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When the #USdollar #Collapses will you be #Prepared?

  • Sunday, January 11, 2015
  • Mark Laechel
  • When the shit goes down, will you be ready?

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    I just read a statistic: Most people are one paycheck away from being broke in the United States. Yes, I can tell you that is both sobering and depressing.
    Are you one of those people? Then that means that you will be completely unprepared for any emergency or if there is a big global event or if the stock market crashes or if the dollar crashes.
    The dollar crashing would be about as bad as a zombie apocalypse. This is roughly how it would go:

    You would be sitting there watching tv and they would break into your programming with a special bulletin. They would show you images of the stockmarket, of the crowds at the market floor all staring up at a screen with thier mouths open, then a few shots of times square with everyone looking up at the monitor, then a few talking heads. A shot of Bernake walking hurriedly with his advisers, then a shot of Obama walking quickly with his advisers. The next day stores would be getting rushed and cleared out. You wouldn't be able to move around in the stores because they would be clogged full of people. Then gas would start to rapidly rise in cost at the corner station....3,4,5,6 dollars per gallon. More stuff on the news. More speeches by the president to remain calm and what measures are being taken. Meanwhile, the stock market despite all the brakes, continues to crash hard. They turn the machines off for another day of trading. By day three, it is dangerous to get in your car. The cars that are on the road are driving like lunatics. Now when you go to any store, it is cleaned out with 30-20% left. People are fighting over food and water. No one is paying for anything, they are just running in and out. Employees have given up, cops are not bothering to show up as they have more important things to do.
    You are freaking out. How much water and food do you have? How long will you make it on your supplies? You hear emergency vehicles outside going by and people beeping and some yelling. Helecopters going overhead. You turn on the news that night and you are met with scenes of chaos: Empty store shelves, looting, jammed expressways with no one moving, stories about the national gaurd being called out to restore order. Trucks have stopped running, food isn't being restocked on shevles in stores. What is to happen with you and your family? Its like its finally winter and you havent been storing any nuts. Now what? Several days later the power goes out. And after waiting for a couple of hours, it doesnt go back on and you guys are starting to get cold. People are out wandering the streets. Gangs are breaking into houses. Then the water goes out, you turn the handle, and you hear pipes banging and moaning and nothing. With no money people start leaving their posts at the electric and water companies to tend to their immediate family. The police after a week start doing the same thing. You are going to starve if you dont die of thirst. And what about the gangs of people wandering around looking for food breaking into houses? Forget your credit cards. Electricity is off. Banks are closed. All you have is the paper dollars you have in your wallet. And it looks like those are pretty much useless. You look out the window at the chaos, and you hear over a loudspeaker as a tank rolls by to remain in your homes. You will be given instructions. Remain in your homes. More helicopters overhead.

    Yes, this is the worse case scenario and if you Google "US Currency Collapse" you will find several websites that will play this scene out step by step. Most of them are preparedness websites looking to sell you something, but the underlying message is the same. Are you ready in case something rocks your carefully constructed cocoon? Most people are not.
    A few things:

    - Why are you living from check to check? You need to have more of a cushion than one check away from zero. What if you lose your job? What if an emergency comes up, such as a car repair or a furnace repair or an unexpected medical emergency? This shows that you have been living in a complacent fog. Get up, go to work, do the bare minimum, come home, watch big bang theory, eat dinner and go to bed. You have got to expend more energy. Climb that ladder, go back to school, Google salaries for careers that are high paying and get training for those jobs. In my other post, Why you must make more than 12-15 dollars per hour, I outline how $50,000 is the bare minimum you have to make as a single person to get by in this country. Anything less and you are going to be burning through your resources and the ship is going to sink.

    - Most of all you have to learn how to make money like the rich: You have to invest. Investing is a way to make your money work for you at a ratio of 1:1000, 1:10,000 or more instead of you making money 1:1 of you working at your job. The higher ratio means other people in factories and companies are making money for you. Its really the only way to get ahead, because if you work for other people they are going to be making money off of you and paying you the least they can get away with.

    -WAKE UP. The world is falling apart. Are you ready? What if all the above that I wrote happens? You do not want to be living in a city or a suburb when this goes down because besides the no food and water the most dangerous thing will be OTHER PEOPLE. People are all nice and civilized when everything is ordered and the flow is constant. But when it hits the fan and there is no money, structure, food or water, they turn DANGEROUS. People will kill to survive, to provide for themselves and their family. People will break through your windows of your house armed and hold you up for food. They will steal food and supplies from you, effectively screwing you and your family over. I suggest that you have a cabin ready and a quick way to get there. Have the cabin say in a remote area of Montana or North Dakota or in western Canada all stocked full of supplies: Several years worth of food kits and water, guns, ammo, and supplies. You will need a hydroponics system that will enable you to grow fresh vegetables, and you will need to learn how to hunt. Besides guns and bullets, you will need crossbows for when you run out of ammo and learn how to hunt with that.
    You will have to research an electrical generation system on the internet so that you can have power. Also you will need a functioning fireplace for heat in the winter.
    You will have to learn how to defend yourself and your family from intruders, which shouldn't be that often because you will be in the remote hills. With power in your cabin you can watch the chaos in the united states and all the civilized countries.

    - In short, you will have to learn to be self sufficient without access to electronic money.
    -Also, right at the beginning, like several hours into the dollar collapse, you will have to have transportation set up to get you and your family to your cabin.

    Its a harsh world out there, you have to be aware of all the possibilities. Before you think I am crying that the sky is falling, take a look at what is going around you. Google Rex 84 Ronald Reagan and the detention camps that are springing up all over the united states. Also Google FEMA camps. They are all huge detention centers with barb wire around them empty and waiting for something. A few talk shows such as Jessie Ventura tried going out and talking to officials there and they were shut down. The united states is busy arming. The US has been buying billions of rounds of bullets. Now Google FEMA coffins. They have stacked and are getting ready 100,000's of coffins. What is the US getting ready for? I would say this is a pretty big red flag that something is on the way.
    If you rely on other people or your government for help look at what happened after Katrina, or any hurricane in Florida. For two years, people still had blue tarps over their houses and insurance companies dragged ass because they didn't want to cough up a billion dollars. Have the resources and money ready.
    - Speaking of money, when the dust settles down, you are going to have to have something to trade or barter with. And since the US dollar will be like the German Mark in 1927, you will need PHYSICAL GOLD and PHYSICAL SILVER. to buy things with. Gold and silver in themselves have intrinsic value due to their rarity. The US dollar used to be backed on Gold and was taken off the gold standard in the early 70's and this caused massive inflation. The reason this happened was so the bankers could loan out more money and just print and print so they could loan more and more.
    While all systems are still online, start to purchase gold and silver. But just don't do it electronically, you must physically own it, ship it to you and have it in your possession. When all the computers turn off and the phones stop working, you will actually already need to be holding it in your hand.

    Well, thats all for today. Take a look at where you are and what you have and what you can prepare.
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