything to make it, and couldnt afford to stay in hotels while they were on the road, pushing thier comedy brand. How many people would do that while following thier dream? Most people would give up, rent a room, and work any local job they could to satisfy thier IMMEDIATE requirements for food, shelter, etc. These guys put off temporary comfort and LET IT RIDE chasing their dream.

    I would like you to go onto Amazon and purchase this book (no I dont get commission. I have the book myself): Its called Now is the Time to Crush It. The guy who wrote this book gives a formula on how with no money, the internet, social media, and a lot of hustle how to become a multimillionare in any field you can think of while starting this business online.
    One of the best books to purchase when looking to start an online business or blog

    As a matter of fact, the way the United States is moving toward having no middle class, you cant afford NOT to risk it. You are going to have to start your own business, start that passion that would have you bound happily out of bed in the morning, satisfied that every bit of effort you expend during the day goes into growing your business and putting money in your pocket instead of someone else's.

    Risk is currency. Risk is giving your life respect. Risk has defined our very society. Without risk, there would be no railroads, no steel for skyscrapers, no internet, no Facebook, no Google. Risk pushes us to increase our lives, our lifestyle into new boundaries. Risk is life. Without Risk there is stagnation and eventual death as Risk allows us to eventually find new avenues of existence, new doorways that we can use to grow and expand. Growth is necessary for us as a species, and Risk is the catalyst.

    Want to lead an exciting life that will put sparkle in your eye and a bounce in your step? Take risks and you will be able to take a lungful of alive air and cherish every moment. 
    Now start to figure out how you are going to do this.
    Like my posts? Want to read more? Go back to where you found this post on Reddit, and look below the word Risks is my name 'mlaechel'. Click that to see all my articles on Reddit. Look at the one on making 12-15 dollars an hour!

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    Why You Can't Afford To Make $12-$15 Dollars Per Hour

  • Monday, July 14, 2014
  • Mark Laechel
  • There has been an interesting thing happening over the last 30 that were paying 15-27 dollars an hour are disappearing: and right along with it the middle class. Gone are the days of a man working in a factory or another union blue collar job and earning enough to put a roof over his and his family's head,
    support his wife and kids, send them to college, have 2 cars and maybe a boat for the weekends. All those jobs have been outsourced to other countries, or had the unions broken up with workers forced to do the same work for a fraction of the salary. What the hell happened? Why did the United States go from post world war 2 prosperity with a vibrant healthy middle class to turning into a third world country with almost no middle class left? Why is the the top  1% -5% now with all the money, leaving 90% of the rest of the country scratching for a dollar, barely able to make a living?  Read on, I will get to all of it. The where, the what, and the why. And it heavily relies on the wealthy wanting even more and changing the laws by influencing the lawmakers (through political action committees and donations) so the majority of the money goes into their pockets leaving the rest of the country a dry desert with cities and states going bankrupt. Now first, why you can't make a living making $12-$15 dollars an hour.

    Escape Velocity

    In physicsescape velocity is the speed at which the kinetic energy plus the gravitational potential energy of an object is zero.[nb 1] It is the speed needed to "break free" from the gravitational attraction of a massive body, without further propulsion.
    For a spherically symmetric body, the escape velocity at a given distance is calculated by the formula[1]
    v_e = \sqrt{\frac{2GM}{r}},
     On the surface of the Earth, the escape velocity is about 11.2 kilometers per second (~6.96 mi/s), which is approximately 33 times the speed of sound (Mach 33) and several times the muzzle velocity of a rifle bullet (up to 1.7 km/s). However, at 9,000 km altitude in "space", it is slightly less than 7.1 km/s.

    To put this in layman's terms, you need to be going a certain speed in order to break free of earth's orbit to get out into space: to go to the moon, mars, whatever.  If you are going a little bit under this speed with the accelerator maxed, you are going to start slowing down and eventually get pulled back down to earth, because you did not achieve escape velocity. Basically, escape velocity allows you to "break free" and onward to better things going up, and punishes and pulls back down those that do not achieve it. Achieving escape velocity requires a lot of energy. So does making money.

    $12-$15 dollars an hour in 2014 is not achieving escape velocity

    Life costs money. And when you are earning $24,000 to $30,000 (12-15/hr) you are not earning enough of it to cover your needs. And if you barely are able to cover your rent, utility bills, food, etc, you are one car repair away from catastrophe where everything comes unraveling down around you. You have to have money to repair the car or you can't go to work. If you pay the car repair, you won't have money this month to make rent. Things start to fall apart due to the laws of entropy (re: everything breaks eventually) and you are not going to have the money to cover it. Due to the laws of entropy you will only have so long you will be able to rely on your current resources until you consume them like a cloud of locusts, drawing energy from them because you are not drawing enough energy from outside sources; as in a sufficient salary. Thus eventually your car with 144,324 miles is gonna break, you are going to have an unexpected medical bill, your landlord is going to raise your rent, you are eventually going to max out your 2 or three credit cards that have a terrible interest rate of 14%+ because chances are your credit rating and or income level has not been deemed sufficient enough for a better more competitive rate, and you will start to drown in a sea of debt that you will attempt to make payments on but will unable to in the long term. The ship will start to sink.  

    So living like this will have you living in the red. It doesn't work. If a company tried operating like this it would go out of business.
    So like a spacecraft attempting to leave earth's orbit and not achieving escape velocity and falling back down towards earth, so will you attempt to move forward in your life and collapse in on yourself like the house at the end of the first Poltergeist movie. You are simply going to have to make more money not only to just survive, but thrive. I figure that current escape volocity  (July 2014) is approximately at $25+per hour. With that salary even though you will be living a bit tight, you can still put away some money to invest, start a business or whatever as long as you maintain a tight budget on your finances and not live above your means while you are scraping and saving. It also helps if you are living with a partner that is also earning a decent salary and you pool your resources. And it takes discipline. Here is a quick story about discipline. The thing about discipline is that a lot of foreigners that come to the united States have it and a lot of Americans do not, they feel entitled. Foreigners know strife and poverty and are not afraid of hard work.

    A Cambodian Woman named Kayha in 1979

    In 1979 there was a Cambodian Dictator named Pol Pot who was slaughtering millions of his people in his mad attempt to exert and maintain strict totalitarian control over the Cambodian nation. A young woman by the name of Kayha who had just given birth decided that she didn't want to raise her daughter in such a jackboot environment and decided to escape. Like escaping present day North Korea, being captured meant certain death. She ran miles through fields of barbed wire and machine guns and searchlights all the while holding her hand over her baby's mouth so that the babies cries wouldn't give their position away. Her husband, at the same time was also escaping, going another direction, as he couldn't be found there the next day with her gone. They didn't know if they were ever going to see each other again, or if one of them or any of them would make it out alive. Eventually Kayha made it to a safe refuge in a friendly country and had no idea if her husband was also as lucky. She eventually found some relatives in the United States who put her and her baby up while she worked hard as a cleaning lady, saving every dime. Her husband, much to her joy, located her family and contacted her, letting her know he was fine and he was coming to Illinois and they had a joyous reunion. They scrimped and saved and both had jobs as cleaning people working for agencies and finally had enough money saved to get a small apartment in Deerfield Illinois. Meanwhile, here I am 14 years old and picking my nose playing video games with a backwards baseball hat sitting on the couch knowing nothing about hard work as my Dad worked his way up to President of his company. Dad decided that my Mom now deserved a cleaning woman now that we were finally making some money (re: Dad was finally making some money) I looked up from the Atari game I was playing as I heard that the new cleaning woman would start Monday.
    Monday came around and a very pretty Cambodian woman by the name of Kayha was smiling standing on our step.
    She got to work and busted ass. She was a good looking girl, always with a smile on her face, and always did a great cleaning job, according to my parents. At first her command of the English language wasn't that strong, but she was a quick learner, aided mostly by the total immersion being in a foreign country. Imagine if you went to Cambodia to live and work...Asian and European languages are very foreign to one another with no real common linguistic roots. In short, for Kayha to come over here and start speaking English within 6 months was no small feat. It wasn't until about a year into working for us that she opened up to us and told us of the horrors that she escaped from. We were really astonished what our cleaning lady had been through to do the simplest thing that we took for granted: to survive. And she had plans. She wanted to open up a Cambodian Restaurant with her husband and said they were both saving every single cent.
    She would get rides from her agency as her and her husband had no car. Sometimes I would ride with my mom and give her a ride back to her apartment across town in deerfield and she would tell us of how her and her husband would buy powered milk to save money and never eat out and only buy what was nessesary for them and the baby. Wow, me and my mom would say after we dropped her off. She is living super tight and saving everything. Good for them!
    One day about 2 years later, the agency she worked for called us and told us that Kayha had moved on to other things and that they would be sending a replacement. Kayha then actually called us that night and told us the good news: Her and her husband were now working at a restaurant in order to learn the workings of running such a place, but were actually working as a hostess and waiter. We wished them well. For a couple of months, me and my mom would wonder what Kayha was up to as she was such a great person. We really liked her. Over the next few years, we lost touch.
    Sometime around 1987 or 1988 we got a phone call in the late afternoon. It was Kayha! She excitedly told us that she now owned two Cambodian Restaurants with her husband and she is going to stop by our house later that night to give us some appetizers and dinner from her restaurant in celebration of the Chinese New Year. She came over, and blew into our house all excited and full of energy and dressed very fashionable. We all sat and talked with her and her husband and caught up. She now owned two Cambodian restaurants and finally has money and her and her husband were looking to purchase a third. It was amazing that this woman could come from nothing and make something out of herself. With financial discipline and a plan.

    Lets review:
    1. Escapes crazy dictator almost dies, has 5 cents in her pocket
    2. Moves to America
    3. Cleans toilets saves every dime
    4. Gets job in restaurant to learn inner workings of restaurant
    5. Opens own restaurant becomes successful, opens a second and third

    How's that for Hustle? So what did Kayha do that was different? She was making the equivelent of todays 12-15 dollars an hour but she was also combining this salary with a significant other, who was also making the equivelent of todays 12-15 dollars an hour. Plus she scrimped and saved. And they didnt have a car. Old cars can suck money. And where they worked was right in the area where they lived, so they didnt have to spend a lot of time and resources (gas, bus passes) on travel to and from work. She saved every cent. He saved every cent. What Americans would have the dicapline to live like this? Not very many. This is why where it could be done, you would much rather get a job earning $25/hour and save and work your way up from there. I will tell you later in the post how anyone can do this. And it involves attaching yourself to the industry that the 1% are currently making thier billions from. And you don't even need a college degree. And now a quick history of the American worker and the Middle Class. A little sneak peak: it used to be real easy in the 1950's and 1960's. You could just graduate from high school and start work at the Solo cup assembly line or the mail room and work your way up over the years to the executive ranks.  And with this salary you could buy a house, get married, have your wife stay home and not also have to work, buy a car or two and while enjoying suburbia even having money to vacation now and then. Not anymore! What happened? What happened to the leave it to Beaver middle class American Dream?

    A Quick History of the American Worker

    In the late 1800's the Industrial Revolution occurred as mechanization revolutionized industry and created the assembly line. No longer were workers living at home and tending their farms or banging out horseshoes working for themselves, now they were flowing to the cities in search of work. Working for someone else. There were big bosses, heads of industry that arose in an area where there were no rules. They made huge amounts of money and did anything necessary in order for their businesses to grow, take on market share and grow and profit some more. This was the Gilded Age. These men did great things for america. They build the railroads. They supplied the steel that built the cities. They created mechanized slaughterhouses and food distribution for grocery stores now supplying food for those that lived in the cities.
    These men did this in an age of no rules. Anything went. This is before the trust busters, and monopolies were king, such as Standard Oil, Pullman Trains, and Carnegie Steel. The problem was, these Kings of the Guilded Age did these great works not only for the public, but for themselves. They massed fortunes that are worth 500 billion each today. And the american workers made almost none of it: People worked for 16 hours a day, had no healthcare, children also worked right along side of them for 16 hour days. Conditions for the worker were despicable and there were injuries and death. Workers were told how much they were gonna make and how they were going to work and too bad.
    This didnt sit well with some workers. For instance, some mine workers formed something called the "Molly Maguires" in the 1870'swhich was a thug workers gang that was the beginning of unionization. Over the next several decades, workers unions began springing up sticking up for fair pay and unions rights. There was some epic clashes between the big companies and unions over the course of 50 years. Finally by the 1950's unions were at thier peak. And the American middle class union worker enjoyed prosperity at a never before seen level. There was fair work hours. Fair pay. Medical benifits. Collective bargaining. In the 50s and 60s the American worker was properous. Raising your family on one income was commonplace, and our nation prospered under the social programs of the 1930s and the 1960s. Yup. Things were great for America. Two cars in every driveway. The rapid expantion of suburbs. Grade schools. High schools. The husband coming home at the end of the day met by his wife wearing an apron with dinner in the oven. 

    And Then in 1979

    Then the big money boys got together in the late 1970's and decided that they wanted all the money. They felt that money was being unnecessarily being spread out all over the place with the high salaries being forced upon them by the unions. They were bound by collective bargaining rules, high taxes, and restrictions. This needed to change. Enter their man Ronald Reagan. While most people look back on the prosperous big 80's as the go go big money prosperous 80's, it was really the beginning of the end of the American Dream.

    Ronald Reagan and the end of the Unions

    The Reagan era started in 1980 and along with it came the Republican's power bid to create a massive transfer of money from the wage earners to the owners of businesses by lowering tax rates, restricting employees collective bargaining, and rolling back rules and regulations on financial institutions. Under the leadership of Reagan, laws were issued and bills signed that began to dismantle the unions. This was the beginning of the end of the middle class as high paying jobs became low paying jobs with the difference going in the owners pocket. Now it was easy to get cheap labor. Plus in the 90's globalization came into play. Factories began to close down in North America because it was way cheaper to make gym shoes or car parts in third world countries paying workers there 70% less of what they would have to pay American workers. The only ones now making the money were the business owners and stockholders. The great age of prosperity had come to an end in america. If you drive around america you will see many closed factories, cities that are bankrupt like Detroit, and States that are bankrupt like Illinois and California. Now when a man and women live together they both have to work. And those high paying union jobs are quickly dissappearing. Its just harder to get by in america. You cant just have a high school degree and go across town to the solo cup factory and work your way up. Those in low paying non union assembly jobs tend to stay there in low paying positions and when the factory closes because it got outsourced to a company in Mexico the workers are now unemployed. Non union workers at Walmart are paid the lowest possible wage and are told to get thier healthcare from the state in a welfare configuration. Corporate profits are now up, yet at the same time, worker pay is now down, while the money all goes to the bosses and the stockholders who demand cheap labor and high profits. This is bankrupting America at the benefit of the few. 
    Reagan and the rich claimed "Trickle down Economics". Reagan also claimed that the job creators help everyone and their taxes should be cut and benefits should be levied their way in order for everyone to be helped, much like a rising tide raises all the boats in the harbor. But as the below video illustrates, that's not how it works.

                                                         The Wealthy are NOT job creators

    Productivity climbed tremendously in the last 30 years, but the money isnt going into anyones pockets but the upper class. The richest 10% hold 86% of the world's wealth. The richest 1% hold 46% of the world's wealth. Its like an addiction: Money wants more money. And the rich have the money and the clout to do exactly what they did in the early 1980's. They swung their wieght around through political PACS and lobbyists and had the laws changed under the guise that it would help the economy to tax them less and have them less constrained to the unions with their bargaining and high salaries. They lobbied to have the trade agreements and borders eased so that instead of just having the united states as their production ground they could now move thier factories so soak in the cheap labor of mexico and Asian countries. 
    For example Nike in the 90s closed down factories in america and got rid of the high paid union workers in order to move their factories to Asia which had no unions and very cheap labor where they could have their gym shoes made for 80% cheaper cost. Then they ship those shoes right back to america and charge a high price for them. But who can afford them? Laid off or low salaried workers? The majority of america is now broke, and thats how its going to come back and bite the corporations in the ass. Its like these corporations are borrowing money (cheap oursourced overseas labor) but will have to pay the bill (america is broke, cant afford the products they are trying to sell here with labor they didnt pay for here) down the line. 

    Since 1980 onward, there was a larger and larger disparity between worker pay and CEO pay. In 1980, the average CEO was paid 80 times more than the average worker. Today in 2014, the average CEO makes 300 times more than the average worker. Companies claim its because to keep and retain the best talent, you have to pay for it, and if you don't dole out huge bonuses and stock options, another company will. The Wealthy's  income has grown since the recession recovery and the bottom 90% have dropped. As a matter of fact, the wealthy have actually grown richer since the recession.
    In a standard recession or depression, the average to poor get destroyed. They lose their wealth and they cannot find new jobs. The rich are financially independent. In a recession or depression when they observe real estate or stocks flattened in value, they simply bargain shop AND BUY MORE at lower prices. Then when the market comes back and the recession is over the flattened stock and or real estate jumps back up in price and viola, the rich make a huge profit.

    Serious inequality is only good for the rich few percent, and even at that, only for the short term. Consider the following article: 


    6 Ways Extreme Income Inequality Is Making Your Life Worse

    Below are the most shocking consequences of this income inequality:
    1. Income inequality forces Americans into debt.
    As the wealthy become wealthier, they create an “economic arms race in which the middle class has been spending beyond their means in order to keep up,” a 2013 study from the University of Chicago’s Marianne Bertrand and Adair Morse concludes.
    2. Income inequality makes America sick.
    Researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health found that women living in areas with large gaps between the “haves” and “have-nots” are at greater risk of being depressed and are nearly twice as likely to suffer from depression compared to the women living in areas that have a more equal income distribution.
    3. Income inequality makes America less safe.
    Statistical patterns show that crime rates increase with rising economic inequality. For instance, a 1999 Harvard analysis of the homicide rates in each state and the District of Columbia found that as the gap between the rich and the poor rose, the rate of homicide rose along with it. Income inequality alone accounted for “74 percent of the variance in murder rates and half of the aggravated assaults,” the research concluded. A 2002 World Bank studyconfirmed these results, concluding that homicide and an unequal distribution of resources are inextricably tied throughout the world.
    4. Income inequality makes America less democratic.
    A large body of research suggests that high inequality leads to lower levels of representative democracy and a higher probability of revolution, as poorer citizens become convinced that the government is only serving and representing the interests of the rich. And today’s political candidates and parties are relying more on deep pocketed campaign donors than at any other time since the early 1970s, when Congress first enacted campaign finance laws.
    5. Income inequality undermines the American dream.
    New research finds that while economic mobility in the United States has stayed flat for two decades, the distance between the richest Americans and the poorest has grown dramatically. So if social mobility is a ladder, this means “the rungs of the ladder have grown further apart (inequality has increased), but children’s chances of climbing from lower to higher rungs have not changed,” the researchers note.
    6. Income inequality is undermining long-term economic growth.
    Societies with greater income inequality experience slower and less stable economic growth, a recent global comparison from the International Monetary Fund concludedand see far shorter economic expansions.

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    How To Cure Spinal Stenosis #healthcare #sickness

  • Thursday, July 10, 2014
  • Mark Laechel


    This is an article on how to cure Spinal Stenosis and my journey back to health. In this article I will be talking about the causes, the mainstream medical treatments, and the actual non medical mainstream treatments I
    have undertook in order to once again be healthy and restore the normal functioning of my back and legs. Spinal Stenosis is no joke: if you are unfortunate enough to come down with this it can seriously affect your life with pain and depression. First things first: My story and how I got this.

    About Myself

    I became a truck driver in Janurary 2005. At the time I was 35-36 years old and looking to make some money, I signed up at Schneider National and they sent me to their in house trucking school in Green Bay Wisconsin. Afterwards, I hit the road and drove sitting in a seat 11 hours a day most days, and along with working on the docks and supervising loading and/or sweeping out my truck, I would end up working 14 hours a day for most days. At first being in my mid 30's, I was tired at the end of the day, but still energetic. I was basically my own boss, and as long as I got the load there on time I didn't have anyone breathing down my neck. I saw the country, took breaks, jumped in and out of the cab at truck stops, got a slice of pizza here and there, and drank Monster Energy drinks. I had a lot of energy, I would bound out of the cab and feel energetic when I would fuel the truck. I tried to stay in shape and for the most part succeeded. When I saw I was gaining some weight I bought a cooler and stocked it with ice and just had milk and cereal in the morning with a breakfast bar and for lunch I would have lunch meat sandwiches and for some microwavable ravioli. I worked hard, didn't make much money, but I was healthy. And all the while, I would non stop pound Diet Mountain Dew to stay alert. I was going through about 12 dews a day on average. One when I got up, a few to get me going, always had a can open while driving, some for lunch, some for dinner, and a can of dew and a water next to me on the bunkstand while reading in my bunk listening to satellite radio before going to sleep at the end of my day. I was two weeks out working 14 hours a day on the road, sitting in a seat for 11 hours a day, and then I took two days off at home. I did this for about 2 years then was pretty burned out, so I left schneider and came home and drove a day truck during the day for a couple of years. That was nice because my routes were around the town I lived in, and I was able to work days and come home at the end of the day like a normal person and eat dinner, tv, etc and sleep in my own bed. In 2012, partly due to the recession, a lot of the local day trucking companies were starting to go out of business So I went back to work with Schnieder. This time I would be out for 4 days and home for three days, it was a much better schedule. I used a food cooler, and once again I was pounding the Diet Mountain Dew.  However, I was again working 14 hour days and sitting in a seat in a truck that was bouncing around for 11 hour days. And this time, I was now 43 years old.

    Whats Happening To Me?

    So once again Im driving 11 hours a day working 14 hours a day total and I do this for coming up on two years. Suddenly at the end of October/beginning of November 2013 I suddenly notice that when I get up from the drivers chair my feet feel heavy. What the hell? It starts getting worse over the course of a week or two. My legs now feel heavy. Like instead of having shoes on, it feels like I have two big slabs of concrete on when I'm walking. When at a customer or at a repair shop I would walk around the waiting room or down a hallway and it would feel like I'm lurching around like Frankenstein. Heavy heavy legs. It felt like it now took 3-4 times the normal effort to move them.
    I was starting to freak out, because this wasn't going away. I started to look around online and figured that maybe due to my diet my arteries were narrowing and the blood supply to my legs were getting cut off with the narrowed arteries and always sitting 11 hours a day each day. I started taking supplements at the health food store that would get rid of the plaque in my arteries including garlic pills.
    It started to get worse, and so I saw my Doctor. He diagnosed my with Chronic Spinal Stenosis, which is basically chronic inflammation so bad that the inflamed area around my lower spine is swelling and starting to crush my spinal cord. This was affecting the peripheral nerves that come out of the lower spine that go down the legs which allows you to have the sensation of feedback in your legs, the sensation of touch, and the ability to move your legs. If this condition keeps progressing, eventually I could lose bowel control or even the use of my legs. Nice, huh?
    I started to take work off, and was lucky enough to crash with my parents to recover. At the same time it just so happened that my mom broke her back in a fall so I was needed to care for her and I took that same time to begin healing myself.
    Unfortunately, the Spinal Stenosis continued to get worse.

    Things get Worse

    As the weeks went by and I was off work in January and February, my legs were getting weaker and I was feeling weak in the knees. I would have to climb the stairs like an old man and I dont look like an old man: Here is my picture of myself taken right in the beginning of this. I am 45 years old in this picture.
    As far as I can tell, Im a little better off than some 45 year olds I know as my hair is still dark and my face still looks relatively young. But my back and legs were failing me. I would have to climb the stairs like an 80 year old holding on to the rail, all stooped over. My lower back was losing feeling in it, plus there was a general weakness in my core stabilizer lower back muscles right in the lower back area, which felt like all my strength was gone as well as any feeling of well being. My legs were weak and shaky as well when I would walk. And another thing that was causing me pain: when I was using my legs to walk it almost felt as though I was working against my legs muscles to move them and that actually hurt as well. It was torture. I just wanted to sit around all day and not use my legs. And guess what? Then you start to gain weight and get out of shape. Which in turn leads to more inflammation. I was at my wit's end. Why was this happening to me?

    So I started looking around for answers. First to my Medical Doctor.

    My Doctor's Take

    The first thing my doctor did was send me for a nerve conduction test. So I made an appointment and a week later I hobbled over to the other side of the hospital and went into a room with another doctor and an assistant and they hooked my legs up to shock electrodes and using a diagostic machine with a video monitor ran increasingly larger and larger shock electrical currents down my legs from electrodes attached to them in different places. What the machine was doing was measuring electrical impedence through my periphreal nerve network in my legs to see if they were still intact/ fucntioning properly. It was pretty unconfortable, the doctor would be like, "Get ready, here comes a big shock" and wham, a harsh electrical shock down the leg, and then he would check out the readout to see how much conduction went on through my nerves. 
    After a few big shocks and small shocks through my legs the doctor then announced that my nerves have been comprimised by some kind of crush event in the lower spine and were rebuilding themselves. He mentioned that there was not much else to be done, perhaps I should have an MRI to take a look.
    MRIs are expensive, so I did not have one done. The doctors decided that it wasnt a disk out of place and that it was just inflammation. They prescribed Zoloft, and anti depressant, and basically told me that they could percribe steroids to keep the inflammation down to an extent, and if that doesn't work, well, then there is surgery. Other than that, there was nothing that could be done for me. Medical science pretty much says there is no real cure for Spinal Stenosis, it usually just progresses. They said if it continues to get worse, we will just have to operate on it. I saw what happened to my mom after they operated on her back and put some rods in her spine and readjusted her disks. Her back was never the same again and she was always in pain. I then saw horror stories on the internet and in chat rooms how people elected for back surgery and now they are always in pain. I figured the only way I was going to have my back operated on was in a case of emergency only, such as I am in a car wreck or if I can no longer use my legs. Because from what I see for mild to average cases, being operated on only makes it worse and creates more chronic inflammation. No, I was going to have to find another way.

    Being over 40 and inflammation

    One big problem about being on the wrong side of 40 is chronic inflammation. This is when the immune system malfunctions and either 1) attacks an area of tissue in your body causing swelling or 2) The immune system starts to not do its job and there is an infection in an area such as your lower back and it starts to swell up or 3) There is an injury, such as a repetitive work injury like sitting in the same position every day or you have had surgery on your lower back and now the body is going to malfunction and attack the injured site and make it worse with chronic inflammation.
    Chronic Inflammation is very common with aging. It can be brought about by many factors. But one thing is for sure: Its a spiraling condition where it causes stress and quicker aging, which in turn causes more chronic inflammation. They feed into each other. This doesn't happen when you are in your 20s because your body is functioning at a premium efficiency fighting inflammation with such natural hormones that are circulating in high levels in your blood: specifically Melatonin and DHEA, which I will cover later on. If you are over 40 and have chronic inflammation you need to stop and reverse this quickly, or you are going to get weaker and more sick and in turn this will cause you to age and get weaker and yes, more sick. Its like your body is the ship and the ship is going down. Like a guest who won't leave, Chronic Inflammation won't go away on its own. You have to be proactive and do something about it.

    What I needed to Do

    I now realized that what Spinal Stenosis was, barring any actual disk slip or physical damage from some kind of impact, was essentially just chronic runaway inflammation and that I needed to stop it or I would have a real shit rest of my life and possibly lose the functioning of my legs. So this is how I did it. But first something about a popular destination.

    Mayo Clinic for your Spinal Stenosis

    One thing people think is that Mayo clinic is the be all end all, that is the final word on illness determination and recovery. When normal doctors are at a loss, they always recommend going to Mayo Clinic. I have had experience with this...let me tell you a bit about my sister and her problem.
    Starting in her early 30s she started to have balance problems and feeling light headed and Ill. This sort of came out of no where and she was seeing 2 doctors about it who quite honestly after running a few tests were baffled. There was a meeting and Mayo Clinic was suggested. Did we have insurance? We did, we said. So the decision was made to make the journey up north (Minnesota I believe) to Oz. We were off to see the wizard. If Mayo Clinic could help, well, that would be a big positive as my sisters health was in decline at the young tender age of her early 30s. 
    She got there and right away she had a meeting with 5 doctors and they reviewed and analyzed her symptoms. Wow, my sister thought. These doctors are on top of things. At last, some answers. They got right to it with a battery of tests. She had a balance test, where she was on a mechanized table that would suddenly tilt and whirl around testing for POTS and other possible conditions. She had other tests over the next three days where they were looking for everything. She dropped a VERY QUICK 10 thousand dollars for these tests and suddenly our insurance company rebelled. There were more tests to take as the doctors wanted more information but now for every step (every test) they wanted to take, they would have to send out a request to the insurance company who would then sit on it for three days before they got back to Mayo. More often than not, the request was denied, or at the very least watered down to the point where the test would have to be changed, or abandoned.
    Mayo then realized that my sister was out of money and that there was nothing more that could be done/looked at and thank you very much. We think you may have POTS but without more money there is no going forward. 
    Mayo Clinic is like a big expensive law firm. They'd love you as a client as long as you have the money. But if you don't have money you are wasting their time and thank you very much. They are cash hogs and they burn through money with expensive tests and consultations. Furthermore, while my sister was waiting for each step to be OK'd by the insurance company, she was paying for a hotel room for three days of down time waiting for decisions. 
    Its a pricey situation. If you got the coin, I'm sure its a great medical institution that can come down to the reason of your illness, I am not slamming on their expertise. But be prepared to have 50,000-100,000 on reserve especially if you are a unique situation that is confounding normal doctors and they have to do a lot of exploratory testing to determine the cause of your condition.
    What about Spinal Stenosis? Does Mayo have a treatment from the year 2234 that will heal it as if you are 20 years old again?
    Unfortunately, no. Here is a link right to thier page with the treatments they offer:

    These treatments are the standard cookie cutter treatments that you can get through your own doctor/hospital system. Drugs, therapy, surgery. And before you went in for any kind of elective back surgery I would try EVERYTHING I said on this blog. Vitamin D. Huge amounts of Vitamin C. The Tibetian Yoga. (The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder available on The Aspartame situation. Hell, simply just start reading right below!!

    How To Reverse Spinal Stenosis (Chronic Inflammation)

    1) Super-dose on Vitamin C.  

       I would like to direct your attention to this site that I found:
       I want you to spend some time and read the ENTIRE page. You got time to have a bad back, you got   
       time to read the entire page. Now go to the store and buy a small  to medium size jar of Vitamin C 
       crystals (Ascorbic Acid). The one I use is NOW brand 8 oz jar. I use 5 scoops a day, and according
       to the above page link, that is over 10,000 mg (10g) a day. Not only does this drastically improve
       your inflammed areas, it provides collegen for rebuilding and drastically improves your immune system. 
       So much, in fact, that when I feel a cold or cough coming on, I scoop several scoops of this into a big 
       glass of Orange Juice, slam it, and the next morning I'm fine. No cold. Period. A small note, however,
        at the beginning of this protocol it will cause a bit of stomach upset and gas. Then you will adjust to it.
       You can buy this at any health food store or GNC.

    2. Turmeric root and Ginger root

          I would recommend that you buy these not pre processed in a jar, but in raw root form sitting in a bin
          much like you would buy onions or tomatoes in the vegetable section at the grocery store. Seeing that
          these two roots arent that common, you can find them at a health food store like Whole Foods or
          in the Chicago area, I know that Mariano's has them. If you cant find them fresh, then go to GNC and
          get them in pill form. Both of these GREATLY cut down on inflammation. I peel them, dice them up
          and throw them in the blender with some orange juice and some cayenne pepper. I then pour the 
          mixture into an old juice bottle and throw in a scoop of the above vitamin c and slam it like a shot.
          Bad aftertaste to the point where you will wince, but hey, this is medicine. I do two of these a day. The
          mixture I made after dicing and mixing in the blender that I put in the juice bottle will last several days
          in the fridge. x2 daily.

    3. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar and Arm and Hammer Baking Soda

          You can find a small bottle of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) at any Target. Simply put a table
           spoon or two of ACV in a juice glass, add about half a glass of water, then mix in a teaspoon of 
           baking soda. This will make the mixture foam up. Now add a half teaspoon of honey, and stir mixture
           with the spoon and down it like a shot. ACV has been shown to decrease inflammation and the 
           baking soda decreases acidity in the body, also decreasing inflammation. You can go online and read 
           user stories how people take this 2 times a day to stop inflammation in the body. 

    4. Stop Drinking Diet Coke: Aspartame is Poison!!!

         You might find this one a little wierd, but this is dead serious. Remember when I said earlier in my
          story that I was a diet Mountain Dew addict and I was pounding cans of MT Dew like they were
          going out of style? Well as it turns out, this actually most likely had a good part of what happened
          to my back. I want you to watch the below video IN ITS ENTIRETY so you can get up to speed
          on aspartame and its dangers. 
         Have you watched the video? Holy Shit!! Now I want you to read the below link of a guy that was
         getting more and more mystery inflammation and then went cold turkey on all Aspartame. You will
         have to read his account to find out what happened:
         I would advise that you take this very seriously: Weak legs and a bad back is no joke and you will
         have to do anything in your power to go down this list and try and or eliminate everything that I am 
         presenting to you here. Yes, if you are addicted to diet drinks diet yogurt, artificial sweetener for 
         your coffee you are going to be jonesing for the above. But your back is going to heal. And so will
         your legs.

    5. Melatonin and DHEA

         When you are in your 20's your body is awash with both of these hormones. Melatonin and DHEAare responsible for growth and repair. So much so in fact that they are responsible for an entire 
    cascade of events in the body: Nerve Growth Factor hormones, Human Growth Hormone, testosterone, estrogen, follicle stimulating hormone, the list goes on and on. While you are young your body operates
          at peak efficiency of repair and growth. After 40, both of these hormones significantly begin to dry up
     and things are no longer being repaired and inflammation begins as everything starts its downward slide.
          Buy a 3mg bottle of Melatonin and take a pill before you go to sleep and by day 3 you will notice that your inflammation is greatly reduced as Melatonin interferes with inflammation signaling that can lead  to inflammation. DHEA also does the same thing. Anther thing that both of these hormones do is cause damaged nerves to regrow, and many scientific journals have had papers published that demonstrate this fact. please note
          that the first three returns are scientific papers.

    6. Lecithin

         Lecithin can be bought in your health food store and comes in a bottle of granules that you can mix 
         into any drink. They dissolve into certain fats that rebuild your nerve axion fiber and sheath in damaged
         nerves. Take this 2- 3 times a day. Relatively cheap and very effective.

    7. No Sugar! At all!

          Sugar causes inflammation like you wouldn't believe. While you are healing there is absolutely no 
          sugar allowed. Go ahead. Test this. Be doing the above protocol and after a few days of no sugar
          go on out and get a large regular coke and McDonalds and drink it. A few hours later your back will
          be hurting again and your legs bothering you. You need to cut inflammation. No sugar. Watch pre
          packaged foods as well for sugar. It is best that you make your own food from scratch while dealing
          with this and not be eating prepackaged processed foods.

    8. The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

          Go to my other post where I talk about aging and my experiences with doing this yoga. Pay particular
          attention to the series of videos that I talk about that this lady made journaling her progress with this 
          yoga. Every week she made a video of herself and by week 5-6 she actually appeared younger. And it
          kept going in each video she posted. You can check this out for yourself by clicking  HERE.
          I have found many sites on the internet with people who regularly do these exercises experiencing 
          massive physical regeneration and almost total reversal of arthritic symptoms. Also, if you go to 
          Amazon and look up "The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" by Peter Kelder and look at all
          the customer reviews comments, you can see that this is the real deal. I myself have been doing these
          exercises and they have helped tremendously.

    9.  Join A Health Club And Exercise

         If you continue to lay around, your inflammation is going to get worse. Research has shown that exercise
         actually cuts down on the infalmmation process in the body and at the same time increases human 
         growth hormone (the repair hormone) and this also cuts back on inflammation. But this a two edged 
         sword: If you DON'T do this and lay around, you are going to gain weight and your imflammation is
         going to get worse. Start slow. Don't over do it. Lightly start aerobic exercise by slowly riding the 
         exercise bike. Depending on your physical condition, you might also want to lightly work out with 
         wieghts, be it free wieghts, machines, or light dumbbell work. All of this will slowly bring your body back.

    10. Towel Rub

         It sounds stupid, but vigoursly rub a dry towel around your back and legs. It helps if you have a shirt on
         and there is static electricity. Static electricity has been shown to decrease inflammation. Do this twice a

    11. Alternate Frozen Ice Pack/Heating Pad Lower Back

         Get down on the floor and watch some tv and put a frozen ice pack in the small of your back between
         yourself and the floor underneath you. When that is all nice and cold, suddenly switch out the frozen
         pack for a heating pad that you already have set on high. Switch these back and forth several times over 
         the course of 20 minutes. This greatly increases blood flow to the lower back and aids healing and 
         cuts inflammation.

    Well that is pretty much it and should do it to cure you of your Spinal Stenosis. But you have got to do more than read the above you actually have to DO it. And Im guessing since there is so little information on how to cure this on the internet that you are actually going to go ahead and try this. What do you have to lose? Don't forget to also meditiate. See yourself at age 25 in perfect health and imagine that your body is reverting to the 25 year old you and do this 3 times a day for 2 minutes each.
    Soon I will do a second part on this for really stubborn cases. The above should help 90% of all that read this. Good luck and thanks for reading!

    UPDATE JULY 08 2016-----------------------------------------------------------------

    After some reasearch and some doctors I finally found out what happened to me. It turns out it was a cascade of failures that caused my Spinal Stenosis.

    1. At age 43 I started to drive a truck. Causing me big physical inactivity for 11 hours a day in a seat. No exercise. Bad diet. Living on soft drinks and sandwiches and fast food.

    2. My back started recieving some injury via repetitive work stress injury bouncing around in a truck seat all day.

    3.My blood sugar started to rise and get a bit out of control via my bad diet and constant softdrinks and no exercise.

    4. Therefore the acid levels and sugar levels in my bloodstream started to rise. The human body has a very narrow operating range as far as acid levels are concerned. Too much can cause death. The body deals with this immediately by attempting to lower the acid levels by using Calcium. Calcium has a positive charge and the body uses it to pull acid in your bloodstream out by using Calcium as a sponge. The problem is after it uses some calcium to mop up some of the acid, it is left holding a pile of acidic soaked Calcium. It has to put it somewhere out of the bloodstream. Again, too much acid in the bloodstream is death.

    5. I wasnt getting enough calcium in my diet, not drinking enough milk. Therefore my teeth started to crumble as my body started going after calcium to get calcium. I had one tooth fall apart in my mouth and had to see a dentist for an emergency appointment. I had all sorts of cavities and tooth problems.

    6. Back to number 4 above, my body needed somewhere to put the acid soaked calcium. Couldn't filter it out my kidneys, as that would cause kidney damage, or dispose of it out my bowels as it was already in my blood. So my body decided to shore up the point of recurring damage, my lower back that was getting banged around for 11 hours a day in the car seat. The body says, "Hey. Its a win win. I can have a place to dump this acid out of the blood and at the same time I can shore up the lower back with calcium/bone material to help protect against further repetitive stress damage.

    7. So my body starts shoring up my lower spine with additional bone material as a dumping ground for the acid/calcium bone, and my lower spine starts thickening up. The problem with this is your spine has hollow points and holes all over it as your spinal cord, the bodys nerves superhighway runs through it, with smaller nerves branching off through the spinal cord via 'offramps' servicing nerves to your legs, bowels, lower body, feet, toes, etc. As the bone starts builidng up , nerves start to get crowded, and eventually start to get crushed.

    8. Fast forward to 6 months later when I finally stood up one day from my seat and my legs felt like they were heavy and full of concrete. I now had nerve damage and my legs were now feeling heavy and tired and this went on for two years.

    9. Seeing that I havent been changing my diet much, this continued for quite a while. Heavy tired legs, core felt weak, hard time walking up the stairs, hard time getting out of a chair like an old man. Zest for life gone. No longer wanted to go out. Saw doctors, did an MRI, did the nerve conduction test that you can read about in the above section.


    Here it is in a nutshell. 
    1. You have to bring your body into a state of anti acid, or alkalinity. (Baking soda, salt, lemons)
    2. You must hydrate your body
    3. You must do a certain 2 excerises
    Lets talk about number 1 above. What was it that caused this in the first place? Your body trying to squirrel away the acid out of your blood onto your lower spine. Remember I said that the body can operate in a very narrow range of acidosis? It likes to operate at a PH level of 7.35-7.45 on a scale of 1-9. If the body notices that there is not enough acid in the body because you are drinking lots of healthy water, drinking NO SODAS (very acidic. Sodas have a ph range of 2.5 to 3. Battery acid has a PH level of 1. Check out this chart:) 
    When you adjust your acid levels to above 7.5, your body will actually start looking around for acid to balance it back out as you are too alkaline to put it back in its comfortable operating range. So it will start looking around for acid. And it will find acid all Spackled up where it had previously been hiding it away, in my case my lower spine. In my case, it will start dissolving the bone/calcium/acid material that it had packed there earilier in order to get at the acid and re release it into my blood to balance the deficit. Yes. reread that last sentence. This in effect will start to remove the bone buildup in my lower spine that is my spinal stenosis. As the calcium bone is stripped away for the acid, the nerves become freed up and healing can begin.
    Hydration is vital. Your disks in your back will collapse without adequate hydration and your acid levels will climb without it. As your disks collapse, they rupture and can press against your spinal cord causing nerve pain and heavy legs.
    I went to a doctor symposium on this. The doctors said that in order to heal your back you must adequatly hydrate, hang upsidedown and sit on a big gym ball and move your back front to back and side to side while sitting on the gym ball while holding onto something steady with both of your arms while you are rolling the ball back and forth front to back and side to side with your but. This allows the water and nutreiets to rush into your spinal segments between your spinal segments to repair and reydrate your spinal collomn, getting the pressure off your nerves.
    I personally hang upside down on my staircase at a 45 degree angle with my ankles hooked into the banister at the top. However I cannot recommend that for legal reasons as there is a good possibility of you trying it and falling down the stairs headfirst and paralyzing yourself. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS.  Instead, i would look into getting yourself an inversion table. You can go onto amazon and shop for this. 
      Next go to amazon and get yourself an inflatable gym ball. On just type in exercise ball.                                    
    You only need to hang upside down for about 10 minutes once a day for your spinal cord to decompress. You only need to workout with the excercise ball once a day for about 10-15 minutes as well. Remember, sit on the ball and have your arms on a stationary object/objects. Roll your butt around on the ball from side to side and front to back while still sitting on the ball to get blood and water movement and hydration into your spine after you do the upside down spinal hang/stretch.
    So you hang upside-down for about 10 minutes (feels UNBELIEVABLE stretching out your back. You will be moaning and grunting with pleasure) and then move onto the excercise ball movements that I described above. 
    Have a bottle of water with you all day drinking it all day. No coffee or sugar or even diet soda drinks, as they are still way high in acid.  
    In that bottle of water you need to have lemon juice from fresh squeezed lemons, and half a teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder). Just a slice of lemon squeezed into the top of the bottle is sufficient, and then half a teaspoon of arm and hammer baking soda. Make sure the lemon slice is squeezed into the top of the bottle, add the half teaspoon of baking soda and then shake it up. Take about 5 of these per day. While lemon juice is actually acidic on its own, once in the body it rapidly converts to anti acid. Also, baking soda is very alkaline as well. Both of these will rapidly bring your PH up close to 8 rapidly, thus bringing you into a state of health. If you eat clean, salads, no fast food, or soft drinks, etc, your stenosis will begin to reverse as your body will start coming after the calcium buildup material for the acid in your neck or back or whereever your body was storing the acidic calcium it was using to keep your acid levels in your blood from going too high. 
    Here is a video by a guy who uses baking soda to get rid of his diabetes: 

    There is one last piece of the puzzle.
    Did you know that you can still be dehydrated after drinking a whole lot of water? Thats because you are missing essential salt. We evolved on a planet that is mostly salt water. All animals need salt for proper cell/water metabolism. We die without salt. We traded salt in ancient times and animals had trails that would lead to salt to satisfy their requirements. I would recommend that you watch the below video on how to fix your dehydration problem and therefore fix your back: YOU MUST BE PROPERLY HYDRATED IN ORDER TO FIX YOUR STENOSIS and IN ORDER TO BE PROPERLY HYDRATED YOU NEED SALT!

     The above video focuses on dehyration and the crippling effects thereof (panic attacks) but this is how you properly rehydrate yourself. You need MINERALIZED SALT water in order to pull the water into your body cells to properly hydrate. 

    There is your cure. To recap: No sugar, fast food, eat clean, salads, etc, chicken, rice. Constant water with baking soda and lemon juice. salt water 2x a day from the above video to be able to absorb the water you are taking in, exercise, hang upside down, use the exercise ball as directed before. Work out once a day. 

    4/27/2017 APERTAME UPDATE!!

    I stumbled on this quite by accident. I just got back from a trip to the Dominican Republic with my brother. He had just won a trip for himself through high sales output from his company CDW and as he is not seeing anyone right now, he had a +1 ticket and decided to take me along. Now, to set this up, I am/was a diet Mountain Dew addict. Nothing like a crisp cold Mountain Dew. Wake up in the morning, have one, good as cold water in the face and coffee. Remember my trucker story from above? While I was trucking I would go through a sleeve a day of Mountain Dew to keep me alert behind the wheel. Now that I no longer drive a truck, Im still drinking dew all day. Before I go to sleep at night I typically sit up in bed with a backrest behind me and watch a tv show on my tablet. And what do I have on my nightstand next to me? A water and a mountain dew. Ill even wake up in the middle of the night and have a sip of both. So I go on the trip and we arrive in the hotel room at the resort. All they had in the hotel fridge stocked was bottled water, a few beers and a few cokes (non diet, regular sugar.). Im doing some drinking the first day, CDW has a company party on the beach etc. I get back to the hotel room and Im pounding water and some coke from the room fridge and go to sleep. I wake up at about 3am with a very bad headache. I drink more water figuring that Im dehydrated from drinking. Still have the headache in the morning and I wake up feeling hung over and feeling like I have the flu. Not wanting to drag on my brothers vacation, I drag myself out of bed have another water, and half a coke and go eat breakfast by the beach feeling like Im gonna toss my cookies. We then lay down in a covered cabana on the white sand. I feel ill until about 2pm then I start to pull it together. Long story short, for the next couple of days I have reocurring headaches and kept chasing it with bottles of water trying to stay hydrated in the warm humid island atmosphere. Then I start to notice that my lower back is feeling good and my legs do not feel heavy anymore. It suddenly hit me on the last day: I have not had any aspertame via diet drinks in 5 days...Ive been detoxing and now I can walk just fine.

    This blew my mind. Has a poison that Ive been drinking been responsible for all the suffering Ive endured for the last 2 years? So I got home and researched and found the following extreamly informative article:

    I have stopped drinking all diet drinks and stopped using all diet sweeteners. I suggest you do the same. It has made the world of difference for me inside of a week. But you say you LOVE your diet coke. But do you love suffering a bad back, heavy legs and ;pain? Get your priorities straight. I welcome comments at the end of this post.

    Thank you for reading, and I hope the above cures your spinal stenosis so you can go forth and live the life you were meant to live! 

    This is a lot of information so please go back and reread especially after the part where I say HERE IS THE CURE. 

    Any questions? Please leave a comment below. I try to answer all comments and questions.


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