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Who I am/The Testosterone Project

  • Thursday, July 7, 2016
  • Mark Laechel
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  • I am a blogger that enjoys writing on an anything goes blog site. In other words, I write what I feel about in any given day, not just following a particular niche. I know that not staying in a niche is not going to get me much money as targeted blogs tend to make more money and get more eyeballs, but I really could care less.

    I write about what makes me happy, and I like writing how to and informative posts, as well as some human interest articles.

    I am an active trader in the stock market, and also am a computer technician. I grew up playing video games and sucked at sports. But I could play the hell out of Atari and Nintendo: too bad they didnt have high paying championships live on cable TV back in the late 70s/early 80s or I could have made that my full time job. I sucked at sports. One memory in particular: One time in 5th grade (1979) the girls and guys gym classes were combined together for a day because the female coach called out sick. Gym class would usually be just the guys coached by a guy named Don LaOne (spelling) who basically looked like a 70s porn star. He had a 70s mustache with parted down the middle hair and a big Adams apple. One time he was on the phone in the office with his feet up on the desk hustling up a date for Friday night while we were all playing dodge-ball on the gym floor right outside the office, when one of the head nuns suddenly showed up (I presume to do a spot check on him and the class) and caught him with his feet up while on the phone. There was some yelling and he red faced quickly got his feet off the desk and hung up and came out with the kids. Anyway, I digress. This one day the female gym coach called out sick. She taught the girls gym class separately, so it was decided that day the classes would be combined.

    As I said before, I sucked at sports. In my gym class I had a lot of popular guys that were on the football and basketball teams. Also, the girls in this class were all popular and hot. And I was a goof. I couldn't swing a bat for shit, or catch a football. I was one of the three last kids always picked while picking teams. The end would be one of the captains being like, ok you got _______, and we got (me).
    The game today with the combined class was kickball. Like baseball, but with a big red rubber ball. No bat, you were pitched the ball along the ground, and the (batter) would simply kick the ball to the infield/outfield and run for base. When I was up, the other team in the outfield would all move up closer, and when this big kid named Bubba from the football team (think about a kid named Moose in any high school from the 1950s-1960s) was up, seeing that he would usually kick the ball into orbit, everyone moved way back.
    Now another thing about me. Of course I was a bad fielder. The object was to catch the ball before it hit the ground after the guy (at bat) kicked it, much like baseball. The cool guys knew I sucked, so they would cover my position in the field doubling up their position, telling me to move out of the way running over to catch the ball if it came toward me. I would see the ball coming at me doing Mach2 and hold me arms out ahead of me rigidly like two stationary scoops/hooks like a spaz. The ball would hit my rigid arms and bounce 3 stories back into the air. Now looking back on it, I watched the cool kids absorb the impact of the ball by taking the shock of the speed of the incoming ball by quickly decelerating it by catching it high and lowering the ball rapidly into thier arms cradling it almost coming down to a crouching position, so the ball wouldnt hit something rigid and be caught soft. Of course, I couldnt figure out how to do this.
    So one time some big kid came to the plate and punted it about 20 stories in the air, arcing right toward me in center field. The kid that was playing left field quickly read the situation and came running over toward me as I was looking up at it,doing the stiff both arms hook thing. Suddenly he got an evil look and smile on his face and he stopped coming at me: he decided that for comedy's sake he would leave it to me and see how I handled it.
    Well, this is how I handled it. Time slowed down as everyone watched. All the girls, all the guys in the field, coach Don LaOne, and the popular guy who decided to stop and just watch the show next to me. There I am standing there looking up into the sun, two arms out stiffly like hooks. The ball that must have been doing about 70mph at this point hit me right on the top of my head, and in slow motion spread out over my head and joined both sides under my jaw like a holly hobbie scarf and promptly rocketed off the top of my head 70mph straight up in the air. My body took the shock of the impact and promptly caused me to fall straight down on my ass.
    The game took an extended laugh break. The play was no longer in play because everyone was busy laughing. All the guys in the outfield were about to piss themselves, and the guy who came running up I think did piss himself from laughing so hard. I saw all the chicks laughing thier ass off and as my gaze went down the bench by the plate I then saw coach Don LuOne laughing so hard I think he almost blew out his spleen. The ball came to a standstill somewhere and the runner took 2nd or 3rd base because noone was able to field it. Yup. I did not get with any of those fine ladies in that gym class.

    Of course if I knew then what I knew now things would be quite a bit different. The difference was testosterone.

    Testosterone Makes Winners

    If you were in school in your late teens or your early 20s, which of the below guys would you want to hang with? Which would seem more popular, or Captain of the Football team and which would seem to be a loser in the dungeon and dragons club?
    Yes. This is all pictures of the SAME GUY, with different levels of testosterone from low to high. Click the picture to get a better look at it if the guy to the right is bleeding over into the posts ads on the right.

    We are all social animals and we seek others that have social proof: Others that will help us reproduce, or meet people to help us reproduce, and others that are tough enough to help us meet others (be popular) which will help us survive via acquisition of resources, money, and things you need to live. This is a carryover of our cavemen days. If you had high social value you had resources, people would follow you, you had access to females and people would benifit being your friend so you would be popular. Your face ITSELF would be your tag to what is inside, or the amount of testosterone you had and people from there right off the bat instantly would judge your social worth/proof on first glance. For example, just looking at the faces above for only a few seconds, you would almost know for sure that you could slam the kid on the far left against the lockers and he wouldn't do anything about it. You would know this because just by looking at his face his face itself is showing that he has low testosterone circulating throughout his body. Now look at the guy all the way on the right. If you slam him up against the lockers, there will almost certainly be a fight. And you might very well lose that fight. These facial testosterone marker flags that we have in our faces serve another function. They let other males know if they should mess with you and bother picking a fight with you. If you have a scary looking testosterone face, you will prevent a lot of fights as other guys will defer to you and let you have your way. More guys will challenge you the more you go to the left in the above pictures. You will have to be more yielding and less assertive as you will be challenged more. Think back to high school. "The Cool Looking Guys" seemed to always be accepted and were at crowded lunch tables. The kids that looked like more of what the guys on the right above looked like. I can almost guarantee if you go back and look at the yearbook pictures of your high school junior and senior year that the popular guys were looking like the right three pictures, and the more not so popular guys were looking like the left 2 pics. People looking at guys that look like the right two pictures  instantly assume 'winner': they are social, have friends, resources, know people and can introduce them to other people and women. In that sense, they had a charmed life in high school/college.
    Now look at the kid on the far left. That almost makes you respond with aggression, doesnt it? Almost like you want to slam him into the lockers, or tell him to get the fuck out of your way in the hallway. Why is that? Because his low social value ass drags on the group. He brings nothing to the table. He cant help you get friends of any worth, no women, and probably doesnt have money and resources. That makes him close to worthless, breathing up all your oxygen in the air. His face tells the entire story. I have no testosterone. I wont be able to achieve, get, or do anything meaningful. (Unless he starts something like Facebook later in his 20s). I guess Patrick Swaze said it best in the 1988 Movie 'Point Break'...."Weakness draws aggression". Some kids might say, 'Why am I always getting picked on?' Most likely because you look and act weak. Thats it. Its a tough world we live in. Be on top or forget you. This popularity contest starts in about 3rd grade, peaks in high school, and continues throughout college and your working years at the office. People automatically gravitate towards the popular people because popular people have high social proof and can help them gain more friends, more abilities to meet more people, and more opps with members of the opposite sex. People percieved as losers people avoid like the plague. Not only will you not meet people through these people or stumble across mating opportunities with these people, you can be branded as one of the losers if seen hanging with this person. That alone will cause people to avoid YOU, and have you lose out on meeting others and being part of the group. And this in ancient times could mean death. Literal death as you are not part of the safety of the group with access to food, shelter and mating opportunities.
    Ever wonder why celebs are an extreme opposite of this? Someone like Ben Affleck has all kinds of people wanting to be his friends, mate with him, because they know what he has extreame social proof. Being a movie star he probabaly knows of about 6 different parties that are happening in Hollywood or L.A. at any given time with standing invitations to all of them. He probably knows scores of women. All of these people willing to break the rules just to be able to have him in their social group. This would be THE guy to know and be friends with, so much so it would completely change your life being one of his best friends. He is like the most popular person in 60 different high schools combined. He is drawing so much social proof energy that people just want to be next to him and take their picture with him.

    You know what gives you an appearance of hardcore testosterone? Steroids. Injectable testosterone, etc. Like what Duane 'the Rock' Johnson did in high school. Lets take a look at a picture of The Rock at 12 years old before any steroid use:
    The Rock age 12
    And now for a picture of Duane 3 years later at age 15:
    Duane 'The Rock' Johnson 3 years later. Did you look like this at age 15?

    Yeah, the above picture is the Rock at AGE 15. Lets take a look at what we are seeing. His face has remodeled itself with the extreme amount of testosterone raging through his system. His shoulders have come way out which is a signal of anabolic use. In short, this does not look like a 15 year old you want to mess with. Testosterone also makes you appear older especially in your teens as your face and body remodels itself. And as a result, probably one of the more popular guys in his class with a lot of friends and girls. Society loves winners. They reward winners. Everybody wants to be with them, hang with them, sleep with them. They go on to achieve great things. Movie stars, business stars, or something else high profile. I tracked the most popular guys in my class and I saw that they went on to make a lot of money. One of the big men on campus went on to work at Google. With an English degree from a lower tiered school. Google typically takes the best of the best from Harvard and Princeton, etc. Because of his dominant look and dominant personality, he got into sales, worked at some big places for 15 years and then Google picked him up. Testosterone.
    Yup. If I ever get that time machine going and I can go back into my 14 year old self in 1982, get ahold of some 'gear' and by the time I was 15 Id look like a version of the picture above. Quite a different timeline, i would think. Well, more about me:

    Currently I am starting other businesses on the side and I will blog about that as well as my five, or should I say my sixth Tibetan Rites anti aging experiment. Basically back in the 1930s this retired British Officer in his 60/s 70s heard about a monastery in the Tibetan mountains where the monks do not age, they all appear to be in their 30s when a few of them were 140 years old. He found the monastery and the monks showed him 6 specific exercises to do that changed his energy patterns in his entire body and he reversed his appearance of his age from 70 to 39. You can read about this in a book you can buy off amazon for about 10 bucks. The book is called 'The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth.' There is also an extensive section of user comments under it that people leave about the book that is extremely interesting to go through. You can read about my ongoing 6 tibetian rites experiement in my other blog post.

    Anything more? Leave a comment at the end of this blog. Who are you? What do you do? What do you want to see more of?

    Have a good one,


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